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07:50 31/03/2015

RNS, let see how the market take this news

07:04 13/11/2014

RNS out!!

20:36 12/11/2014

RE76 you stay out then we have seen the bottom of this one

16:05 05/11/2014

EyeGuy you are full of shit!

11:55 05/11/2014

Whatever the price is right now we will have some more news soon!

08:29 04/11/2014

MrJinx. your comment is deramping if Bamb is ramping, hold your breath and go and look somewhere else

08:26 04/11/2014

what is needs is some support but it does not work when the large buys are registered as sales

08:12 04/11/2014

absolutely crazy after such a great RNS which should be interpreted the right way don't get into the selling of the big ones to pick up the shares cheap if this is not to late to reverse?

08:03 04/11/2014

here we go gets pushed down even further have these peoples no sense?

16:18 03/11/2014

no one has lost its a game and we will see the change tomorrow