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Ripley94 15 Nov 2018

Request for Counsel GLEN… XXXX Gary Newman posted its cheap on 14th Nov 2018.

Ripley94 25 Sep 2018

Request for Counsel GLEN… XXXX Sliced that top of 18 days ago @ 338.5 ( Set limit ( D ) 338 went strait through ) Looks best price to 9.30 am .

Ripley94 07 Sep 2018

Request for Counsel GLEN… XXXXX Topped up @ 295 ( D )

Ripley94 06 Jul 2018

Request for Counsel GLEN … XXXXX Read in Wall St Journal they are investigating an Israeli diamond merchant .

Ripley94 03 Jul 2018

Request for Counsel GLEN… XXXX Big fall today down 10% due to subpoena from US justice. Might be corruption .

Ripley94 23 Jun 2018

Request for Counsel GLEN… XXXX Have not looked here since Sept 17… I was considering changing tact and buying into rise rather then taking profit. I did neither, they were about 372p in Sept rising to a high in of 415p Jan 18 an increase of 10% but fell back below September level in the last 6 months, recently around September level . All the mining heavyweights had a good day yesterday Friday up 5% GlEN… up 5% to 387p … And its up about 5% since my September look . Maybe an opportunity to buy into rise now.

Eadwig 06 Jun 2018

Sold some today but ... Sold 2/5ths of my overall holding today @395p on the assumption I shall be able to re-buy at a lower price (perhaps @350p or under).My on-going position, which I intend as one of my larger, long-term investments (and the only major diversified miner I hold) now stands at an average of @287p per share. My intention is to carry on trading between ranges to work the average down as well as build the holding.When ii changed platform I was pursuing this policy using 'range trade' orders. After my prolonged absence, it was only when I received a much bigger dividend than I was expecting that I realised two of these orders had triggered buys (approx @344p and @365p) but the sale prices had not been achieved before the orders were wiped from the system. The sale today rectifies the position.GLEN is more volatile, but I have pursued this same strategy (trading around a position) with E.g. VOD over the last few years with some success as the effective yield becomes greater as trading profits are used to reduce the book price of the holding. I hope the extra volatility with GLEN will enable the process to proceed more quickly, with the initial goal to have a base holding that is yielding 15% p.a.

tradingup 03 Jun 2018

Re: Reason for today's price fall don't see any reason for vague suggestion of probe by cack handed UK fraud investigators to interfere with what could be a vigorous upward swing in the sp ascommodities come to the fore. And anway GLEN is not a UK company?

Eadwig 18 May 2018

Re: Reason for today's price fall RE:Bribery probe.Ah well, no surprises there. Is it possible to do business in any of these central African countries (and many other regions of the world) without oiling the wheels of commerce in one way or another?

RAConnell 18 May 2018

Reason for today's price fall [link]

Eadwig 18 May 2018

Re: GLEN Chart looks very BULLISH I thought, I'll sell half my holding @400p, I'm bound to get a re-entry point about 340p or so at some point, lower still if the big crash finally comes around.What happened today? I'm well out of touch with commodity cycles having been absent for some months and it takes so long to catch up in this area. Is it the 'news' out of China that something of a downturn is on the way?Eadwig, currently holding two tranches @286p average.

RAConnell 18 May 2018

Re: GLEN Chart looks very BULLISH So much for the technicals. Worst possible timing on today's drop.Cheers, RAC

oldjoe1 16 May 2018

GLEN Chart looks very BULLISH GLEN glencore...........looking a corker like most base metals. See how its broken out of the downward trend channel. Be careful with base miners as can be very volatile.<img src="[link]

fortunate 05 May 2018

Sterling dividend According to RNS no 0784N the Glencore dividend will be paid in £sterling to holders on the Jersey register. Why then is Interactive threatening to charge for the conversion?Last year's dividends were paid in sterling so what's changed or is this another failure on the updated platform?

Heorot 03 May 2018

Re: Guess the Divi is Happening Pinchers. see my post below. 10c on the 23rd May and another 10c in the autumn.Yes you can sell and still collect the divi. As long as you are on the register on ex-divi day, you still get the divi.