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MikeyAdmin 10:55

Re: Atrush feeder line "Does this look like a 10" (12"?) going into an 18"(20"?) to anyone?"There is a man working on the pipe, and taking the length of the mans torso into account then saying a torso is around 27" - 30" on a normal chap, I'd say it is a 12" going into a minimum of 24".

Ck365 00:58

Re: FWIW . . . CCC Hmm, FWIW........well the scripture over at LSE for one!Most of it made sense, and on the surface it was one bloke asking the wrong bloke some questions. All seemed fine. Until the comment regarding how a government/region are reading the posts of individuals?Im confused, are we not entitled to say what we feel, or are we freely allowed to purchase stock and say what we like, or are we being monitored regardless of owning any shares, or?Is this why the MP was hired?Sorry, but I think somewhere between being a Londoner, investing in foreign company, And freely expressing my opinion regarding that company, should have nothing to do with them!If so, they should take GKP off the LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE, and keep their local sales, and be done with it! At this juncture most will be free and rid of all this drama, and endless saga......gla

nest of rampers 21 Jul 2017

Re: Let's Play a Little Game A stingy estimate of reserves to GKP is 4 bill blls , stingy as that is just the Jurassic at 2.5% FP , at a stingy $5 a bll we have a $20 bill TO or $85 a share . Big joke this SP , we just have to wait and watch the politics.

Disorder 21 Jul 2017

Re: FWIW . . . CCC " and we have a bloody huge 193,388 sat at 93.5p to stop the SP past 93.5"Huge? Huge? 193k is very likely the amount many PI's hold.It is less than £180k.For a company that is apparently worth "£ Billions" £180k is insignificant.So it will put the "bejeebers" up those using leveraged products.Really, do you not think that is possibly a good thing, as these using Spread bets and CFD's are only effectively gambling, and have no interest in "Investing".I would suggest the volume of leveraged products is so small it is absolutely insignificant.You finish by saying the weight on the ask is because someone wants the shares so badly, they are forcing it down, because they are buying the sells.LOL.... LOL....Well be happy then... Be euphoric, because by that statement the lower it drops is likely to mean the more in demand it is.Wow.... I interrupt my post to issue a health warning.Do not go out in strong sunshine without a hat on.

mrpapaz 21 Jul 2017

Re: Let's Play a Little Game Its worth between 10 to 100 times the price now.But the oil business is full of crooks and liars.Saudi Aramco for example is the biggest lie .Saudi Arabia in 1989 stated that it has 267bb of oil ,after selling 100billion of it they still have 267billion .They plan to float this bag of lies for trillions ,after they have the true figures will of course be revealed .Do not invest in Saudi Arabia

GC Trader 21 Jul 2017

Re: Let's Play a Little Game what is GKP worth (n a dozen words or less)not an awful lot given that they don't actually own the oil... there that was easy...

MikeyAdmin 21 Jul 2017

Daily Volumes Close........92.00Open........92.00 . . . 089:38 . . . 1st ATHigh.........93.50 . . . 122:10 . . . ATLow..........91.6875 . 10:32:54 . . . OTMD Auc....229 @ . . . Spread, . . . 1,000 @ 91.5-----5,000 @,398 . . .the 193,388 has remained, 66,305ATs, 14,540UT, 1,000CP, 92.25p

Chocolate Chip Cookie 21 Jul 2017

Tanker reappears empty. [link] 21, 2017 / 3:50 PM / 38 MINUTES AGONeverland tanker with disputed Kurdish oil reappears off MaltaLONDON, July 21 (Reuters) - The Neverland tanker has reappeared off the coast of Malta after going off radar near Canada on June 30, when it was chartered by Vitol carrying Iraqi Kurdish crude oil, Reuters ship-tracking showed on Friday.The tanker had been heading to eastern Canada to discharge the cargo at the end of June when the Federal Court of Canada issued a seizure order for the cargo at the request of Iraq's oil ministry.The tanker appears empty, according to the draft on the ship tracking system. (Reporting by Julia Payne; Editing by David Goodman)

Vertigo123 21 Jul 2017

Re: Let's Play a Little Game Is that the same $69 or so that was being touted when the world was young and oil was $120 a barrel?Lovely thought but you'll understand if I'm a now more cynical as I nurse the scars of all the shrapnel wounds caused by IEDs planted along the way by various Board incompetents and institutional terrorists.Maybe with a decimal point in there we'd be getting closer to real life valuations.Have a good weekend all.

KALAN 21 Jul 2017

MikeyAdmin I am guessing that you are in prison and more specifically in solitary confinement. They let you have a computer but it can't produce any graphs or any historical data from more than one day past. Your memory has been affected and you can't remember anything after midnight each night.I have come to these conclusions because anyone with any retrospective knowledge of this share knows it is an appalling investment - it has performed horrendously and the person at the brokers who just lowered the target price to 230p needs to be taken outside and shot. This share has a value - all shares have a value until it goes totally bust - even if it's just to asset strip it and put it away for 30 years until oil price recovers and the local politics are transformed. Buy £2000 worth at 85p and forget about them for 10 years - write the amount of as a bad bet and promise not to look here again - restart your life and you never know you may enjoy yourself outside in the big world and find that the sp has climbed to 230p in 10 years from now, either that or you own a tiny amount of BP who bought out the shell (see the pun) pf GKP for 30 million quid.

MikeyAdmin 21 Jul 2017

Let's Play a Little Game That will get the riff raff frothing at the mouth. What is GKP worth. Ignoring the 13.7bb of Oil in Place and the unexplored depths below 2,500ft and the explored Geo levels that Equipoise did not include, but concentrate on what Equipoise updated GKP's 2P Reserves of 639 million barrels to be. Being a conservative sort of person I am going to use a figure of $15 per barrel for an out right Takeover of GKP rather than the $17 dollars that was being paid in the Addax era Takeovers. 639,000,000 x $15 ÷ a conservative 60% of Shaikan owned by GKP = $15,975,000,000 ÷ 229,429,566 Shares in Issue = $69.62 per share I'm not really bothered if my guessimates are way out and others can base their values on their own different figures so feel free

MikeyAdmin 21 Jul 2017

Re: FWIW . . . CCC So we have Peel Hunt & Cantor Fitzgerald maintaining their Buy Recommends and the SP is being supressed by the weight on the Ask 144,999----282,781 and we have a bloody huge 193,388 sat at 93.5p to stop the SP past 93.5193,388 in old money is 19,338,800Why suppress the SP with a weighty Ask volume, what effect will it have. The effect it will have is to put the bejeebers up those folks that hold their shares by Margined Products. A CFD user will pay 25% of the costs one GKP share, so at 100p they would pay 25p for one share with the CFD Company paying the remaining 75%, and if the Share goes up the CFD user gains the full 100% of Profit . . . . BUT . . . if the price goes down to they LOSE 100% of the lossWhen CFD users exit a stock, their Automatic Sell Market Orders which control the SP of said Stock drops, which has a waterfall effect as O Trade users follow suit. What the present Share Price should be telling you, is that because their is weight on the Ask squeezing and forcing the price down . . . . someone is Buying all the Sells . . . so Mr Someone is taking note of what Peel Hunt & Cantor Fitzgerald are saying.And with a bit of lateral thinking that Peel Hunt is GKP's Joint Broker he may well know something that we do not know. Wholesale Investors who are always the first to know or realise that something is coming cause falls . . . & . . . Private Investors who are always he last to know or realise about anything cause the rises when the news arrives. Mikey

F22 Raptor 21 Jul 2017

When this gets sold for a quid.... like xel. Do you think mikey admin & Rudy's brother will ever be seen again ?

Chocolate Chip Cookie 21 Jul 2017

FWIW After continued share price falls Peel Hunt maintain their buy rec.Even a upside of 148.97% will not represent fair value imo, but under the circumstances any substantial rise from today's price would be welcomed and moral boosting. CCC[link] 21, 2017 - Marguerite Chambers.Peel Hunt have a GBX 230.00 target price on the stock. The target price gives a potential upside of 148.97% from Gulf Keystone Petroleum (LON:GKP)‘s last stock close price. This rating was released in a research note on Friday morning.

MikeyAdmin 21 Jul 2017

193,388 [link] time of change from 193,388 to an Iceberg of 22,500 is at 1.22 minute