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Larry_the_Lock 16:23

Re: GGP Rise it will, even if Newmont don't proceed, GH is run off his feet! I also added!

loadsadough 15:22

Re: GGP I bought some more yesterday, and now wait for it to rise.Loadsadough

Maverick 13:24

Re: Gervaise leaves Thor Great news.He was a non exec at THOR so was basically paid to give advice and used for his contacts and knowledge.He realises GGP is going to be so time consuming he is getting focussed.Ideal and positive as I see it.

dalgarno9 12:00

Gervaise leaves Thor Significant to concentrate on GGP

alltold9 08:58

LOOKING FORWARD TO NEWS I for one think the news will be positive and Newmont will be more than pleased. I am hoping for 2.50p+ in early January.

A Mushroom Kept in the Dark 13 Dec 2017

Re: RNS OUT YepIf I had options at that price and I wanted a christmas money I would excise them and sell some. this may be the reason for the recent drop.I know nooothing

Larry_the_Lock 13 Dec 2017

Re: RNS OUT Binding conversion of options at 0.2p, anyone want me to join up the dots yet?[link]

Larry_the_Lock 13 Dec 2017

Re: RNS OUT The weak hands will always sell on delay. If Newmont did not like what they found they would have walked! Would love to be a fly on the wall to see what is going on in the background! I will keep buying on any fall back.

The Duckie of Cornwall 13 Dec 2017

RNS OUT Just out - Don't suppose the market will like it in the short term.Further to the announcement of 17 November 2017, Greatland Gold plc (AIM:GGP), the precious and base metals exploration and development company, would like to notify investors that that the Company now expects to be able to provide an update to the market regarding work completed by Newmont Exploration Pty Ltd ("Newmont" at the Ernest Giles project, under the agreement announced 16 May 2017, in early January 2018. Newmont is currently evaluating the results of the Newmont surface sampling program on the Ernest Giles project.

tiggerman1 12 Dec 2017

Re: Tiggerman. Sorry Mav, - but have you no heart. What do you think it did to me ?????. I had to be resuscitated. And my calculator exploded.xxxxM shares X £xx = my great , great , great grandchildren being filthy rich. BUT- then you never know what might be due in the next 72 hours. I wont mind a partial resuscitation.tig

Maverick 11 Dec 2017

Tiggerman. Please don't do things like this. I nearly choked on my cereal!!Yes at that price a £2.5m profit was something too surreal.

dalgarno9 11 Dec 2017

Re: L2 That’s a mega buy btw

dalgarno9 11 Dec 2017

L2 Nicely poised for the RNS

The Duckie of Cornwall 11 Dec 2017

Re: HUGE BREAKING NEWS TONITE LOL - Yes there is another GGP and this offer has been going on for weeks.Shame it isn't this GGP.

tiggerman1 10 Dec 2017

Re: HUGE BREAKING NEWS TONITE I have just seen the words mall owner in the script , overlooked in my excitement .Is there another GGP