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Ripley94 03 Feb 2020

Still looks exspensive . GGP… XXXX This post appeared on lse vast board, its more then doubled since i looked in August . He recons he dos not look much . !!! Looks like a ramper to me we will see. … thirdman Posts: 243 Price: 0.29 ( VAST ) No Opinion Optimistic postsToday 17:21 Hi every body I for me invested heavily in Vast about 3 years ago at an average of 0.585 just after we signed the agreement with Mercia and things looked very promising but promises where broken agreement always seemed about to be signed but the always next week etc. For me I started to lose heavily with all my aim shares including sxx so I adopted the osterich approach not looking at my losses. But recently one of my shares GGP has risen and has every chance of multi bagging (found s–t loads of high grade gold). So today I have started to take an interest in my aim shares starting with Vast and the posts today seem optimistic. Can anyone please tell me what the current position is with the 2 mines if we still have 2 mines in Romania and what the position is regards mining of copper thanks if any body can help me.

jimonegbr 02 Dec 2019

Newcrest Results 19.08.19 Another great update today

Average_Dave 19 Aug 2019

Newcrest Results 19.08.19 Briefly mentions Havieron. [link] A_D

Ripley94 12 Aug 2019

Still looks exspensive . GAP… XXXX Another placing 4.2 m.

Ripley94 06 Feb 2019

Still looks exspensive . See it was about 0.69p after a drop from today’s sort of price when SP . G N made comment January 2018. It bottomed @ 0.57p in May 2018 not sure when Dr M lot bought it. Been falling back from the recent peak of 2.5 to 1.84p today, approx 25 %

Ripley94 05 Feb 2019

Still looks exspensive . GGP… XXXX Wind of RNS reading LSE poster but not up on site or on this one. Did see it S.T 8.45am … came up later on lse site. RNS looked good… put share price dropped 10% ?

nicname 29 Nov 2018

Still looks exspensive . Such a shame that these discussion boards are not being used after ii messed up with their ‘overhaul’ GGP is showing signs of life, could do with a period of prolonged price hikes as I am showing good profit but in for the long-run.

Ripley94 04 Sep 2018

Still looks exspensive . GGP… XXXX Top riser today 28% up to 1.28p. ( 5% spread )

Ripley94 28 Jul 2018

Still looks exspensive . GGP… XXXXXX RNS… 27 JULY 2018 PLACING AT 1.25 p

jimonegbr 02 Jul 2018

Thar's Gold in them Thar Hills It just keeps getting better…

jimonegbr 25 Jun 2018

Thar's Gold in them Thar Hills As far as mines go 500 mtrs is practically drift mining.

Tatty 25 Jun 2018

Thar's Gold in them Thar Hills …or 500 metres below them hills. Quite a deep mine required to get at it.

breadtomorrow 25 Jun 2018

Thanks for that priceless nugget.

jimonegbr 25 Jun 2018

Thar's Gold in them Thar Hills Just saying…

rrose 22 Jun 2018

HOW MUCH IS GGP REALLY WORTH ???? This is our time , expecting close to 2p within next two weeks.