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Boyobach 17 May 2018

Re: Very positive! A rocketing (= recovering for some ) sp is good.Given that the sp started out at £10 with PoO at $100, the gas effectively excluded, Taq Taq reserves assumed much higher than proved to be the case, a lot of oil already extracted etc etc it's interesting to ponder the potential share value now. £5 maybe?

5 Iron 17 May 2018

Very positive! Very positive RNS. lots of cash, lots of profit, debts disappearing. Dividends on horizon or do you prefer a rocketing share price?


Re: NEW ARTICLE: Trends and Targets for 4/05... TT - Good luck with the Tondeuse..... Nothing wrong with Measuring once and cutting twice.....80) gets you closer to where you want to be!atb

II Editor 04 May 2018

NEW ARTICLE: Trends and Targets for 4/05/2018 " FTSE FOR FRIDAY (FTSE:UKX) For some reason, a mans mid-life crisis is supposed to be punctuated with something silly. Expensive watches, motorcycles, expensive divorces, etc. For one of us at T&T, the mid-life nemesis was four wheeled, rosso ..."[link]

evenlongershot 09 Apr 2018

Re: Level 2 Good to read a new post on Genel, things are beginning to look interesting here. Bought in right at the top years ago and sold near the bottom to offset the loss against gains elsewhere but bought back in quite heavily at 1.35. Prospects are looking much better in the region and if that holds, regular payments continue and oil holds around current price the future looks attractive for Genel. Not convinced at all about the venture into Somaliland but there's more than an outside chance one of the bigger players will snap this up beforehand.

MikeyAdmin 09 Apr 2018

Level 2 I've just taken a look at Genel through L2 and found that there are 17 Designated Market Makers showing on the Book. I couldn't catch them all in one screenshare so please see the top and bottom of the book screenshares below :-[link] unusual to have so many DMM's showing on any Co's Book, so it could be that L2 is showing some of the normally hidden non DMM Market Makers, which means ii's L2 has a glitch. Last time I looked at Genel on L2 was last October/November and there was just 6 DMM's on the Book, so on the other hand if all the names that are showing "are" actually all DMM's it could mean for lack of better wording, something is cooking. BCSICSFBVFILJPMSPEELBMCMNUMSRBCEINVPMURMCAQSTFLCANAWINS ARDASCAPFull 390,247------371,28636-----27Vols, 997,604Spread, 184.4------185LP, 184.7p

Boyobach 26 Jan 2018

Re: Turning a corner? Indeed KT.I might be misinterpreting the figures - I had taken the 2440 drop as being slightly better than might have been anticipated. On Dec 4th there was an update for Taq Taq that said:Gross production from the Taq Taq field is currently 15,100 bopd. Gross field production averaged 13,700 bopd in November 2017 and has averaged 18,300 bopd in 2017 to date.I'd taken that to indicate around 3,200 bopd anticipated drop in annual production so 2440 appeared to me to be an improvement. It's certainly not an area of expertise for me and I guess it's a balance between cap-ex and production - and they need to invest in the gas.I see DB have cut their price target to 142 from 160 (rated a 'hold') so that does seem to reflect the lack of market enthusiasm you mentioned.

Investor KT 25 Jan 2018

Re: Turning a corner? BoyobachThe positive statement is somewhat marred by expected production next year dropping by some 7%, or 2440 bopd. Perhaps that may explain the price not rising today.Best wish

Boyobach 25 Jan 2018

Turning a corner? Two and a half years ago, Tony Hayward - remember him? - reportedly told the Wall St Journal : “I think we have turned a corner” Maybe - just maybe - Genel has finally turned the corner that TH somewhat prematurely talked about.Today's Stockmarket wire in the News tab (above) is worth a read- if only for the rarity of its positive opening line: 'Genel Energy said it had the solid platform and financial flexibility needed to execute its growth plans during 2018 and beyond.'For those of us who've followed and invested in Genel over the last few years it's been a pretty miserable experience - though maybe not as bad as for some other investors in the KRI oil game - you'll know the company I'm referring to.That Genel has survived at all does speak to the quality of its entire team and particularly its financial management. I see Bravedg and Clarence are still around - well good luck to you and any other Genel investors who've stuck around. Maybe 2018 will see a change in prospects here.

Clarence Beaks 19 Jan 2018

Re: Strong reserves upgrade Do they still produce at a barrel at £1?

II Editor 19 Jan 2018

NEW ARTICLE: The Oil Man: Genel, Prospex Oil & Gas/Po Valley "WTI $63.95 -2c, Brent $69.31 -7c, Diff -$5.36 -5c, NG $3.19 -4cConflicting news yesterday which has knocked oil prices a modest amount today. The OPEC report was mainly positive and, although they said that higher oil prices are bringing supplies ..."[link]

bravedog 19 Jan 2018

Strong reserves upgrade Which explains the rise. [link] happen to other cies.

Boyobach 16 Jan 2018

Re: Business environment improving? Another positive sign re the business climate: Chevron have apparently announced a resumption of operations in the KRI, having suspended drilling in October.[link] those interested in KRG export data, there's a Deloitte report for H1 2017 at:[link]

Boyobach 22 Dec 2017

Re: Share price On Monday I correctly indicated that a boost was needed to reverse the sp decline - that boost happened the following day when payments were made. Had payment been missed then the sp would certainly have continued to drop. The refinancing has also boosted confidence - and that may have been the main factor given the delayed market reaction.The political situation is exactly as I've indicated. If the market genuinely remains unconcerned about this and the KRG's ability to pay then the sp should regain pre-referendum levels of 150p or more. That still remains to be seen, however.Payments and Refinancing were both effectively 'done' by early Wednesday so the market reaction to them late yesterday afternoon was somewhat delayed, giving the initial impression that it was not overly impressed. Genel has often been volatile - the sharp rise late yesterday was a surprise to me and I waited until this morning to see how spurious it was. I've since re-acquired my holding at about par with my November exit price. As ever with Genel, I hope for the best and plan for the worst.

one4all 22 Dec 2017

Re: KRI political scene and yet the share price marches higher..something to do with more assets