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09:33 21/06/2016

"Market Reaction: neutral. In line with last month, Genel received only a partial payment for May export at Taq Taq. Last month, the balance was received a few days later. Gross production at Taq Taq over the first two months of 2Q16 is a bit below our forecast for the full quarter." FirstEnergy Capital note out today, up on Research Tree

09:35 16/06/2016

These KRG payments are a nightmare, even with deferred revenue contracts from majors like Glencore they dont seem to be able to pay the oil companies! Strange that it takes so long, because in the MNR monthly reports it states that an amount has been allocated to OCs. Also Genel shouts but until sofar doesnt about that Equity stake in mid/up- stream projects gas business. Although they stated that an equity partner is expected to be presented in 2016, they should run a little harder with this underperformance of the last year or so. In latest presentation it states that the field development contract is expected to be awarded in Q2. Also the Pre-FEED expected to be completed in we have another 2 weeks! If it stays silent it doesnt give a picture of confidence! In my opinion, one of the only reasons the stock still holds without the prior mentioned arguments is the fact that this Turkish energy company bought a stake......we know how it goes in these countries....does this party know something we as regular amateurs dont know?

16:12 29/02/2016

who runs these companies 'the modern day conman'. However annoyed again at the incompetence, i have also topped up at these prices to average down at just over £1. Still profitable at these oil prices and they have a bit of cash why don't they buy Madagascar Oil market cap £7m and have billions of barrels of oil (apparently you can never be too sure) would soon bolster the reserves.

15:44 29/02/2016

Market Cap has decreased to $290m, vs. $450-460m of cash on the balance sheet......they should do buybacks at these levels, as they are stating that they are currently producing cashflow break-even due to the new payment mechanism! Ow wait....with todays announcement it will be even more difficult to find funding for the gas project, so unfortunately buybacks and dividends are not to be expected!

15:19 29/02/2016

There must be coming a rather good story during the results presentation, as every minor disappointment will be a reason for more holders to sell. I think it is also curious that this reservoir adjustment news is coming today, while coming thursday is the day that the results are supposed to be presented. Looking at the volumes, some big players are also buying around the current levels op 75-80p, what a coincidence that some big players are adding up at current levels, helped by the announcement today! What happens at that company and with this share is some nice food for UK lawyers......remember what happened with the reserve scandal at Shell, lawsuits followed for the next 10years!

14:33 29/02/2016

wow somebody is selling this thing aggressively!

13:17 29/02/2016

Hayward is a crook, he was also sailing with a big smile during the big BP oil spill. He was laughing during the call today as well, the arrogance is just unbelievable. Although I would find it quite funny as well if I would have sold 350k shares for well over 300p a piece!

11:21 29/02/2016

The selling of Sepil and Hayward now makes sense.....what a bunch of crooks, unbelievable......comes in handy that CFO Ben is ex-JPM whom are continuing to rate Genel as overweight....unbelievable how hard all holders on the BB here are f.cked in the asssssssss

10:53 29/02/2016

Bunch of crooks.......credibility is gone and this reserve adjustment unfortunately is a deathblow to the company. It will take years to restore credibility and create some value, no wonder there is a big seller on 90p that is pushing the share down! Its just unbelievable.......

13:25 01/02/2016

So unfortunately I am getting less bullish everyday, I can now only hope!!! I hope that international support will re-emerge, maybe after the American elections after which the Americans will finally support the Kurds financially! Another hope due to rumors is that Sepil is forced to sell his holdings in Genel as he will be involved in the company that will run the gas Midco, but again we will have to wait and see what happens with the gas project if the POO stays lower for longer!!