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Phulbari 20 Mar 2018

Next Stage Posters are getting in a froth on a sister board about the Chinese involvement, but they are missing a key ingredient - talk of a power station and who will fund it is meaningless without a coal mine to supply it. That has, first and foremost, to be approved by the GoB. Over to you Hasina.

Phulbari 19 Mar 2018

Re: Looks like Typical of Bangladesh. This would-be new deepwater port was inaugurated by Hasina in 2013! Apart from the still unfinished onshore infrastructure, has anyone recently reported on progress in dredging the 36-mile approach channel to achieve the 11-metre draught they require? I think a Belgian contractor was appointed last year, but I wonder how far they have got, and indeed if they have even started?

GPback 19 Mar 2018

Re: Looks like Now that really is interesting “modern” news not stuck in the past lol. Wonder what pressures are being applied behind closed doors searcher. The kind of closed doors that no-one outside the room can hear through. The kind of conversation that results in the GL discussion with benefits through business dealings from And to China.

searcher3 19 Mar 2018

Looks like Coal imports are going to be delayed Payra port project cost may triple[link]

searcher3 18 Mar 2018

Subsidy to be provided for 5-7 years for power sector Subsidy to be provided for 5-7 years for power sector[link] present government will provide subsidy in the power sector for another five to seven years to enable the lifeline customers to be able to pay the fixed electricity bills during this period, reports BSS.State Minister for Power and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid disclosed this today while addressing as the chief guest a function on "Bangladesh Power Conclave 2018" at a local hotel.PwC, Bangladesh organized the function marking the "Release of Thought Leadership Paper-Transforming the Bangladesh Power Sector" in association with Bangladesh Independent Power Producer Association (BIPPA).Nasrul Hamid said electricity is being given to the lifeline customers at a minimal price, adding, "It is necessary to produce power at a cost effective price aimed at coming out from the subsidy."For this we are entering into using of coal, nuclear and LNG for electricity," he said."If power generation costs go down, then we will come out from the subsidy. We are now focusing on distribution line as 20 percent electricity demand is increasing in the city, while difference between town and village are reducing," he added.The state minister said the transmission and distribution systems are becoming a big challenge along with power generation, adding, "Price of land is high, even required land is not available for the sub-station."He said a large number of private companies have been working in the power sector and they are generating electricity. "The government is thinking to prepare a guideline for private transmission system to install private transmission line on test basis, Nasrul said.Regarding private distribution system, he added that the Palli Bidyut Samity of BREB (Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board) is giving power connection similar to private companies.The participants discussed various challenges of tax policy, investment, primary energy and other relevant issues including regulation, financing and technology of the power sector.Among others, Power Division Secretary Dr Ahmed Kaykaus, Chairman of BPDB Khaled Mahmood, BIPPA President Latif Khan, Sabbir Ahmed of National Board of Revenue, IFC Senior Economist Mashroor Riaz, PwC Managing Partner Mamun ur Rashid, Standard Chartered Bank Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nasser Ejaz, DirectorGeneral of Power Cell Engineer Mohammad Hossain and Energy Expert M Tamim spoke in the panel discussion

searcher3 18 Mar 2018

Power transmission, distribution through pvt sector on cards: Nasrul Power transmission, distribution through pvt sector on cards: Nasrul[link] Minister for Power and Energy Nasrul Hamid has said that after successful power generation through private sector, the government is now contemplating the sector's participation in power transmission and distribution as well.'We're now assessing the possible impacts of private sector's investment in power transmission and distribution', he said while addressing a seminar titled 'Bangladesh Power Conclave 2018: Transforming the future of the Bangladesh Power Sector' at Sonargaon Hotel in the city on Sunday.Bangladesh Independent Power Producers Association (BIPPA) and Price********** Coopers (PwC) jointly organised the seminar.Nasrul Hamid said the demand in power sector is growing at 20 per cent and the government is now paying attention to providing electricity to all by 2021.He noted that presently about 8.0 million lifeline consumers are getting electricity at Tk 2.0 per unit for which the government has to provide huge subsidy.`We will require to provide subsidy to power sector to become a developed nation by 2041 as power production cost is still high`, he said.The seminar, with BIPPA President Latif Khan in the chair, was also addressed, among others, by Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) Executive Chairman Kazi Aminul Islam, PwC Managing Partner Mamun Rashid, International Finance Corporation (IFC) official Mashiur Reaz, and Standard and Chartered bank`s managing director Naser Ejaz.Nasrul Hamid noted that government has been pursuing an `energy-mix` policy in combination with liquid fuel, coal and liquefied natural gas (LNG) in power generation in order to come out of the subsidy.Once the power generation cost comes down to a reasonable level through the energy mix policy, it will be possible to come out of the subsidy, he said.The junior minister said the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) was asked to continue the subsidy in power sector for next 4 to 5 years, reports UNB.

searcher3 17 Mar 2018

Bangladesh moving forward [link]

searchers-son 16 Mar 2018

Re: It�s not always what you know but ... Who is the decision maker with regard SOD GL Raingod - I am at a loss after 10 yrs - always thought it was the lungeShare price falling to 3/4p indicated a very poor risk situation - 30p states not much betterMr P has called the situation better than anyone else posting here - senn has not been far off the mark as well LOL

raingod 16 Mar 2018

Re: It�s not always what you know but ... Well done you ......Dont think I've even read 3 books in that time, unless footy magazines count. The impasse isnt about the government. I have constantly agreed with you about Hassina and her bunch of largely incompetent croonies. I have experienced first hand the mind blowing buffoonery of these people and share your views. However, I have observed the political situation closely during recent times, and have also seen big decisions & policies completely changed when the public or financial climate moves to the advantage of the GoB. This includes how significantly the Chinese have influenced and overturned decisions that orignally went against them in respect of contracts and the like. Therefore, I do believe that Hassina and co will shift direction more readily should they interpret the conditions to be to their advantage, be that financial or political. ...........and of course my view on your reaction at the AGM is subjective !! most things in life when dealing with human interaction are. But it was still dead funny ! now we can close the matter. My boarding call has just been made.

Phulbari 16 Mar 2018

Re: It�s not always what you know but ... Raingod - I don't dwell in the past but unfortunately the past - notably the events of 2005 - still weighs politically on this project. I have myself long moved on from those days, in fact I have among other things written three books since then, but I continue to take an interest in the project because I am invested in it. Your reading of my facial expression at the AGM is - shall we say - somewhat subjective. And just to close this off, I have no derogatory views about anyone connected with the company, but I remain extremely sceptical about the present political establishment in Bangladesh. That is where the impasse lies.

raingod 16 Mar 2018

Re: It�s not always what you know but ... A lot of people bought these shares at the 3p - 6p level. Its now nearly 30p,,.. and touched 40p - 50p recently. Thats pretty neat Jam, and reflects Tangs work. Granted that many others bought in higher and are waiting for some level of parity on their average SP. but thats the same with many shares out there. Dont think you'll find any posts from me telling people its a done deal, nor will you see me offering advice on buying the stock. I have posted many times about the huge potential of the stock due to the known resource and of course the ownership of the licence. - Both are facts. Between 2011-12 I was actually very negative about the company and posted several times that I felt the project was no longer well handled or managed. Thats called balance .... you should try it !The differences in views we have are based around the country. You post pretty derogatory views about the people and the development of the country based on your experiences of being there well over 10 years ago.... I post more upbeat and positive views based on me being there over 20 times during that time , most recently 7 weeks ago. I actually enjoyed our chat at the recent AGM and considered your approach & questions to the board to be both respectful and well delivered. And your face was an absolute picture when both Datuk Tang & Gary Lye confirmed several times to you that they had active employees working out the office in Phulbari... certainly shows it pays to stay in touch with the here and now ! So its disappointing to see you continually trying to dig up stuff thats long gone and continually burying yourself in the past, rather than dealing with the current.

Phulbari 16 Mar 2018

Re: It�s not always what you know but ... Raingod - You have been forecasting jam tomorrow for many years now with magisterial authority, perhaps as long as I have been cautioning against such optimism, and for the all the tea in China there is still no indication that Hasina has shifted her position. A shift may eventually happen - everything is possible, even in Bangladesh - but it is highly unlikely to come before the next parliamentary elections, if ever.

raingod 16 Mar 2018

Re: It�s not always what you know but ... Thought I'd just remove the apparent mystic behind all of this ....Firstly... Searcher is an extremely cool fella, .... genuine and honest, and great company. So play nice with him on this board ! The only reason I dont post anymore is that Ive moved more permanently ( 6 months per year ) to Malaysia and am now working with businesses in China, India and Bangladesh in a consultancy role. As such, I am meeting folk who have some involvement in either the commercial or political landscape of those countries, and some do have an insight into the power and energy development in Bangladesh. I just dont feel it is ethically right if Im chatting to these folk whilst also contributing to a public discussion board on the subject. Its not about upsetting anyone or disclosing confidential info.... its just about ensuring theres a level of integrity and trust for the people Im communicating with, even though its highly unlikely they would ever know its me thats posting or even be remotely intesrested that I am..If the situation changes then Im sure I will post on here again at some pointNothing more exciting than that.

Iceeyes 16 Mar 2018

RG I have just looked back at Raingod’s posts. He has not posted since September last year, does this align with anything? Good Luck.

searcher3 16 Mar 2018

Re: It�s not always what you know but ... Sorry for the delayed response, but I have been up to my neck in paperwork, I am sure those of you that know me personally will understand why....... anyway, I obviously have to be careful what I say, but the reason RG does not want to post is not because of Ill health but because he does not want to compromise some of the relationships he has managed to develop with people who he has connections with in China and Malaysia who have some insight in to the situation in Bangladesh .....