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Pharmatom 20 Oct 2018

Still strong confidence in Futura’s Management! Sorry, I don’t gamble…give FUM 15 months and I will prove you wrong…

IAmShareCrazy 20 Oct 2018

Still strong confidence in Futura’s Management! Go and buy a lottery ticket as you have the same chance of success.

Pharmatom 20 Oct 2018

Still strong confidence in Futura’s Management! Dear Tom Many thanks for your email. This fundraise will allow us to complete topline data which is essential for us to drive value and further reduce risk with the product. We fully appreciate that it is disappointing for existing shareholders to raise investment at this price but we had to raise it to provide certainty to the market that we could complete the Phase 3 programme otherwise we may have seen further share price erosion making the fundraising near impossible especially with turbulent market conditions and without it we could not proceed confidently with the phase 3 programme. This is the most de-risked our products have ever been in terms of development and we are focussed and determined to ensure that the share price starts to reflect this. We remain fully committed to MED2002 and our pain relief portfolio and the commercial potential we believe exists with those products and now that we are funded we will ensure that we do everything we can to build value and restore confidence once again. Thank you for your support and patience Kind regards Angela

theprior 19 Oct 2018

Primary bid So, 7.4 at 0805. Big drop but could’ve been worse. Let’s see if it picks up through the day as people get to grips with today’s RNS. TP

theprior 19 Oct 2018

Primary bid PB successful, but, for the weary lth, there’s an open offer on the table, 10 open offer shares for every 85 ordinaries held. So if you missed the PB (surprised it was issued on a Thursday, they normally go for Friday evening releases), you can still get a few for 7p. Question is, and this will show the mettle of the company, will the sp drop to 7 at the open (or below) or will it hold up above that baseline? All eyes on the open today. TP

Ripley94 18 Oct 2018

Primary bid FUM… XXXX @ 7p … they claim EIS eligible not sure how that works i thought you had to invest at IPO ? Must be further issues as well ? They do not like it over on lse. Rivals to Jim melons PLE ?

Pharmatom 18 Oct 2018

General meeting As I am a foreign FUM investor, I was frustrated that I was not able to invest directly via the PrimaryBid website. So I wrote Mr B. a gentle e-mail and Angela responded almost immediately . She stated that existing shareholders will be able to participate in the open offer next week. So I will watch the stock bleed further tomorrow and see what will be FUM’s next announcement. A real shame to have to bargain at 7P, but still have confidence in the BOD and the good outcome and will purchase extra shares next weekend order to average down.

Aberdeen_investor 18 Oct 2018

General meeting Yes I will be.

markthemango1 18 Oct 2018

General meeting Wish I could, are you going?

Aberdeen_investor 18 Oct 2018

General meeting Who will be going?

markthemango1 18 Oct 2018

Primary bid I’m still keeping the faith, maybe I’m mad but at the end of the day we all knew a fundraiser was going to come at some point. Didn’t think they’d need so much money either. Let’s hope we just see this out and then the share price can hopefully stable a bit more with people knowing what’s happening. GLA we need it.

theprior 18 Oct 2018

Primary bid Here’s the next fundraiser. TP

Emtee 18 Oct 2018

Financing Phase 3 Quite a lot of vitriol on LSE forum. No one seems to be getting any response from FUM and apparently the phone number published for the comms company on the website did not work! Assumed we would get an update when first patient dosed which should have happened within month of the infamous September interview. It does seem that this one is going to bomb completely. Wondering if they are scrapping phase 3 and winding it up!

Emtee 17 Oct 2018

Financing Phase 3 Up until the appointment (in August or that is first RNS that mentioned them) of the new comms company he answered all within days if not same day. At first I thought he must have been on holiday. Now you get no answer or vanilla from the comms co. Something has changed. I never tried to email the (new) director.

markthemango1 17 Oct 2018

Financing Phase 3 I might be wrong but I think a few on this board have got responses from JB, personally I think if they’re busy they should have better things to be spending their time on. Let’s hope the silence now means they’re doing their best.