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simgil 14 Feb 2020

Trading share? Yes this confirms they are actually a step nearer and in my mind worth a good punt at this level so have dipped my wick below 11p for a hope another rise to the 15p mark by when i would expect further information on their progress. I am only looking at this share on a trading prospectve for the time being but would like to be locked in when the really big announcement is forthcoming.! JJ

Butterflybill 13 Feb 2020

Trading share? Placebo comparison. It appears the med3000 used in trials as placebo had significantly better effect when compared with other placebos in other trials so they may actually be on to something. Of course the method of placebo application may be significant.

simgil 03 Jan 2020

Trading share? Hi guys, have been there and back with this one and always enjoyed your feed. Decided to join the board here though not profficient with healthcare have watched with a great deal of interest and at 76 the ED route gives me something to dream about. Well down on capital with FUM but now trying to trade to grab a bit back if I can like BB 31.012.19 Me JJ

Lastemporer 31 Dec 2019

Trading share? I guess you have to look at the news flow for Q1-Q2. Patent extension for MED, this was pending but with the new one applied this is now dead. TPR, will this be further delayed and possibly changed due to the results of the MED study? Review with regulatory authorities, this will be the big one, will they accept a medical device route, what further studies are needed, I imagine this will sink or ship the share price as it’s going to be linked directly to cash if more are needed. MED deal? will it ever happen… no one would even think about it before the meet the regulatory boards and the full study is gone through.

Butterflybill 31 Dec 2019

Trading share? Well, having more or less lost the old shirt on this might it be worth giving it a go as a trading share? At least we know a lot about it and I suspect other big shareholders will be doing that. BB

tomasccc52 26 Dec 2019

Thoughts on Future Market Cap I suspect a true placebo but in any event we know that DermaSys was used with the .02 dose of GTN in ph 2. No efficacy shown in any patient group except the mild or mild to moderates. Suddenly DermaSys works on all patient groups? Makes no sense.

smashing1 23 Dec 2019

Thoughts on Future Market Cap Can anyone provide a link/proof of exactly what placebo was used for the phase 2 study? Thanks (I’ve struggled to pin down this detail)

Aberdeen_investor 22 Dec 2019

Thoughts on Future Market Cap When I first invested in FUM, I was after significant profits and I mean significant! I can’t remember the number of times I ran the calculations on my spreadsheets. Unfortunately the target price is far lower now. I admit that there is potentially money to be made but it’s no where near the potential it would have had as a prescription product, regardless of what anyone says. If STADA fail to submit for TPR approval within the first quarter, this again spells bad news and in my opinion the rights will be returned if this should occur. Time will tell. With phase 3 data in hand I find it bewildering that no companies were ready to get the cheque book out. I’m gutted after being a share holder for so long and sold reluctantly. However in a weird way I do have some peace of mind now even after taking a huge loss.

Pharmatom 22 Dec 2019

Thoughts on Future Market Cap Isn’t Lombard not just reinvesting solely their profit they have made on the FUM shares during the last 12 months…they are not investing new capital in FUM…how clever are these guys…Made the profit on the back of PI’s and now they invest again with the same plan…that’s how you make money I guess?

TonyDeadeye 22 Dec 2019

Thoughts on Future Market Cap I’m sure Lombard have already done very well through the commitment fee and probably a further underwriting fee. The gross proceeds of £3.25 million filter through to net proceeds of £3 million so maybe those fees are included in the £250k expenses but possibly this is just primarybid’s cut? All in all a very expensive placing but primarybid is usually the last port of call. As for the non-Lombard take up over the weekend, probably quite a few subscribing are existing holders looking to sell an equivalent number above 8p tomorrow? That’s why the SP invariably drops to the offer price making a mockery of “The Issue Price represents a discount of 25.58 per cent. to the Closing Price of 10.75 pence” because this discount will immediately disappear (like it did last year). Hence my view that the impact will be negative tomorrow. However, it remains to be seen if this actually falls below the offer price during tomorrow. If it does it’s a very bad sign (stating the bleeding obvious I know!). It took about a month to do so last year.

markthemango1 22 Dec 2019

Thoughts on Future Market Cap Just out of interest before I tried to subscribe for the PrimaryBid offer, I couldn’t actually get it to work. (I’m having internet issues today though) For those thinking they’d struggle maybe getting the subscriptions for this offer might be proven wrong. The offer was meant to be open until 5pm today and the offer has now closed 2:45pm. It does say when oversubscribed the offer will close early so there must be plenty of demand from people. I’m still shocked at Lombard backing this, surely they know there’s plenty of flaws. I struggle to see MED a success from this now. The only thing I can think is they might know some news on TPR, if they get in now at 8p some positive news on that might boost the SP back to the 20p range. Even with that though it does make you wonder, like you’ve said Tony the delay after delay with it makes you think there’s big problems.

Ripley94 22 Dec 2019

Thoughts on Future Market Cap Thanks Tony Makes you wonder why that Swiss bank is willing to back it ?

theprior 22 Dec 2019

Primary bid Made a bit on the first one here. But sold too soon ! As FUM don’t appear to have a working compound I’m not bothering this time. P B have done me ok but you’ve got to be selective. TP

TonyDeadeye 22 Dec 2019

Thoughts on Future Market Cap Hi Ripley, I sold my entire holding of 250k shares after the interims released in September, primarily because TPR was pushed back a further 6 months which cast doubts over the technology and certain (what I think were) misleading representations in the interims RNS itself. I was a nervous holder for the previous 12 months anyway, not believing Mr Barder’s claim that it was FUM’s strategic decision to go it alone, but that they had no choice because potential partners weren’t interested and talks had broken down. After all, the argument for getting an extra 50% value but diluting the shares 70% obviously didn’t stack up. I was a shareholder for over 10 tears after initially thinking CSD was a great idea. I still do. Several deals were struck and whereas I can understand RB not wanting to eat into their own market share, I was disappointed Church & Dwight bottled the battle with Durex. Blue Diamond got good reviews and Kabey still advertise Futura Max: [link] ……. but I understand that they are not currently receiving supplies. I still think CSD has got great potential as there are many emerging condom distributors who would jump on innovation such as CSD to take on Durex and Trojan (whatever happened to TTK’s Skore?). I bet FUM have unilaterally pulled the plug on all their CSD deals - just my opinion - which is rank bad management (if that’s the case). They’ve never updated the Market re the current status of the deals with TTK, Misling, Ansell, Kabey and RFSU and because they’ve also removed all references re these deals from their website, we can only speculate what has happened. The current management is woefully incompetent (especially Mr Barder) and I strong believe someone more capable could make a success of CSD. It would of course mean a takeover of some sorts (internally or externally) with a new injection of cash to market and take CSD forward. As it stands, FUM in my opinion is nearing its end and dermasys as an ED treatment isn’t going to happen. Having said that, I’ll continue to observe and contribute to any debate because I think with a change of management and direction CSD could transform the condom market (standard condoms are horrible!) but unfortunately for current long term holders it will mean a wipe out and effectively starting afresh. All IMO

tomasccc52 22 Dec 2019

Thoughts on Future Market Cap I would like to know what is happening with the open label .06 dose long term safety study. Has it been terminated? I means what’s the point? If there are adverse events how will they know if they are caused by the DSys component or the GTN ? The only reason I still look at this thing is the fact that a number of guys said the condoms worked well. Puzzling to say the least.