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duknweev 24 Nov 2017

Giorgi Kvirikashvili‏ in Brussels Seems he's been pressing the flesh in Brussels this week."Had a very productive meeting with Theresa May. We discussed the strategic partnership and deepening active economic relations between #Georgia and the #UnitedKingdom. Our countries have potential for greater cooperation."

the old trout 24 Nov 2017

Re: Holding for 4 years Glad to hear that you are now reaping the rewards of your labours LJ. Those occupancy rates must be beyond your wildest dreams, and I guess we'd therefore have some difficulty in booking it for the FRR 2p party. I'm afraid I gave up the white flappy things a few years ago (although I occasionally crew on other peoples yachts) and now run a twin engined motor cruiser, but it's getting very long in the tooth and I can feel a younger model coming on when the time comes to take some profit here or elsewhere. I suspect the decision will eventually be taken out of our hand here though when the commerciality of the resource has been fully proven.ATB,T

The Saint always 24 Nov 2017

Re: Sp TP: like the post ... although there has been a bit of dilution in the interim (sorry to slightly tarnish the logic!).GLA

The Saint always 24 Nov 2017

Re: Holding for 4 years LJ: Could be a great piece of inadvertent marketing. If this comes to fruition you may get a herd of FRR ii posters descending on your idyll!It looks wonderful!

theprior 24 Nov 2017

Sp With the sp being the lowest it’s been for 3 months, and with the good news being three months nearer than 3 months ago, this would seem a good time to buy.No brainier reallyLuck all, TP

lazyjacques 24 Nov 2017

Re: Holding for 4 years Thank you. Yes that is the business address. I am not a "hands on" person but I rely on a well trained staff of 7 who work as a happy and enthusiastic team.I live in slightly less luxurious digs but also on the beach front further down the road.Again I apologise to the board for being totally off topic - I should have emailed ToT.

Geela 24 Nov 2017

Re: Holding for 4 years LJ, just googled On the Beach Wilderness - are you at 67 Sands Road? Looks beautiful!

lazyjacques 24 Nov 2017

Re: Holding for 4 years Thank you ToTOn the Beach Wilderness is averaging an annual occupancy of over 87% while our peak season of October to April 95% has a definite Teutonic bias. The Euro strength making our 5* establishment a winter sunshine no brainer Ya wohl?I know that you are a real "white flappy things" sailor and enjoy mucking around fixing your boat, but have you considered buying a good quality yacht should our FRR expectations be fulfilled?I think I know what your answer will be!My apologies to the board for being so off topic but I cannot compete with the in depth research our LTHs provide for us. But so pleased that they continue to do so.ATB

the old trout 24 Nov 2017

Re: Holding for 4 years Great to see you posting again LJ. It's been a long time since we last saw you on here and I hope that all is going well with your latest business venture. The property looked stunning when I checked out your website a long while back and I might yet come to pay you a visit when this comes good.Am thinking that Zaza might yet be paying a blinder here in that he will be anticipating another conversion notice from YA II early next month. If so they will already have been pre- selling, and if they have disposed of the bulk of the stock by the time he unleashes the beast that is UD2 there will be nothing to stop the sp heading for the sky. Note that last time around a decent conversion price was obtained and I expect more of the same, if not a slightly better price this time around."The Company is pleased that it has again negotiated with Yorkville a better conversion price relative to what Yorkville would have been entitled to taking into consideration the pricing period applicable to the October conversion. Yorkville's good faith and constructive approach towards this conversion is much appreciated."I have been taking advantage of what's happening by adding to my holding this week.ATB,T

mrpapaz 24 Nov 2017

Re: Waiting If it is the market makers trying to trap valuable stock with panic selling ,its not working .Most people on here have been lth and are way passed the panic

JimogC-O-D 24 Nov 2017

Waiting Is this drifting price just market makers trapping some stop losses to pick up some stock before the news? The volume is low for Frontera.

thefozzer 24 Nov 2017

Re: Holding for 4 years I think Steve has averaged down a bit since then. However, both directors have massive skin in the game quite unlike most AIM lifestyle companies. Frontera are the real deal, reminds me of Cove.#biggestdrillontheaim

dont shoot u dont score 24 Nov 2017

Re: Holding for 4 years Can we stop being so positive and excited when we are dropping so hard........This share will kill usIf Zazza was gonna lose a MIL then i would be more worried.

Devex 24 Nov 2017

Re: Holding for 4 years Well I haven't posted for over 4 days - in fact a week I think. But I have held now for over 6 years. And the main thing is that LJ is still in - good to see you postingNothing particular to say (relief all round I hear), but as I mentioned last week I reckon the senior team paid around £20 - £30 million for their holding, and its currently worth around half that.Back to the waiting room

lazyjacques 24 Nov 2017

Re: Holding for 4 years Agreed! I do remember that 4 years ago we realised that our previous chairman was in for a minimum 3p per share.