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Drshobby 20 Mar 2019

All Over Moldova Looks like SN has lost the yellow tie…maybe it was part of the OOC settlement with Hope?! It clearly had some superpowers of its own if FRR pull out from the this low. I’ve been around long enough to know that the glossy photos and PR (or lack of it now) of FRR don’t always reflect the reality or more importantly the share price. Here’s hoping for some proper news soon.

Fillpot 20 Mar 2019

All Over Moldova The Man is in the room! FRR is in the room! I agree Devex Lots going on. Moving on fellas, we are BIG in Ukraine We are BIG in Moldova Our stock seems high with these important in- country players I said it before, our time in the sunlight is ahead of us. It feels like it’s all in touching distance Put the OOCS to bed FRR and let’s ‘giddy up’

thefozzer 20 Mar 2019

All Over Moldova Highly significant, US policy clear for all to see and out in the open. Frontera have some very good friends. Hopefully T39 is flowing and the Durham loan is about to be signed off. Big Steve has put some timber on, looks very happy, certainly not like a man about to lose his life’s work.

Devex 20 Mar 2019

All Over Moldova Thanks to Tenners on LSE - photo taken a few days ago (click on the smaller photo - top right). So SN swaps his tie for a Frontera flag (the one on the left) Looks quite relaxed to me - can’t believe he would be there if progress hadn’t been made Moldova Embassy U.S. (MoldovaEmbUS) Vitalie Iurcu attends, at the invitation of @SecretaryPerry, the first Partnership for Transatlantic Energy Cooperation Ministerial in Houston, TX, had mtgs with @SecretaryPerry, @LNGALLIES President/CEO Fred H. Hutchison, @RepArrington, Steve Nicandros, and local businessmen. 2:10 PM - 15 Mar 2019

PoPHeaD 20 Mar 2019

All Over Moldova [link] – 16 Mar 19 The energy and investment sector of Moldova, discussed in the the United States On his second day in the United States of America, State Secretary for Economic Affairs, Vitalie Iurcu, discussed the Moldovan-American cooperation in the commercial-economic field, with an emphasis on energy. During the meeting with the Republican...

theprior 20 Mar 2019

Exxon+BH+Block Energy - comments! After this morning’s news and the tweeted flare at 38 BLOE finds it sp level. One wonders why they have to do to get the sp moving north! TP

theprior 20 Mar 2019

Exxon+BH+Block Energy - comments! Nice flare at 38! That’s next…[link] TP

whobuys 20 Mar 2019

Exxon+BH+Block Energy - comments! if only we had one of these 6 or 7 years ago !

theprior 20 Mar 2019

Exxon+BH+Block Energy - comments! Looks like #BLOE has had success at 16a targeting 325bbl/day, once testing complete ( 2 weeks) move on to 38 which is primed and ready to go! Good news indeed. Already showing a small profit here but definitely no selling now ! TP

Sunglasseron 19 Mar 2019

Ukraine again A PR firm with nothing to say… I do’nt know whether to laugh or cry!!

EyesonHawk2 19 Mar 2019

Ukraine again Just caught this post from YellowJerseyIR on LSE: “Hi Shareholder contacted me to say a post going round that YJ are not still engaged with FRR - we are still on the case although waiting for an update so not much to say at the moment… Best”

EyesonHawk2 19 Mar 2019

Ukraine again Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation - updated web site. Apologies if this has been posted before but some interesting reading! default_site_name About Company | Georgian Oil & Gas Corporation about_overview_seo_description

EyesonHawk2 17 Mar 2019

Ukraine again Great post yesterday on LSE Dev. Keep up the good work for all our sakes! eyeson "Of course we can’t guarantee that those with other agendas are locked out of FSG, particularly if they were left with shares in their names. But surely it is better to at least try and keep these people out The other issue is that some of the shorting brigade actively tried to interfere with FRR business - eg Easy Brent emailed GOGC last September with the express intent of undermining confidence. Plus we know that some wrote directly to the FCA about various issues (they openly admitted doing this). We also have reason to believe this was very clearly orchestrated. And we think we know the names of at least some of these characters. So we have at least tried to prevent these people becoming a part of the group. We are also not entirely sure that the main boards will carry on indefinitely in a de-listed environment - although that risk does seem to have reduced We are simply trying to do something constructive, and we are not seeking to secure or circulate privileged information. We simply want to offer an opportunity for the company to communicate with a significant shareholder body once the current issues are progressed - and hopefully be in a position to suggest and recommend approaches that benefit all shareholders. It is probably better to leverage this as a group rather than as individuals So we are simply trying to do something rather than nothing, and given the amount of money we have collectively spent on Company shares that is surely not an unreasonable thing to do. If you think it is wrong then simply ignore us."

Symore_Bottoms 16 Mar 2019

Ukraine again That is a cracking post Devex, very insightful indeed. I am also of view that there are some political heavyweight connections or supporters behind FRR. Just consider all the challenges FRR have to contended with over the years, from Georgian egotistical Politicians to vulture funds. In between they have drilled new wells as well secure new acreage in Moldova and now maybe in Ukraine. Any other minnow on AIM would have struggled to overcome some of these challenges. However the only issue with our theory is that we have not actually signed up or partnered with any Major yet, after so many years. And from the Court papers we know that Exxon took a look at Taribani in 2014, but decided against a JV. But maybe things have changed since then as 1)there is now more data from the 3Taribani wells, 2) flowing of Ud and 3)they have set up a camp in Georgia to explore acreage in the West. For the longer term and indeed the Black Sea strategy as a whole, Exxon (or BP) would be the best fit. So while we await a satisfactory resolution on the court case, let us hope that Zaza is still working hard behind the scenes with securing the NY financing and/or finalising a deal with BP. But with so many Super Majors swooping in to Georgia now (TOTAL being the last one), now would be the most optimal time to close a deal; we will see. JMO

Devex 16 Mar 2019

Ukraine again Just mulling over the translation that SB posted yesterday. As has been pointed out elsewhere FRR neither have expertise in deep sea drilling nor the very significant funds required to drill one test well let alone 5. Yet they are clearly working with the authorities to help shape a licence template - and to suggest the most likely licence area. Present troubles aside, what FRR do have is considerable understanding of the way in which the geology works as you go west of Azer towards Moldova. Plus clear and no doubt very deep political connections. The only way the Dolphin area will be tested is by either a major doing the work, or a JV involving one or more majors (noting the Exxon have spent over $1 billion developing the Romanian Black Sea licence area before any commercial oil or gas has emerged). Now I suggest that no major wishes to be seen to be in anyway connected to work in the Ukraine (or Moldova for that matter), which in turn suggests that FRR in these countries is likely to be a front for either BP, Exxon, etc - or combinations of them. With Baker Hughes intimately involved in any delivery project. Which again suggests why, despite all of the Outrider issues, we have vendors with incredibly deep pockets who are willing to work for FRR and not aggressively chase their unsecured debt. Interesting that in my recollection of the court papers revealed thus far not one single specific reference to vendor debt is mentioned. Yet that debt probably now exceeds the loan note debt to Hope and Co (who of course have actually not lent FRR one single cent - they simply bought a distressed loan note in 2012). I am convinced that very deep politics is working here, and someone one day will surely write a book about this lot. If I ever get my return I might well write it myself.