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gordon-the-novice 15 Jan 2019

Thinking ahead lol, good response and luckily my postie is totally trustworthy

thefozzer 15 Jan 2019

Thinking ahead Despite me expecting the worst outcome here, court cases are funny old things and trying to predict them can be very difficult. Hope was in a far stronger position back in 2016, FRR could not pay the debt back and Hope choose to settle out of court probably due to all the shenanigans with MND. If FRR do have some solid evidence against Hope and there’s funds available to pay off OMF then there’s always the chance Hope will settle out of court again. All depends of how strong FRR’s evidence and case is. Fingers crossed. Even if FRR manage to get through this in one piece it was still bang out of order that the market wasn’t informed of the 2m interest payment and I’ll be re-considering my entire investment in FRR if this ever re-lists. Good luck folks. I guess we could hear something Friday perhaps.

EyesonHawk2 15 Jan 2019

Thinking ahead PoP H …Picking up on B20’s interesting LSE thread which somehow is giving me a warm feeling right now, this also from B20 at 22.58 Monday night: RE: Maple,default injunction, Fid Duty "Zen, you make a very valid point, and it is one of a long list of events culminating in the multiple claim case against Hope. The evidence I have seen is overwhelming in its verdict, and has been collected over a period. There is one element which intrigues me and that is the exact financial claim of £56,280,800. Despite not knowing it’s derivation, I am left in no doubt that given it’s nature, that the forensic behind it will clearly support the value, otherwise Zaza and his council would not have stated the exact amount in the charge. I expect we will not get to see it and other more sensitive evidence given the implications for those implicated in Hope’s attempts to take control of B12 and this will be settled ooc We shall see soon enough though gla B20" Followed by Moosematics: The claim amount looks like it could be made up of several components - note the use of the word “aggregate” in this snippet from December 24th’s RNS: “The Company claims damages against Mr Hope and OMF in the aggregate amount of US$56,287,800.” [link]

bearforce1 14 Jan 2019

Thinking ahead So am I, if you’d be opening my post…

PoPHeaD 14 Jan 2019

Thinking ahead Bootystir discussions going on with the New Nomad means an extension on the 30 days. Once the court distraction is sorted out and the new funding is in place with Hope gone positive RNS releases can begin prior to coming out of suspension. You will have already begun to feel quite sick and may be suffering from bouts of depression. How short are you??? Today 22:29 ZenInvestor RE: Maple,default injunction, Fid Duty Daniel, my hunch is that Zaza & Co have been investigating orchestrated shorting for several months. Various comments made by Zaza at the last three shareholder meetings suggest that he was aware of an organised assault on the share price. He knew that further fund raising via Primary Bid had been damaged by relentless shorting. He had to fight back. The court case has given Frontera’s lawyers access to Hope’s e-mails as well as details of his previous attempt to take over the company. High stakes indeed but the signs are positive.

PoPHeaD 14 Jan 2019

Thinking ahead ZenInvesto on LSE RE: Maple,default injunction, Fid Duty Spot on, B20. And don’t forget the ‘unlawful interference in the business of the company’ charge. I believe this is tied in to his text of Oct 10 to Steve Nicandros where he alerts Steve to the possibility of company suspension the following day due to a possible FCA investigation related to information or misinformation given at the shareholders’ meeting of Oct 4. It appears that Hope had been in touch with Cairn regarding this. Who else subsequently raised this issue of a complaint to the FCA ? Tom Winnifrith’s crew. Looks like Zaza and Steve have joined the dots.

Fillpot 14 Jan 2019

Thinking ahead Correction You can’t walk whilst wearing burning shorts Ouch Oomph Ouch!

Fillpot 14 Jan 2019

Thinking ahead Squeak, squeak, squeak I wonder what price this will re-rate on opening after new nomad and case proven against hope/OMf as well as NY finance deal, BHGE and BP deals? I am thinking so linked to where FRR thought it should be if $56m dollars ahead of where we are. Say $10m dollars value add is that about 1.5p Bring it on eh Booster boy? No? oh you’re holding shorts! Soz pal . . . .Smell of burning as he walks away head down

PoPHeaD 14 Jan 2019

Thinking ahead Not looking as likely now. B02 on LSE summed up nicely although with zero punctuation. Maple excluded as default injunction no longer a separate case and not being contested as the signing of the funding term sheet while Hope suspended is evidence Hope veto caused the default. Fid duty case and default inextricably linked due to the multiple loan veto by Hope. The signing of the term sheet while Hope suspended is the damning evidence of breach and has provided the facility to service the loan covenant. Game over for Hope

booster11 14 Jan 2019

Thinking ahead Game, set and match Hope I reckon.

PoPHeaD 14 Jan 2019

Thinking ahead Par for the course if your a dog owner. Good hand warmers on winter walks.

gordon-the-novice 14 Jan 2019

Thinking ahead sounds like you’ve experience that before? Glad I’m not your postie

chilternsmtb 14 Jan 2019

Caymans Court Lists Encouraging post ToT, at the moment we need anything

the_old_trout 14 Jan 2019

Caymans Court Lists I think I’ve now got to the bottom of why Maples and Calder are no longer listed as lawyers on the latest Court Listing. The answer is probably that they were never representing Hope nor Outrider! The reason I state this is that Maples FS are identified as one of the defendants in the original affidavit and writ and Maples and Calder would almost certainly have been representing them. They are of course part of the same group of companies but “MaplesFS is an independent global provider of specialised fiduciary, fund administration, entity formation and management, insurance management and trust and private client services” as per its website and in SN’s affidavit is defined as the Collateral Agent who would be the party who serves an enforcement notice on Frontera following a default event on the loan notes in order to enforce Outrider’s mortgage over the company’s assets. The injunction was therefore all about preventing Maples FS from exercising these rights. So the fact that they are not a party to the next hearing suggest to me either that there has been a clerical error by the clerk to the court or that they have given an undertaking to the court that they will not take steps to enforce the security ahead of the breach of fudiciary duty and unlawful interference claim against Hope being heard or simply an acceptance that they have no interest in that part of the litigation, only the injunction which is now the subject of an appeal to a higher court. Either way I think we can be fairly certain that the injunction is not going to be lifted on Thursday and that the hearing is all about the claims against Hope and Outrider. There must remain a possibility that they will settle out of court ahead of that or will do so once they have heard what Justice Kawaley has to say about the future direction of the case, but I certainly see the absence of Maples and Calder as a positive. Tot

Barraband 14 Jan 2019

Thinking ahead I’m in