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Average_Dave 12 Jul 2019

FRR Share Certificates Just got this Corp Action from iWeb: FRONTERA RESOURCES - Important Information Removal of shares. Important Information & Other Key Dates: Further to the Cancellation of listing on 25th January 2019, we have received notification that the Frontera Resources shares are no longer eligible to be held within the UK Settlement System. We have therefore removed the Frontera Resources shares from your account. Should you wish to find more information, please visit the Frontera Resources website, [link] END A_D

booster11 12 Jul 2019

FRR Share Certificates Face up idiots, your shares are now worth less than toilet paper. This company will now remain in private hands, you will never get your money back losers.

jaytee41 12 Jul 2019

FRR Share Certificates Just got another certificate this morning. Again it was registered business post from Jersey. These are getting like buses

Drshobby 11 Jul 2019

California continued I think this is going to drag on for another 6-9months at least. Don’t expect to hear any news from the company anytime soon and I’m starting to feel we may end up being the losers in however this plays out. We’ve been a nuisance to the company for along time and we won’t be the priority here. The case of Black Swan is in the cellar and won’t be touched until we know either way…how good it tastes will depend on the outcome. Atb to all who continue to search for any hints of information on the www.

rjduly 11 Jul 2019

California continued Any ideas how long this will play out ?

EyesonHawk2 11 Jul 2019

FRR Share Certificates Same for Equiniti! eyeson

IrishPaul 11 Jul 2019

FRR Share Certificates same for the main halifax share dealing website but not for my Hargreaves Lansdown

Nickers1955 11 Jul 2019

FRR Share Certificates Just noticed my FRR holding has vanished from my share dealing account on iWeb (Halifax). I contacted them and was told there will be a corporate action notification issued in the next couple of days, probably next week. I was also told they were waiting for a share certificate from FRR and upon receipt the shares would reappear in my account. The share certificate will cover all the holdings in their care not just mine. I suppose we wait and see what happens (as usual).

EyesonHawk2 11 Jul 2019

2 new CA court dox issued! Uploade by Taffy52 on LSE: Case 3:19-cv-01996-RS Document 48 Filed 07/10/19 Page 1 of 1 Frontera Resources Corporation, et id Plaintiff(s) CASE No C 3: 19-cv-01996-RS ADR CERTIFICA nON BY PARTIES AND COUNSEL v. Stephen Hope, et al. Date: 7110/19 RoSS ;1. Pcvit(r (wI puMiS~iw- hfj f/tlS) Attorney UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTIIERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA Defendant( s) Pursuant to Civil L.R. 16-8(b) and ADR L.R. 3-5 (b), each ofthe undersigned certifies that he or she has: Read the handbook entitled “Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures Handbook” (available at Discussed with each other the available dispute resolution options provided by the Court and private entities; and Considered whether this case might benefit from any of the available dispute resolution options. Date:711 0119 Party Date: 7110119 foss H. Par~ Attorney Counsel further certifies that he or she has discussed the selection of an ADR process with counsel for the other parties to the case. Based on that discussion, the parties: [] intend to stipulate to an ADR process ~prefer to discuss ADR selection with the Assigned Judge at the case management conference lmoortant! ijile this form in ECF using evimtname:’~4DR Certificalion(AD~LR 3.5 b) of’Discussion of ADR . Options. " ForrnADR-Cert rev. 1-15-2019 Taffy52 also comments…“2 documents as one signed by counsels from each side… both have ticked box to say they will discuss ADR options with Judge at management conference rather than stipulate it. Looks like this is still going to court.” eyeson

Mick1909 10 Jul 2019

Dont Cry For Me Georgia Davethebrave54 Posts: 199 Price: 0.00 No Opinion RE: UkraineToday 228 OK folks, I’ve been doing a little research and refreshing my memory on the Geology of the Caspian-Black Sea basins. The Dolphin block in the NW sector of the Black sea seems to be a continuation of the Kura trend. This hydrocarbon trend starts at BP’s Shah Deniz field in the Caspian and continues to the North West along the Kura basin through Azerbaijan, FRR’s Block 12 in Georgia and out into and across the Black sea with its underlying host rock, the Maykop formation continuing to the Northwest corner of the Black Sea, an area called the Odessa Shelf. That’s where the Dolphin Block is. There are plenty of Gas condensate fields to the North of the Dolphin block, so it’s a gassy area, that’s for sure. Geologically, the block has plenty of carbonates and they can be excellent host rocks for oil and gas deposits. The Oil and gas Journal stated, dated 15 April as follows: "The Ukrainian government has launched a public tender for the Dolphin offshore block under a production-sharing agreement, covering 9,496 sq km of the northwestern part of the Black Sea’s continental shelf. Interested parties have 60 days to submit applications to PSA Interagency Commission. Winning bidders will be notified by July. Prospects already discovered within the block are Zonalna, Myrna, and Charivna. The PSA duration is 50 years. Bidders must provide a minimum financial commitment of $55.5 million throughout the 5-year exploration period. A minimum work program requires drilling of no less than five exploration wells. There are three other bidders for the exploration of Dolphin. From the dates stated, it sounds like an announcement is imminent. Maybe this is the catalyst that will get the ducks off the water.

PoPHeaD 10 Jul 2019

Dont Cry For Me Georgia Sueneave9 the other way to look at it is while on the face of it the Caspian Drilling Company (daughter of national company SOCAR) look the stronger bid there is a massive political backdrop to this. Suggested that if they win it is a strategic move by Russia to take the whole of the Ukraine not just the Crimea. Ukraine may favour the “little” American company that is bidding especially if it is backed by a much larger interest. One thing for sure is if this little American company wins there will be War Ships sent to the Black Sea.

sueneave9 09 Jul 2019

Dont Cry For Me Georgia The scariest thing about the whole FRR fiasco is the presence of the Russian government - or more specifically their President. The fact that FRR are referred to as an American Company - is that an advantage? Does to US contact protect us to a certain degree?

sueneave9 09 Jul 2019

Dont Cry For Me Georgia Great point PoPHead!

PoPHeaD 09 Jul 2019

Dont Cry For Me Georgia What??? We are suspended??? LOL.

theprior 09 Jul 2019

Dont Cry For Me Georgia Lol, how you gonna invest, Pop? Being suspended an’ all!