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IrishPaul 13 Sep 2019

Black Sea Shelf - Dolphin area and Frontera Dunno like, people like tw and others will probably keep harping on and on, type of people who like theyre own voice n backslapping each others to massage each others ego

Mick1909 13 Sep 2019

Black Sea Shelf - Dolphin area and Frontera Dont think the shorters will take an interest now they have been paid out

IrishPaul 13 Sep 2019

Black Sea Shelf - Dolphin area and Frontera Would expect if ya havent been paid something would have either leaked out via the shorters or have been found in the public domain by now.

thefozzer 13 Sep 2019

Black Sea Shelf - Dolphin area and Frontera Lots of questions Ramco but perhaps the biggest is how the company is staying afloat since suspension. We know from the court docs that the oil flows from Dino and T45 were not great so either T39 is a gusher or the directors have been funding the company for the past 10 months. Have the company simply frozen operations and cut salaries to reduce outgoings? Moreover, have YA been paid?

ramco14 11 Sep 2019

Black Sea Shelf - Dolphin area and Frontera Hi D Thanks for information. My question is why political presence/pressure Not applied diplomatically Why this issue is managed in the open? As always FRR has managed most of the time secretly Regards

Devex 11 Sep 2019

Black Sea Shelf - Dolphin area and Frontera From Oopsi on LSE… Latest twist: looks like the pressure has paid off and the decision to award Trident the Dolphin block has been cancelled The Page Кабмин отменил добычу на крупнейшем газовом участке в Черном море Сегодня правительство признало недействительным свое постановление о запуске конкурса по разработке шельфового участка «Дельфин» на условиях раздела продукции, заявил министр энергетики и охраны окружающей среды Алексей Оржель. So there is life - and serious influence - left in this old dog. You have to wonder a) who they are fronting for, and b) that the Georgian outcome is in some way inter connected. For what it is worth we have today tried again - as FSHG - to make contact with the company

murphyl 11 Sep 2019

Sb,news just out,the decision to award Trident the Dolphin block has been cancelled.

Symore_Bottoms 11 Sep 2019

Message from Georgia - putting things into perspective Well, revelations of the past two days have been ground breaking, especially when you consider that we are delisted and in the midst of multiple legal battles (fighting for our lives I would say). The interview given by Zaza to the Ukraine paper was pretty telling, especially about oil production for 2018 and a positive net profit. How much is fact and how much is spin, who knows. But as bystanders, its was good to see them out and about. Plus, the political support garnered from the US for a small company like FRR is astonishing. However, will it yield positive results with the Ukrainian and Georgian Govts, I guess we will find out soon. On Ukraine, we could have some news on the Dolphin Block may be by Friday and on Georgia, next month. On both counts, I believe FRR has a strong case. In Georgia, how do you contest $500m of inward investment and huge oil and gas discoveries/reserves. We must also remember that FRR had officially submitted a feasibility report to GG to declare the entire B12 as commercial based on the Miocene and Eldari formations (ref April 2017 RNS). But we heard nothing on that front. On Ukraine, again a compelling case if direct comparison is made to the winner, Trident. Anyway, as far we the shareholders are concerned, well it’s pretty frustrating. Emotions are swinging wildly from euphoric to ‘all is lost’. Where am I? Probably in the middle, fearing the worst, hoping for the best. But seeing the guys in the public gives a little reassurance, although I try not forget there are some major obstacles ahead, so we must be patient and let things take their course. Also, I am pretty sure that Zaza will communicate/meet the shareholders when the time is right but with so many other issues on the go, I don’t blame them for focusing on them first. The simple equation is, they win, we win. Some may argue that Ukraine should not be high priority given all the other problems, and I am kinda in that camp too, but there be a good reason why they are aggressively perusing this opportunity (including already filing a case in the Kiev Court). And I don’t see any benefit in taking a defeatist attitude, so we must keep our chin up and continue to stay on the trail while the guys continue to fight on. If things go the other way, well, there will be plenty of time for self pity and soul searching (mixed in with hate, anger and blaming each other etc). Anyway, my sincere thanks to the super sleuthers for their research prowess’s as evidenced over the past few days - remarkable!

thefozzer 11 Sep 2019

Message from Georgia - putting things into perspective Not so sure Jay but the directors have now surfaced, could be a good time for Devex et al to extend an olive branch.

jaytee41 11 Sep 2019

Message from Georgia - putting things into perspective If we get anything back we will be lucky but Zaza doesn’t appear to give a flying f*ck about the shareholders. My certificate is now gathering dust and probably will for years.

thefozzer 11 Sep 2019

Message from Georgia - putting things into perspective I have to admit I’m totally puzzled as to where we’re at now. Whatever the state of play it would seem Frontera are not going quietly into the night without one almighty fight. The latest revelations prove that Frontera have some heavy weight political backing. Personally, despite it looking like IG have paid out the shorters, I still think this may come good.

Mick1909 10 Sep 2019

Wshak Seems too much of a coincidence that the shorters got paid the same day zazas interview came to light?? Something smells fishy

thefozzer 10 Sep 2019

Wshak In Georgia sampling the red.

ramco14 10 Sep 2019

Wshak Pictures on LSE Is it in Georgia or Ukraine? Sorry for the ?

JakNife 10 Sep 2019

Wshak the fozzer, No, six months ago the position was marked to zero and the potential profits from 0.28p (the price at de-list) to zero were moved into a suspense account. That meant that (a) profits that shorters had between their opening price and 0.28p were booked to our accounts, (b) no further interest was being charged on the open position, © no margin was being allocated, and (d) we could see a separate account where the cash was sitting at IG but couldn’t touch it. Yesterday the suspense accounts were closed and the cash moved over into out main accounts. IrishPaul, Not really. If you don’t want to believe me then sobeit. I don’t even like posting on iii and only came over here to see what if WShak’s post had prompted any comments. FRR is just a historic trade now. I don’t expect to have a need to post on any Frontera board ever again. I’ll be at Proactive next Wednesday if those that I’ve discussed Frontera with in the past want to catch up. JakNife