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EyesonHawk2 06:48

Black Sea Shelf contest! New contest for development of oil and gas field on Black Sea shelf may be... Ukraine's Cabinet decided that the previous contest that took place in September was invalid

Fillpot 04 Dec 2019

NATO and Georgia You scratch our (US) companies back and we will scratch yours!

jaytee41 04 Dec 2019

NATO and Georgia I don’t think Putin will like that. But there again Nato has hardly ever reacted to Putin’s moves. By the time Putin’s tanks marched into the former Soviet Union countries, Nato leaders would still be arguing what to do.

jaytee41 04 Dec 2019

End game? It’s coming up to 12 months since FRR shares were suspended. You play this dodgy game and take your chances I guess.

EyesonHawk2 04 Dec 2019

NATO and Georgia Looks to be a solid move forward which should help the cause! Eyeson Ukraine, Georgia to become NATO members, - Stoltenberg According to him, the Alliance focuses on the help to Kyiv and Tbilisi in the moving towards Euro-Atlantic integration

theprior 02 Dec 2019

FRR Website shut down? Thanks SB. Clearly a term I was unfamiliar with. Sorry, TP

Symore_Bottoms 01 Dec 2019

FRR Website shut down? “Tenor in finance can have multiple usages, but it most commonly refers to the amount of time left for the repayment of a loan or until a financial contract expires.” [link] › terms

PoPHeaD 01 Dec 2019

FRR Website shut down? Was tempted to mention Pavarotti yesterday but thought nah. Thankful there is edit on here which I’ve had to use many a time LMAO.

theprior 01 Dec 2019

FRR Website shut down? Thing is … Will the tenor have a longer tenure or will he too have to sing with the fat ladies?? That is the crux of the question You heard it here first Luck all, esp Zaz &SN TP

Torridon 30 Nov 2019

FRR Website shut down? Thanks SB. Still all speculative then.

Symore_Bottoms 30 Nov 2019

FRR Website shut down? I think Fozzer was basing it on the recent news article relating to unpaid wages. In that article, Zaza claimed that issues with the GOGC/GEorgian Gov (in connection with the Arbitration) were resolved except for the tenor of the PSA which was up to 2027. Zaza stated that in order to make a return on investment (whether through a loan or a farmout), they needed longer tenor. On the other side, and to be fair to the Georgians, you can understand their caution on whether the investment will arrive from FRR if a longer tenor is approved. Plus there is the ongoing litigation from Hope which also makes it difficult for the Georgians to approve. Anyway, one step at a time. If the PSA tenor is extended, I think they have some loan agreed for the oil field development that can repay OMF. Perhaps BP will take the gas field? It will be interesting to find out who will bid for the B11, adjacent to B12? It may well validate the gas resource claims made by FRR for our block. We know that over the past 18 months that Exxon, Repsol, Schlumberger and the Chinese has shown strong interest in Georgian O&G acreage. Will any one step up? Imagine if BP won this tender, could merge it with the South Kakheti gas field - they probably have the most data points if FRR has been its intel with them. Didn’t BP set up an exploration company in Georgia (BP Exploration Company) and has Ann Davis not been making bigger profile (via AmCham) in Georgia. Maybe. JMO

Torridon 30 Nov 2019

FRR Website shut down? Fozzer. Others have also seen signs of resolution to the arb but I haven’t seen any. Could you enlighten please? Ta.

PoPHeaD 29 Nov 2019

FRR Website shut down? TX2 getting all moral and what not about ZM and SM is not going to help you if your short and FRR come back. If your not short why are you so interested in the plight of a few FRR workers. If you must why don’t you turn your attention towards and campaign for some of the far greater social injustices in the world. LVL

sueneave9 29 Nov 2019

FRR Website shut down? I would just have liked a vague reassurance from Zaza at some stage instead of just completely blanking us throughout the whole sorry procedure. he must know what is going on.

thefozzer 29 Nov 2019

FRR Website shut down? Still not sure of your theory SB as they workers haven’t been paid since at least Jan and the liquidation happened after Jan. Who knows just quite what is going on eh!!! Anyway, arbitration is key and there looks to be signs of resolution between Frontera and the gov. Cheers