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thefozzer 13:04

Website Booster, worth remembering that the court docs show the money lenders wanted 180 days of flow test data from the T wells. Zone 19 could be the jewel in the crown at Taribani, is it any wonder why T39 wasn’t put into the public domain in light of legal wrangle with Hope? I’d be playing my cards close to my chest also.

Nett53 12:50

Website Booster, please, just once, try and say something constructive. I know it’s difficult but give it a go.

booster11 11:27

Website Botts, When it comes to fake news you are the expert not me.

Symore_Bottoms 10:58

Website rooster - stop trying to spread fake news and fear. Don’t you take a rest on a Sunday or are you on double time? Anyway, that webpage is at least 1 year old, way before they kicked off the 3 drill program. T39 was officially communicated through the RNS back in July. If you want to know more about T39, that would be a good place to start.

thefozzer 10:20

Website Hi Booster, FRR is now a private company. Please read between the lines ref T39 and those alledge unexpected prolific flow rates. In two weeks the stay application will be in the public domain. Good luck if you’re long.

booster11 09:45

Website It looks like they are getting ready to sell you lot out on the cheap.

booster11 09:41

Website “Frontera has drilled 3 wells in Taribani: Dino-2; T-45 and Niko-1.” So they didn’t drill T39, they must hsave been lying about it all along.

EyesonHawk2 16 Feb 2019

New FSHG update Currently the Tapatalk site has not had come into it’s own by virtue of the fact that all the main FRR BB’s (particularly ii and LSE) are still operating more or less with business as usual. My view would be that Tapa can still be utilised as a chat forum largely without hinderance so contributors could still feel free to post as and when. However the ii FRR site has developed a large and healthy outpouring of FRR ‘chat threads’ apart that is from the shorting crew who have ramped up their usual diatribe over the last few weeks. We should therefore endeavour keep the ii threads open and active in order to promote discussion and/or conjecture. To that end I would prefer to keep main FRR discussions firmly on this BB and not to let parallel discussions develop over on Tapatalk. Eyesonhawk2

jaytee41 16 Feb 2019

New FSHG update No worries Gordon.

thefozzer 16 Feb 2019

Courtesy of Chris572 over on LSE Certainly Georgia is singing a different tune to the one sung back in 2015, the alignment with Europe and the jigsaw pieces coming together is surely no coincidence. Good luck all.

Symore_Bottoms 16 Feb 2019

Courtesy of Chris572 over on LSE A very interesting and important article, thank you for sharing (via Chris). Good to see the Govt finally loosening it’s grip on the energy sector and letting other companies in, perhaps best illustrated last year when they signed co-operation agreements first with Repsol and then Exxon. Also good to see Frontera being mentioned. Again, worth remembering that B12 has had more holes punched than any other Block in Georgia. They have the data and the O&G resources. Interesting also to note that BP does not have any exploration blocks in Georgia presently as most of their attention has been focused on offshore Azerbaijan. If BP and FRR can come to an agreement, BP will have stolen a march on Exxon and others because FRR is ahead of the curve than any one. Maybe wishful thinking but at least positive noises coming out of Georgia. Finally, with Schlumberger, Exxon and Repsol setting up camps in Georgia, BP will need to work fast to get a foothold in Georgia. Remember, BP is optimally positioned to leverage the Kura basin geology, operations and existing infra to bring Georgian oil and gas to the market faster than anyone. JMO

gordon-the-novice 16 Feb 2019

New FSHG update jaytee, I was only saying I recall someone saying using the tapatalk might cause overload for the people administrating but as you point out, a separate thread not requiring work from the administrators may be fine. Not in any way trying to suggest I know what is right or wrong, I am, as my profile name suggests, just a novice after all.

mg70 16 Feb 2019

Courtesy of Chris572 over on LSE Finally Georgia is recognizing its own oil and gas potential ! even a Picture of block 12 in the link The government of Georgia at the end of 2019 will announce an auction for the development of oil and gas resources in the Black Sea , The government of Georgia at the end of 2019 will announce an auction for the development of oil and gas resources in the Black Sea of Tbilisi. The government of Georgia at the end of 2019 will announce an auction for the development of oil and gas resources in the Black Sea. This was announced by the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia G. Kobulia in parliament. Exxon Mobil is already conducting a study of the potential of the Georgian sector of the Black Sea, which should be completed at the end of 2019. Thereafter, the Georgian government will announce an auction for the development of oil and gas resources in the promising sector. In addition, American Schlumberger is showing interest in gas production in Georgia. The company has already drilled several wells with positive results. According to G. Kobulia, in the aggregate, geological exploration (GE) will give Georgia the opportunity to obtain certain industrial volumes of its own gas. So far, all developed oil and gas reserves in the country have been explored back in Soviet times, in the 1970s. Recall that in 2018 more than 30 thousand tons of oil and 16.5 million m3 of gas were produced in Georgia. This is comparable to daily production at the average field. Of course, this is not enough, so hydrocarbons are additionally imported from Azerbaijan, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria. On average, Georgia consumes about 1.2 million tons / year of oil products and about 2.5 billion m3 / year of gas. It is not the first time Georgian authorities have been talking about geo-exploration in the Black Sea. Still, Russia, Ukraine and Romania have success in this field. Turkey also did not stand aside. On the shelf of Georgia there are subsurface areas promising from the point of view of hydrocarbons. Anadarko previously conducted exploration in the Black Sea of Georgia in 2000–2009, and found promising oil reserves in 2 subsoil areas in the amount of about 140 million tons. However, there may be other promising, including deep-water areas of the subsoil. They are looking for Exxon Mobil. for 20 years, Frontera has repeatedly announced the giant discoveries of gas in Georgia In 2016, Frontera Resources boldly announced the discovery of reserves of 5.3 trillion m3 of gas in Eastern Georgia, stating that in 2021 it would begin to export gas to Turkey and Eastern European countries, which was not confirmed later. As of January 1, 2017, prospective oil resources in Georgia are estimated at 168 million tons. This is the minimum estimate, and the optimal prospective resources of the country of Georgia are estimated at 913 million tons of oil, and optimistic resources - 4 billion tons Правительство Грузии в конце 2019 г. объявит аукцион на освоение нефтегазовых... Американская корпорация Exxon Mobil уже проводит исследование потенциала грузинского сектора Черного моря

thefozzer 16 Feb 2019

Website They’ll have to drill a new well by 2021 at the Basin Edge otherwise they’ll lose the license. They just came up a little short last time but if BH/BP are on-board then 2nd time lucky. Good luck.

Grayhorse 16 Feb 2019

Website There are certainly a lot more photo galleries. I don’t ever recall seeing images of all that Shlumberger kit before !