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jaytee41 10:03

FRR Share Certificates Aha I found their first email which was in my junk folder. From: Oil And Gas Sent: 21 June 2019 13:52 To: Subject: Frontera Resources Share Certificates Hi Suggest you contact the ex NOMAD Jo Turner Best

bearforce1 09:50

California continued To be fair, jt, they clearly are still there. And even if they did tweet “lights are still on”, I suspect that while you might be temporarily relieved, soon you’d be wanting to hear more. Am I wrong? Not saying I like it any more than you do. But this was always high risk.

theprior 09:47

California continued to be fair, if I was running FRR at the mo I wouldn’t be responding to emails either. Any enquiry would be viewed with deep suspicion in case Hopes mob were behind it. TP

jaytee41 08:52

California continued You’re all not getting my point. I don’t want to hear what’s going on or what’s been going in the courts. A simple tweet or something on their website stating something like “we’re still here” would suffice. The problem is, I fear they don’t have anyone in admin working for them anymore. It’s a bit much when the former registrars, YJ and shareholders are emailing them with no replies.

jaytee41 08:48

Exxon+BH+Block Energy - comments! Well done Fozzer. I just decided to reduce my exposure as was in too much, so have spread my investments about more. Still got over 100k though

thefozzer 08:38

Exxon+BH+Block Energy - comments! Nice rise on Block this morning, there’s rumors (Twitter) of an update this week. I’m after a 13.5-14p trade target. Hoping for a free carry for the long ride. Good luck if you’re in, my (Kalan inspired) trading method has worked out very well thus far.

Torridon 08:25

California continued I keep thinking about the YA capitulation. Why did they do it? Were they involved with underhand dealings and , when Frr found evidence, agreed to help with discovery? I think we could be more positive on the potential outcome if this gets to trial. Hope could well be under a great deal of pressure right now. Have no sympathy for him.

fynne 06:47

California continued jaytee41: There is no excuse for this non communication and I don’t accept that it would endanger or compromise any court case. I don’t think it would be sensible to make any developments common knowledge at this point. The less Hope and his legal team know the better regardless of good or bad news. The one thing I do know is there ain’t much you can do about it atm !!

EyesonHawk2 05:38

California continued Fozz…Sensible response, we can all hope it will eventually come right and we’ll get our just rewards. In the mean time we can only wait for that day of judgement! Eyeson…No news is good news as they say!

thefozzer 04:59

California continued Chin up Jay buddy, we’re all feeling the pressure of this one, I’ve a significant investment here of well earned money so I feel you anxiety. I’ve no crystal ball but I honestly think this will still come good. I think that FTI consulting has tentatively accepted the DOS which could be great news for investors and means that we could hear something sooner than most think. I also think that Hope may be coming to the realization that he won’t be getting his hands on B12 and may have conceded to “just” getting $30m back on his 6/7 year $4m investment. I don’t expect to hear anything from the company till this is resolved as I suspect this could still be a fluid situation. Best wishes.

jaytee41 23 Jun 2019

California continued I am not confident at all. The lack of communication even between the registrars and the company is pathetic and the way that the company is treating it’s shareholders is abysmal. If it does re-list then I, and I’m sure many others, will be selling their shares ASAP. There is no excuse for this non communication and I don’t accept that it would endanger or compromise any court case.

Devex 23 Jun 2019

California continued Agree with most of that - but the challenge is that de-listing removed the possibility of having tradeable equity as a key part of the loan arrangement. Not a show stopper but it does reduce options - and requires different approaches to securitisation But with Hope out of the way, at least as a Director, the BoD will again have been able to look at all options. Personally I think this will end up as a third party deal rather than any new loan facility - unless the loan is simply to get rid of the Outrider loan notes. The fact that on June 23rd we still have an operating entity - albeit working behind tightly closed doors - clearly bemuses certain people. And like the Fozzer the longer this goes on for the more confident I get.

thefozzer 23 Jun 2019

California continued Assuming B12 is a “gold mine” of potential, FRR can now see through any loan or farm out without Hope’s direct interference. The loan can be used to repay Hope and the liquidation put to bed. I would imagine a lender would want cast iron guarantees that the Georgian gov will not take back the juiciest parts of B12 - enter Uncle Sam and the reason FRR spent so much on lobbying and the AC. Heck, Zaza can even still pursue Hope through the Cali courts for the fiduciary duties case if he so pleases. Was this whole exercise just to buy time? Suspect there’s many moving parts here but management do appear to be hard at work to see this one through.

thefozzer 23 Jun 2019

California continued Have we locked in the DOS? Maybe we have. My basic understanding of Cayman liquidation law is that if the DOS is not accepted the courts must supervise the liquidation (see below link). So far I cannot see an application to the courts to oversee such liquidation. The voluntary liquidators will be under intense pressure to be seen to conduct matters in a fair and legal manner. Liquidation procedures in the Cayman Islands | Lexology A structured guide to liquidation procedures in the Cayman Islands The longer this goes on the more I’m confident.

bearforce1 22 Jun 2019

FRR Share Certificates In the same box as the pancetta and chorizo