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yoyo 28 Apr 2020

time to buy FJET share imo all time low!

Ripley94 27 Nov 2019

Not guilty FJET. XXXX Not looking good 35% drop today now just 0.38p . Is it game over ?

Ripley94 25 Apr 2019

Not guilty FJET. XXXX This had a spurt to 1.6p earlier in week fallen back to 1.5p now , all in spread though .

Ripley94 12 Dec 2018

Not guilty have a look its free lol he got a certain way of selecting shares and he has fans.

Investorphobe 12 Dec 2018

Not guilty Sorry to be a bit dim but what is the “dr m” board?

Ripley94 12 Dec 2018

Not guilty Investorpho… Yes he was known now you point it out as 51… Since the changes hes on this site, hes been mainly on dr m discusssion board . Surprised you never came across him . Hes been quite as have others on that board since October . busy board before.

Investorphobe 12 Dec 2018

Not guilty Ripley94: I have spent quite a while this morning exploring this and my conclusion is that there IS another of the same name but, crucially, with the appended numeral 51, making it very different from the one and ONLY “Marksman” – me! As I say, you will find several posts from Marksman51. I remain here as Investorphobe. I am Marksman only on the LSE board.

Ripley94 11 Dec 2018

Not guilty You are not keeping up i’m afraid never heard of your name on here ( sorry ) Its the Marksman on this site who is well known lol type the name in the search and you will see .

Investorphobe 11 Dec 2018

Not guilty I don’t know about being “well known” but I can confirm Steve Gurr’s affirmation above of a few minutes ago is 100% correct. I think I explained a few days ago that I moved to the LSE board, changing my username to “Marksman” simultaneously.

Ripley94 11 Dec 2018

Not guilty There is a very well known poster on here called Marksman ( never come across ?? )

Steve_Gurr 11 Dec 2018

Not guilty Marksman on the LSE board is the same poster as Inversterphobe here on the ii board.

Ripley94 11 Dec 2018

Not guilty So this is the poster Marksman from lse chat site . Not to be confused with Marksman on this site lol

Ripley94 11 Dec 2018

Bought! Hi Steve . I can not find a post from investorphope can you point it out , the marksman on LSE is not the Marksman on this is that correct ?

Ripley94 09 Nov 2018

An amazing story FJET… RNS… i thought it might say administration but they can keep going in November. Again down 12 % spread 25 % .

Ripley94 05 Nov 2018

oi 'Marksman' FJET… XXXXX E-mailed TW says avoid ( mild for him lol ) can not recall if he was always a bear on it.