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14:04 28/04/2020

time to buy FJET share imo all time low!

11:11 03/06/2016

Equity Development note this morning: "Hindsight is a wonderful thing. 12 months ago Fastjet Tanzania was riding a ‘crest of a wave’ having out-grown the capacity of its three A319s jets, raised $75m via a placing at 100p/share and delivered higher ticket prices, load factors and utilisation rates. All told, the company’s low-cost carrier (LCC) model was going down a treat with cashstrapped African travellers, who previously had to endure poorly connected and expensive air travel. How things have changed. During H2’15 the Tanzanian economy literally fell off a cliff – negatively impacted by weaker consumer/government demand due to the presidential elections in October, a 24% fall in the currency (Shilling vs US dollar) and lower commodity/oil prices" From ResearchTree

07:41 11/01/2016

Yes it has just entered Kenyan airspace, ETA 118

08:06 23/12/2015

Huge news. on sale from today and daily from 11th Jan. Complete game changer.

10:39 09/12/2015

My bet is Zambia's aircraft may be pulled into TZ to fill the gap but who knows? That would be a blow for the Zambia operation, and those already employed there.

10:38 09/12/2015

FJA's problems are obviously far more serious than first thought.

22:06 07/12/2015

How's that for good news?

22:04 07/12/2015

Fastjet Burundi. Ed Winter has announced Fastjet Burundi will be starting in Q3 2016. He went on to state as the number of bases underway will be increasing by 33%, his salary will be increasing by the same amount, but he will not be receiving any extra bonuses until the first revenue flight is flown.

18:25 27/11/2015

This site is quoting 58.5. The number doesn't really matter, the damage will be done next week before FJA returns.

18:19 27/11/2015

It was 59.5 earlier today. I saw it.