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Ripley94 17 Nov 2018

Update tomorrow FGP XXXXX… TW… Blogged he is a buyer on 15th …

Ripley94 12 Nov 2018

Update tomorrow FGP… Did not miss it this time topped up @ 78.5 limit went strait through , usually a sign its going lower .

theprior 19 Sep 2018

Croydon trams Excerpt from Seeing Machines annual report confirms that safety has triumphed over profits. The rollout of Guardian to Croydon Trams in the UK has created strong interest from other tram and light rail and public bus and coach operators globally. Class 1 rail operators in North America continue to assess the product. The data captured during these assessments supports the anecdotal evidence that fatigue continues to be a major issue in the rail industry Glad I wrote to TfL alerting them to the Seeing Machines’ product range following the tragic tram crash, despite opposition from some on this forum! TP

Ripley94 09 Aug 2018

Update tomorrow FGP… XXXXX After “kicking myself” for after slicing to soon end of march i see they fell to

Shotry 09 Aug 2018

bought a few I’ve closed out for now for 5.5% profit. FGP has good potential for further rises, but comes with significant mid to long term risk. I’m now watching WMH, I was in and out of that for 5p over the last couple of days. I’m looking for a larger position should the chart give me an entry. I’m also currently trading Barc,LLOY, ENQ and Gold.

Shotry 06 Aug 2018

bought a few Looks like it’s going to move to the upside now. A close above 92.5 brings 97.5 into play.

Shotry 18 Jul 2018

bought a few Bought a lot more around 88 over the last couple of days. Price has broken a descending tl on the daily chart from May 21st, but has also activated a 123 bottoming pattern. These often pay. There is a large gap above the current price that is clear on the daily chart which would close at 110 area. That is a potential target for price, although there are others e.g. 94 and then 96.5-97.5.

Shotry 05 Jul 2018

bought a few Dropped 3/4 of my shares at just under 5% profit. Price broke down through the short term tl support from June 28th which I am/was assuming to be the bottom for now. I’m now hoping it will drop back to around 80.5 (the low on June 14th) or around 81. Not a lot between the 2 but I’ll be looking to buy back if price reaches those levels.

Shotry 04 Jul 2018

bought a few Starting to look as if this week might see us rise quite nicely. Fingers crossed.

Shotry 03 Jul 2018

bought a few I don’t know who is buying this this morning, but it looks good for 89.5. That’s a strong bounce from the 78p area. It’s challenging a first resistance here at 86 in my view. A break of that brings 89/90 into play, then 94-96 area and who knows, maybe even gap closure up to 110 area. That would make the stress worthwhile!!

Shotry 29 Jun 2018

bought a few I added more yesterday at 80ish. Not the greatest trade so far. It leaves me planning to drop half around 85/86 which would be b/e. I prefer profits, but this one hasn’t worked particularly well so far and I’m happy to accept I’ve been wrong so far. I don’t want to get wronger

pyueck 08 Jun 2018

Re: First's heritage/future from local paper... If firstgroup is not to be broken up, which I hope it will be, and is to remain an independent company I think that it should re-locate away from Aberdeen.I know aberdeen well and love the city but it is not the right place for Firstgroup to be located. Firstgroup has no train companies in Scotland and it's rail services all operate from London with the exception of TPE.I also think that being in Aberdeen has allowed FGP to escape rigorous review at AGM's and has impacted it's ability to recruit high quality staff. In addition it causes extra time and costs for travel to it's large operations in the US.

Norman Barrington 08 Jun 2018

First's heritage/future from local paper today High level talks between Aberdeen City Council and First Bus are to take place – with the local authority understood to be maneuvering for a future bid to run the city’s buses in the future.First Bus took over Aberdeen services in 1989 and senior First figures have poured cold water on the idea of a sale, saying they are “not interested”.Setting up a council-run bus company, similar to the city’s previous Grampian buses or Edinburgh’s Lothian buses, has however been at the heart of Aberdeen Labour’s manifesto during last year’s local elections.And council co-leader Jenny Laing, of Aberdeen Labour, said she had instructed civil servants to begin talks about the “company’s intentions” for the future.The break-up of FirstGroup has been predicted by city analysts since a preliminary takeover bid from North American private equity investor Apollo Asset Management.It is understood that if the council took over First Aberdeen it would run all the services and take over the bus depot on King Street.Council leaders are waiting on the publication of a new transport bill this month which is predicted to give powers to councils to run services.Mrs Laing said: “I have today instructed our director of resources, Steven Whyte, to liaise with First Bus Aberdeen in order to get a better understanding of the company’s intentions for Aberdeen following the announcement that the First Group are looking to restructure the company.“I am positive that the people of Aberdeen would be pleased to see a municipal bus company established in the city to run buses for and on behalf of the citizens.“We are obviously at a very early stage of trying to progress these plans and the legislation which would enable local authorities to proceed is currently not in place.“However, the administration is keen to continue to explore all options regarding the setting up of a municipal bus company in Aberdeen.”David Phillips, operations director for First Aberdeen said in response: “We are not interested in selling all or part of the business.“We simply would not have gone through the heartache and pain of scaling the business over the past year in a bid to meet the challenges of the current economic climate in Aberdeen, if our plans were simply to sell up.“Aberdeen is birthplace of First Group and will remain an important part of our business moving forward.” PS In case iii does a TSB over the weekend goodbye all - it's been nice knowing you!

raptor66 08 Jun 2018

Re: Is nobody else furious Some weeds have beautiful flowers too.Maybe we can get this weed to flower if we can get more weeds out of the FGP board??

wuffet 08 Jun 2018

Re: Is nobody else furious Hi I think the short answer as to why they did what they did is because they can. FGP is 95% owned by institutional shareholders and they could exert pressure for change. O'Toole has gone but looking at the generous remuneration packages and salaries etc of directors none of them are going to volunteer to throw themselves under the bus (pardon the pun). To be fair 99% of the time everyone on discussion boards as shareholders immediately say directors should accept any offer that comes in without knowing full details as we are as greedy as they are but in this case I totally appreciate the frustration.Patience it seems is required, or sell the weed and find a flower!!Good luck