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Joatmon 05 Oct 2017

Re: Contract Won - for 10 years This contract is for 10 years apparently and so it is excellent news and may lead to similar contracts for other denominations in the UK or for other countries.

chucki 05 Oct 2017

Contract Won!! Good news, hopefully this stock will start ticking upwards..

gamesinvestor 03 Sep 2017

Anyone who might still be out there... This artice might interest you on DLAR[link]

gamesinvestor 14 Aug 2017

New Strategy [link]

gamesinvestor 06 Jun 2017

New COO [link] Johnson Controls guy.Seems to have had a +ve effect on the SP for today at least.With a bit of luck I'll break even on this again soon.Games - 707.5 as I type -- another 50p please!!

gamesinvestor 02 Jun 2017

Re: Polymer please ignore the last post which is exactly one year out of dateGames

gamesinvestor 02 Jun 2017

Polymer [link] Jun 2016London, 2 June 2016: Today the Bank of England has revealed the design of their new polymer £5 banknote that is being printed by De La Rue. Bearing an image of Sir Winston Churchill, the note design was unveiled by Governor Mark Carney at Churchill’s birthplace, Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.The New Fiver retains the portrait of Her Majesty The Queen on the front of the note whilst Churchill appears on the back. Games

Joatmon 13 May 2017

Re: Trumps Wall It is not so daft as most people imagine.Nowadays you can add seismic detectors to easily identify tunneling and use drones to patrol from above with infra red heat sensors etc and only send out the men when and where there is an attempted incursion. A 2,000 mile fence/wall can be monitored effectively.

sage in the hills 13 May 2017

Re: Drop! if you see the chart, its all within the uptrend trading range really .....SAGE

Triggers broom 04 May 2017

Re: Drop! You're welcome Dav

Butterflybill 04 May 2017

Re: Drop! Thanks Trig!

Triggers broom 04 May 2017

Re: Drop! Google finance has thrown up this article which has presumed a link to today's drop[link] mere bagatelle compared to my GFRD slump yesterday though

Butterflybill 04 May 2017

Drop! Does anyone know whats going on here?

sage in the hills 25 Apr 2017

Moneyweek and The Times "DLAR's move into hologram-based authentication is still not fully appreciated by the market "(663p) [Last Friday issue of Moneyweek....relating to The Times comment]SAGE

Triggers broom 11 Apr 2017

Re: Results at Top End Nice update and definitely on the right road to recovery but still a long way to go to get back to May14 levels. As I'm holding these in the SIPP I plan to sit tight and watch the recovery continue for a while yet. Glad I didn't bale out after the profit warnings and subsequent SP slide. Hopefully holding this will be a licence to print money for my retirement in 10 or so years.It's been a good day overall with the XPP trading update and SP surge putting even this riser in the shade. Kerching.