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gamesinvestor 20 Mar 2018

Re: Price Drop "Tb - not impressed by this approach"nor me - I thought Sutherland had more about him than to make such a gaff.Credible management don't do things like this - take a leaf out of Next -- who tend to tell it how it is and puts all the numbers up in pretty plain fashion.Games - what a wasted hold this has become.

Triggers broom 20 Mar 2018

Re: Price Drop The drop is down to DLAR being a bit sneaky and sneaking in a profit warning in the middle of the FD departure RNS. "Separately, the Board expects to update the market on the outturn for the year in the third week of April, and is currently expecting the result to be around the lower end of the current consensus range"Tb - not impressed by this approach

swarfega man 20 Mar 2018

Re: FD on his way dont think the div is guaranteed Games.What a poor investment this particular monkey turned out to be. I'm out as soon as I can be.

gamesinvestor 20 Mar 2018

FD on his way [link] he fired because something is coming out in the April update?Looks like the results will be on the low side, hence the big drop.Just looks like an even longer wait to get this stock back up to anywhere near historic levels.Oh well there is always the dividend I suppose -- grrrrGames

gamesinvestor 20 Mar 2018

Price Drop Shares suspended at the open this morning and then dropped 15.2% -- can't yet see any news but something has gone wrong here.Games

gamesinvestor 01 Feb 2018

Sold the Paper Mills [link] like a smart move and injects a chunk of cash onto the balance sheet.Sutherland seems to be doing a grand job of reworking this company, quite impressive considering the challenges in face a few years back.Games

gamesinvestor 27 Dec 2017

Blue Passports [link] hope they win the bid.Games

gamesinvestor 21 Nov 2017

1/2 year results Look pretty reasonable :-"""""FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS· Revenue +29% and adjusted operating profit*(1) +11%, reported operating profit +7%· Currency business delivered strong growth with revenue +36% and adjusted operating profit*(1) +16%, driven by high volumes- Banknote Paper volume +36% to 7,200 tonnes- Banknote Print volume +6% to 3.5bn notes- Polymer volume +570% to 400 tonnes· Identity Solutions and Product Authentication revenues +3% and +20%, respectively· Adjusted basic earnings per share +19% to 16.6p· Net debt £137.4m, up £16.5m from the year end due to higher working capital· Group 12 month order book of £363m as at September 2017 STRATEGIC AND OPERATIONAL HIGHLIGHTS· Increased investment in product development- R&D investment increased by 33% year on year- Joint product development and exclusive sales agreement with security features developer and manufacturer Opalux· Polymer momentum continues - signed 10 year contract to supply Safeguard® substrate for Bank of England new £20 notes· DLR Analytics™ launched in May gaining further traction, with 60 central banks signed up· Joint development agreement with Note Printing Australia for new Australian passport· De La Rue Authentication Solutions (previously DuPont Authentication) is performing to plan""""""Games

Joatmon 24 Oct 2017

A new partnership and growth area? De La Rue and Opalux Announce Partnership24 Oct 2017De La Rue, the world’s leading anti-counterfeiting and security specialist for currency, identity and brand protection, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Opalux, a producer of premium first level security features. The partnership will incorporate joint product development and related sales execution on a global basis.Commenting on the new partnership, Ulrich Walter, the Product Director De La Rue’s Security Features and Identity Portfolio said: ‘As a security business, we spend every day staying ahead of the counterfeiter across currency, identity, tax stamps and brand protection. One of our core strategic priorities is to grow our security features portfolio by investing in research and development, as well as partnerships. Opalux has an exciting technology that we believe can play a significant role for our global customers, as part of an integrated portfolio and multiple solutions from De La Rue.’Opalux develops and manufactures tunable photonic crystals, smart materials that change colour in response to external stimuli. Based on this platform technology, Opalux has created a range of highly recognisable and secure features with distinct colour effects for government documents. Speaking about the partnership, Andrew Binkley, the Chief Executive Officer of Opalux said: ‘We are excited to combine our leading edge technology and security features with De La Rue’s integrated portfolio and global reach. We look forward to working together to create a strong set of highly-differentiated solutions.’

Joatmon 05 Oct 2017

Re: Contract Won - for 10 years This contract is for 10 years apparently and so it is excellent news and may lead to similar contracts for other denominations in the UK or for other countries.

chucki 05 Oct 2017

Contract Won!! Good news, hopefully this stock will start ticking upwards..

gamesinvestor 03 Sep 2017

Anyone who might still be out there... This artice might interest you on DLAR[link]

gamesinvestor 14 Aug 2017

New Strategy [link]

gamesinvestor 06 Jun 2017

New COO [link] Johnson Controls guy.Seems to have had a +ve effect on the SP for today at least.With a bit of luck I'll break even on this again soon.Games - 707.5 as I type -- another 50p please!!

gamesinvestor 02 Jun 2017

Re: Polymer please ignore the last post which is exactly one year out of dateGames