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Blanketstacker 03 Nov 2017

Still optimistic! Here is another unloved retailer! The apathy has been stoked by doubts over the new i-phone and 'research' saying kiddies no longer love their phones. But the stats are decentER = 6.1Yield = 7% (covered x3)PtB = 0.7Directors have spent £0.5m buying shares since the last statement, even though the balance sheet is loaded down with goodwill.Brokers have consistently downgraded, but were are now 10% BELOW the lowest target price!The price is approaching an all-time low.Half year earnings due 13 December. Is anyone else tempted?|

MyHobby 16 Oct 2017

Re: Apple I'm trying to find the bottom though after the recent hike

Stenic 16 Oct 2017

Re: Apple The luke-warm take-up of the new iphone you mentioned is for the iphone 8 which to me has very littl more to offer over the iphone 6 I have. I imagine, like me, most people are waiting for the new iPhone X which is more of a sea-change in iphones that the 8 and should be released in a month or so.Let's hope the X takes off (I've bought some Apple recently) and drags Dixons up with it...

MyHobby 23 Sep 2017

Apple I'm betting that the recent price drop was overdone and we're heading into the Christmas trading period but to what extent will the luke warm take up of the new iPhone dampen SP recovery? It might not be the only phone or OS which DC sell but as a new Investor here, I haven't got a feel as to how tightly the SP tracks the fortunes of Apple. Any thoughts?D

paul1945 13 Sep 2017

DIR. BUYS There has been lots buying right across from board level to management etc. just gives me a little more confidence

corporate investor 13 Sep 2017

Re: Bought in At current prices there is not much chance of losing money. About a year ago brokers were recommending the stock at more than double the price. The selling has been overdone, bad news is factored in, the business has been rationalised, there is a decent dividend with the only thing remaining is a share buyback programme which the board should consider.

The buzz 12 Sep 2017

Re: W..... GREEN MORNING. Well I bought an initial few at 175.7p, plus a much larger dollop at 167.7p.Just been reading about the new Iphones:-[link] the latest batch of mega expensive new phones take off, then surely this must give a boost to DC.? Could this be the reason for the small rise today or have the sellers run out of interest? If the share price does bounce, it will be interesting to see if many stop loss buys for leveraged short positions get activated: once the ball gets going the share price can get a momentum of its own.The B

Fusion98 05 Sep 2017

Bought in Just bought 1400 shares thinking that all the bad news is priced in and the results due in two days time may provide a little relief.The main man is out and the search for a new one is underway.roll on xmas.

Ripley94 02 Sep 2017

Re: W..... GREEN MORNING. The buzz doesn't say what he paid but must be near the best in this recent retrace.Today's range 163 to 171pMany of the smaller brokers liked this a two month ago , David Buiik on his now each morning nick ferrari spot.Wonder who pays who..... lol That's the way to make money working for these brokers picking up a fat salary for knowing no more then the ordinary Joe.Pole Pot had the right idea put them to work in the fields..

The buzz 01 Sep 2017

Re: Downgrade... Well I bought in today. It may not be the lowest price but I perceive a much lower risk of the share price going down further compared to the likelihood of a bounce back. Plus my analysis of the fundamentals and dividend yield makes me think that the fall has been over done - probably helped on the way by one off sells from stop losses etc: these should wind out over time.Not wishing to belittle brokers, but many of them follow the crowd so as not to appear to be the odd one out - I know of one who did exactly that so not to be seen to be different and for his boss to think that he was not doing his job properly! I once trawled through a broker's spread sheet for a different company and was appalled at the number of silly errors that I found - so I always listen to their views with interest but do not follow their advice like a headless chicken.The B

old_punter 01 Sep 2017

Re: Downgrade... Two more broker assessments since previous post per HL website which does not have the Investec downgrade - Goldman Sachs neutral with a price target of 190p and Credit Suisse outperform with a target of 280p.I suppose selling by tracker and closet tracker funds because of the exit from the FTSE 100 is a factor in the share's current weakness, 166p at the moment, and it could cause potential buyers to hold off. That technical situation will come to an end.Share price seems to me to be discounting a lot including a poor reception for the new Samsung and iPhone, but WDIK.

Blanketstacker 01 Sep 2017

Downgrade... ...by Investec. Buy to hold, target from 430 to 185.

Norman Barrington 31 Aug 2017

Director Confidence? I am of the opinion this one is oversold, and perhaps so does Gerry Murphy, Non Executive Director, who bought 30,000 shares in the company on the 30th August 2017 at a price of 176.00p...Hope he knows what he's doing and it's not just a gesture!Although new phones are not selling well, this can change over time, especially if people shut them in cars doors or sit on them etc. <he said, grasping at straws>

Ripley94 29 Aug 2017

Re: W..... GREEN MORNING. Topped again @ 178. maybe a little early as 176 short wile after.Share Phrophets agreed it had fallen back to much. ( Maybe that should of made me hold off lol )

old_punter 25 Aug 2017

Director buying Good to see the chairman and something linked to the d/chairman also buying at 182p and 178p, and SOI also a buyer. Per the HL website, three of the five brokers who have updated since the trading statement are saying outperform or buy and the other two are at hold the five having price targets 200-300p. The brokers have not done too well recently on this one but at least they are not saying sell now.Hopefully a 6% yield twice covered by guided earnings of 27p for the current year, p/e 6.8 at 184p.Should be some more recovery in the share price methinks but WDIK.