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lastminute-world 29 Nov 2017

OCDO [link]

MyHobby 28 Nov 2017

Re: My experience I did! The first assistant said: "Let me find you someone." Then promptly went off on a trek of India to discover himself. So I was left unloved and hence quit the store. Strangely enough I bought the laptop on line from HP and have had nothing but hassle getting it delivered, so maybe PC World would not have been a bad bet after all.D

spike68 22 Nov 2017

Re: My experience I prefer to be left to browse and hate being bugged all the time. If I want help I will ask someone why didn't you ask someone for assistance?

MyHobby 21 Nov 2017

My experience Visited my local PC World superstore at 70p.m. for a Black Friday deal on a laptop. Despite being virtually empty, no one so much as asked if I needed any help. After half an hour of milling around the power shorted in one part of the store and so I decided to leave. Bought the HP laptop I saw in PCW from Argos online for the same amount. So Dixon's. Never again. As I said it was as good as empty.

bloppy 14 Nov 2017

Re: Joke SP The price is down because the CEO said everyone is now keeping their smartphones rather than buying new. When retail sales is core to the business it's obvious the City is not happy about the interim statement. Institutional shareholders at the AGM were very upset with the CEOs poor outlook based on pure speculation. It was anticipated that sales of iPhone would bump the price up immediately the CEO advised but even this hadn't materialised yet. His anti-Brexit stance also worries many because it seems he won't adapt his business model either. Time for this CEO to go, after all he wanted to go to ITV anyway.

II Editor 14 Nov 2017

NEW ARTICLE: How to trade Dixons Carphone shares "Dixons Carphone (LSEC.)With all the usual nonsense about the release of a new iPhone, we thought it may prove worthwhile to view how one of the mobile outlets' share prices is doing. Not so great, it turns out. But the changes may ring soon. ..."[link]

II Editor 13 Nov 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Trends and Targets for 14/11/2017 " DIXONS CARPHONE (LSEC.) With all the usual nonsense about the release of a new iPhone, we thought it may prove worthwhile to view how one of the mobile outlets share price is doing. Not so great, it turns out. But the changes may ring soon. ..."[link]

paul1945 13 Nov 2017

Re: Joke SP Surely all DIR. Buying cannot be wrong came from all levels main board down to managers & lots of deals & a good amount of money? hope not!

Regency Green 13 Nov 2017

Re: Joke SP Totally agree but with interims not until 13 Dec this may drift even lower over next 3-4 weeks. P/E less than6 (historic less than 5). Dividend yield over 7% and that should stillbe over twice covered on the lower PBT range. Market must think UK sales have fallen off a cliff since the August update.


Joke SP This price is a joke. Look at the fundamentals, the market has way over reacted .Just hope they release a trading statement soon with some good news

nk1999 09 Nov 2017

Investec From ADVFN:"Investec has upgraded its stance on Dixons Carphone to ‘buy’ from ‘hold’, keeping the price target at 185p.The brokerage noted the stock has been down on the back of worries about downgrades, but said that any further material downgrades are unlikely, even though the group’s first half results are likely to be weak given mobile headwinds and the timing of non-cash P&L adjustments.“Valuation in our view is looking increasingly attractive with recent share price weakness overdone and risk/reward on the upside,” it said.In addition, while uncertainty surrounding mobile is likely to persist, Investec reckons Carphone retains a high degree of flexibility to deal with the challenges it faces.The brokerage expects first-half pre-tax profit of £61m, down 58% on the year, with the drop driven in part by last year’s one-off profit items. On the other side of the ledger, it expects around £14m profit progression across UK Electricals, Nordics & Greece."

iolat 03 Nov 2017

Re: Apple Looks like there is a demand for the new Apple phone, one would assume a recovery in trading towards Christmas.

Nobblynick 03 Nov 2017

Re: Still optimistic! After 12 years and a lot of extra shares in big box, talk talk etc (all sold at he time) flogged all mine 3 days ago as I reckon its a lame duck now. £1000 for the I phone X is bonkers, slow death as people cannot afford to upgrade or just do not want to. Has been an excellent cash cow but had enough.

k1ngbowler 03 Nov 2017

Re: Still optimistic! Have banked lots of profit over the years from these shares, which funded diversification into other sectors. I'm sure they will bounce back so have doubled (my now rather small) holding.

MyHobby 03 Nov 2017

Re: Still optimistic! I was in but, now out. I thought the Apple iPhone X would cause more excitement and the ramp up to Christmas. But, anecdotally I have not been into one of their stores for the best part of 10 years. Not even out of curiosity. I can't be the only one feels that way.PE is low but where's growth and margin?D