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geta4tune 27 Mar 2018

sickest dogs in my portfolio I have three dogs that look like they are on their way out; Dixons Carphone is by far the sickest. Do you think it is time I let him go? (the other two are Card Factory and Dunelm)

Fusion98 21 Mar 2018

follow the money Hi,sold out near £2 and have sat and watched for a while, looking to buy back in but will see if the 150 - 160 levels are seen again. Div is not due until August and summer is usually a quite trading period for electricals as people go out more, that said the world cup is this year so who knows.Definitely want a buy price below 170 though Fusion98

BritneySpuds 20 Jan 2018

Share Price Barclays report sounds more promising. It's about time we had some good news, so hopefully next week:"Dixons Carphone (DC.) shares have been nervy ahead of its Christmas trading update, falling nearly 8%. But in its previous results presentation, management talked of a good start to peak trading with a record Black Friday."This is encouraging but since then, several companies have reported weak end of December trading," write analysts at Barclays. "We highlight a report from Kantar Worldpanel from January 10th which revealed strong iPhone X sales in the UK during the last quarter."It's why the broker predicts UK & Ireland like-for-like sales growth of 3%, Nordics 5%, Greece 5% and group sales up 4%.Buy up to 231p, says Barclays."

towerman 28 Dec 2017

pre ex-div/post ex-div I did have an idea yesterday to sell ahead of ex-div and buy back today.The theory being that prices tend to overshoot, so too high pre ex-div and too low post ex-div.However, I didn't bother in the end. Shares are a gamble and I would have been gambling on the volatility of a gamble.If I'd gone through with the deal, this morning, I would have just about been at break even (with dividend loss/dealing costs). That's not to say, in different circumstances, I could have been in profit.A kind of time delayed arbitrage, anybody had any success with this (not just DC.)?

towerman 24 Dec 2017

Re: Price ex-div date is 28/12/17

Dr k c 22 Dec 2017

Of course, half working today.

Dr k c 22 Dec 2017

Is there something happening? No trade has shown since 12:30 today.

Dr k c 22 Dec 2017

Is there something happening? No trade has shown since 12:30 today.

Fusion98 18 Dec 2017

Price Hi all,have traded this a little but aim to be in for the long ride back up. The ex-dividend date for this stock is Dec 31st with this and the santa rally which has arrived for the first time in 4 years the price has increased. Expect it to retrace in the new yearHave a good 2018 allFusion98

nk1999 14 Dec 2017

Numis From Citywire:"Investors are being compensated for Dixons risksNumis believes the risk-reward outlook for Dixons Carphone (DC) is improving after the electricals retailer posted first-half results in line with forecasts.‘Interim profit before tax fell sharply, as expected, and the company’s central full-year guidance was trimmed by 5%,’ said analyst Matthew Taylor.‘We expect further profit attrition in mobile but believe this will have a diminishing effect from 2019. Risks remain due to the high-ticket, discretionary product pitch and operational gearing, and the group needs to improve cash flow. ‘However, in our view the valuation at seven times price-earnings [on 2018 estimates] more than discounts this, at least for more adventurous funds.’Taylor rates the shares an ‘add’ with a 210p target price. The shares jumped 8.5% to 181.6p "

II Editor 13 Dec 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Is Dixons Carphone worth 66% more than this? "Just when many investors were about to hang up on LSEC.ixons Carphone, back came the retailer today with a few reminders why it may not be a lost cause after all.Most significantly in light of the current uncertain trading conditions, the ..."[link]

The buzz 13 Dec 2017

Going Up Currently the share price is around 179.2p and getting quite volatile. So up about 11p so far today. With my limited knowledge I thought that the results and outlook looked quite promising - and that the previous fall in the share price had been overdone on the basis of these results. I am beginning to suspect that the shorters might be having to close some positions and are pushing the price higher at the moment. Over £2 in the medium to short term?The bU

gamesinvestor 13 Dec 2017

Directors They don't seem too confident at 167p --- the last buys are in Sep/Oct and for a few £10's of thousands.Need to see their money I guess -- if this is such a bargain, they would be buying in 100K chunks.Games

gamesinvestor 13 Dec 2017

Re: Times Buy divi maintained.for now at least :-not sure exactly how they come to a £58M write down due to a change in receivables and insurance -- sounds like a fudge to me.[link] Highlights:• Group headline PBT(1) of £61 million (2016/17: £154 million)o Includes a negative £58m impact year-on-year from a change in receivables revaluations and insurance contract terms as indicated in August• Statutory profit before tax of £42 million (2016/17: £111 million), including non-headline charges of £19 million (2016/17: £43 million). Statutory basic EPS of 3.3p (2016/17: 8.1p)• Group H1 like-for-like revenue(3) up 4%; Q2 like-for-like up 3%; statutory revenue for H1 up 3%• Group H1 electricals like-for-like up 7%, growth across all markets and market share gainso UK&I electricals like-for-like up 6%o Nordics like-for-like up 8%o Greece like-for-like up 7%• UK&I H1 mobile like-for-like down 3%o Including the impact of delayed iPhone X launch into second half of financial year• Free cash flow(6) of £169 million (2016/17: £64 million) resulting from reduction in capex year-on-year, improved stock management, and favourable timing on working capital• Net debt(7) of £206 million (2016/17: £285 million)Games

paul1945 06 Dec 2017

Times Buy DC. GLXO MARS buy 4 Divi