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Thunderjack 08 Oct 2019

I think the share price curve is steepening downward at DC. Reasons in my view are; imminent recession in the UK; sterling near historic lows - all imported product more expensive, squeezing profits for DC; ex-chairman and founder has sold a quarter of his holding recently (a bad sign); big pension deficit; as far as I can see, practically no cash - the business seems to be operating on cashflow which relies on suppliers waiting a long time to be paid; increasing online competition; a massive and costly bricks&mortar estate; a huge workforce creating high operational costs; very few customers in the shops whenever I've visited; warning from the management of 'more pain' to come due to the change in smartphone purchasing dynamics. From what I can see, there are practically no positives for DC; an outdated business model with huge legacy costs.

Ripley94 20 Jun 2019

W..... GREEN MORNING. DC… Rns… Gap down opened @ 90p pulled back well by 1.30 pm just 9% down

Ripley94 24 Feb 2019

W..... GREEN MORNING. DC… XXXXX Winny on five free share tips 13 Dec 2019 thought this a contrarian buy.

andrewcooks 22 Jan 2019

Elliot Advisors Takeover? Sky News Activist Elliott explores taking Dixons Carphone stake The investment firm run by Paul Singer is exploring the purchase of a stake in one of the UK’s biggest retailers, Sky News learns. This should help push the price back to £2

Fusion98 16 Jul 2018

Load up, Load up 2nd and last entry 184.5p inc charges, looking for div and £2 exit price. Good luck all

Ripley94 24 Jun 2018

W..... GREEN MORNING. Sharp drop when i posted not good May 29th. Surprised to read Chris Bailey ( SP ) is boasting this week about his “its to cheap” buy recommendation in January 2018 regarding DC, “was so good” as in May 2018 you could of got in cheaper.? This fell more after my Aug top up lows in November 2017 … 197p now.

Ripley94 16 Jun 2018

W..... GREEN MORNING. DC… XXXXX News in week computer hack .

Fusion98 01 Jun 2018

Re: Load up, Load up Ah, see up 10 points already and i didn't have to wait very long230+ will be here shortly.)

RAConnell 30 May 2018

Re: Load up, Load up Throw up, Throw up.Cheers, RAC

wuffet 30 May 2018

Re: Load up, Load up HiyaNot sure the shares are such a bargain. They fell yesterday back to where they were at the end of April and next years forecasts have been cut by circa 20-25%. Profits will fall from 500m to 300m over 2 years, that's a lot of business lost. Not sure the new CE is that much of a magician. Of course time will tell how they will recover.Let's see what the share price is in November!!Good luck

Fusion98 29 May 2018

Load up, Load up Yes the sky is falling and the world is coming to an end....no? what do you mean you don’t believe this is the case, the market says it’s so and that never lies or over exaggerates anything, ever.....Its buying time, would have done it at 8am when it was 170p but i was not around. 185p is a bargain and in 6 months it will be touching 240p once more and you have a dividend in August.All new CEO / MD throw the baby out with the bath water first chance they get so when the sales figures come back 6 months later they look like the messiah.Fusion98

II Editor 29 May 2018

NEW ARTICLE: Dixons Carphone crash is 'fixable' "Having seen its shares rise 50% since November, a second profits warning in less than a year has left LSEC.ixons Carphone investors back where they started 2018.The familiar sinking feeling follows the company's message of continued tough ..."[link]

Ripley94 29 May 2018

RNS .. Did not go down well. 20% fall. Not good .

Blanketstacker 29 May 2018

4TH quarter results and 2019 outlook Stronger cash conversion with net debt expected to improve to c£250m at 2017/18 year end.UK electricals down c2%; Nordics up 8%; Greece up 10%.Dividend held at 11.25pResults slightly flattered by : "Credit of c£25m from trade balances reconciliation in 17/18 not expected to repeat" and sale of honeybee.Overall a steady performance in an uncertain retail sector.

Fusion98 28 Mar 2018

Re: sickest dogs in my portfolio DC.L, well that depends on what your average is and what your time scale is and if you can afford to write it off. Personally i would take a pragmatic view.1) DC is not going bust. (2) The bottom has been found (3) The new leader may change things this year (4) The dividend is quite good (5) You can trade it quite efficiently to lower you average or get out unscathed.Can't say about the other two, was generally surprised card factory was still in business.Fusion98