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II Editor 18 Nov 2016

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methilman 29 Jul 2016

Re: Libertry sp Sold more residues on this.Must have received 6 or 8 cheques overall - do things really have to be this complicated?Mm.

methilman 08 Jul 2016

Re: Libertry sp Sold out - got £19.97 @ $1.3098 for Class A and £19.90 for the Class C.May have to throw the proceeds at Lloy.Mm.

dgwgib 28 Jun 2016

Re: CWC Stream Log Understood now. UK shares are priced in pence not pounds and US are in dollars not cents

raptor66 16 Jun 2016

Re: Libertry sp Vodaphone may be interested in Liberty or Sky.

methilman 14 Jun 2016

Libertry sp The exchange rate should benefit LBTYA and K (the default options) if £ falls as has been forecasted.Therefore sell between 24/6 and 27/7 (when the dealing cost increases)?Mm,.

dgwgib 07 Jun 2016

Hi. Sorry for my ignorance but I'm really new to this and am really confused, I hope you can help me. I had 2600 CWC shares, and I did nothing, so now I have 21 Liberty A shares and 52 Liberty C shares and I got my CWC dividend. But my confusion is what has happened to my 2600 CWC shares, do they still exist? have they been transfered to something else? What do I own now? Thanks for your help

Ripley94 17 May 2016

Re: Monday 16th May is completion day High idwtl.I kept mine.... keep us posted after your 'keep eye on' please.

idontwanttolose 14 May 2016

Monday 16th May is completion day I parted company with my CWC shares at just over 79p each, I will be keeping an eye on LBTYA to see if I was right to do so.!!CABLE & WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS PLC Directorate ChangePhil Bentley Telecoms provider, Cable & Wireless Communications Plc confirms today that Chief Executive Officer, Phil Bentley, will leave the Company on Monday 16th May 2016 on completion of the recommended takeover of the Company by Liberty Global plc.Bentley is credited with establishing the Miami operating hub, launching the investment-led "Project Marlin" strategy, adding world class TV capabilities through the acquisition of Columbus, and delivering a top line growth turnaround of the business.Chairman, Sir Richard Lapthorne said "On behalf of the CWC Board I'd like to thank Phil for his service to the Company. He has transformed the Company's operating performance both financially and culturally, and he master-minded the important acquisition of Columbus, designing and executing an excellent integration programme which is delivering the promised substantial synergy benefits. Combined, these actions have placed CWC's total returns to shareholders in the top decile of telecom performance since he first started. He has also created a highly talented and cohesive management team which is well qualified to continue to drive forward the business under Liberty's guidance.""All in all, his has been an excellent performance and we wish him well in his next role."Phil Bentley said "It's been a privilege to lead CWC over the past two and a half years. I'd like to thank all of our 7,200 colleagues serving customers across more than 40 countries for their hard work and dedication which has created a terrific platform for growth."

raptor66 10 May 2016

Re: Which Option to take? Recommended Acquisition of Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) by Liberty Global PLC (Liberty) by way of a Scheme of Arrangement.Holders of CWC shares can elect for one of the following options:Option 1: (Recommended Offer and Default Option) 0.00830064 New Liberty Class A shares and 0.02032149 New Liberty Class C shares.Option 2: (LiLAC Alternative based on New Liberty shares entitlement) 0.84718706 New LiLAC Class A shares and 0.84785908 New LiLAC Class C shares for each New Liberty Class A share and New Liberty Class C share to which they would be entitled to under Option 1.Option 3: (First Dual Share Alternative) 0.00559304 New Liberty Class A shares, 0.01369281 New Liberty Class C shares, 0.00234250 New LiLAC Class A shares and 0.00573942 New LiLAC Class C shares.Option 4: (Second Dual Share Alternative) 0.00460121 New Liberty Class A shares and 0.01126461 New Liberty Class C shares, plus 0.00234250 New LiLAC Class A shares and 0.00573942 New LiLAC Class C shares.Holders who make no election will be deemed to have elected for Option 1 and will receive the Default Option.Holders electing for options 2, 3 and 4 may receive an adjusted ratio of New Liberty and New LiLAC shares dependant on elections made by other CWCshareholders (scale back).In addition, all shareholders will receive a Special Dividend of 3 pence for every CWC share held at 6pm on 13th May 2016. The Special Dividend is expected to be paid within 14 days of the Scheme Effective Date.---------- ---------- ---------- -I copied and pasted from a pdf document, therefore, it may contain some errors.

Ripley94 10 May 2016

Re: Which Option to take? What is the default option ? looks like ill be getting that today.

Ripley94 04 May 2016

Re: Liberty Global SP affects the value of t... CA.... Take over by ( U.S ) liberty global...!0th may.

Roger_Lovegrove 29 Apr 2016

Re: Which Option to take? There's another option that you've not mentioned: sell while you still can.Do you really want to own shares in Liberty? Would you be buying them now, even if there were no agreement?Do you really understand the offer? It looks like you don't. Certainly, I don't.HTH

bezz 28 Apr 2016

Re: Which Option to take? It is all a bit confusing. Looking at the prices for today with CWS price at £0.79 each, you can work out how much you will get from the prices below. Then you have to add the 3P dividend if you hold on to your CWC shares. Of course all the these prices could change before the final date.Name Bid Ask Price CurrLiberty LiLAC Group A ( LILA) 38.32 $Liberty LiLAC Group B ( LILAB) 11 $Liberty LiLAC Group C ( LILAK) 41.5 $ Liberty Global ( LBTYA) 38.2 $Liberty Global B ( LBTYB) 37.94 $Liberty Global C ( LBTYK) 36.93 $

Aum23 27 Apr 2016

Which Option to take? Hi AllResponse date is 10/5/16 according TD Waterhouse. But I cannot decide whether to go for the default option or mix and match with the other 3 options. Any thoughts, ideas please would be appreciated. Thank you.