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BOWOOD 23 May 2018

Re: Falling apart Results are due soon so perhaps we will have an update and let's hope it is positive as I feel that investors and the market have lost interest in CRA

izzy bear 22 May 2018

Re: Falling apart It did say that they would collect royalty payments from the buyer of the gold mine, so the reality is they would get paid from the buyer ,money to reinvest plus the royalty payments. for doing nothing.There is also the possibility that there is not as much Gold as they thought at the mine. that could be the reason for selling. so better rid of it rather than throwing money down the drain,That's my thought,

BOWOOD 09 May 2018

Falling apart First the potential of the gold mine has been put up for sale at 5m dollars now a JV has been terminated with a high profile partner. Asset value and huge potential on the decline.

izzy bear 24 Apr 2018

[link] Steady climb over the past few weeks, tells me 10p is in sight, and could be reached by May.All ready to Rock and Roll

izzy bear 06 Apr 2018

Re: We are on the move Just keeping my eye on you ha ha haYes I agree, they have all the equipment they need, so it's just a matter of getting the wheels rolling, And from what they are telling us, there is a lot of copper to mine.

BOWOOD 04 Apr 2018

Re: We are on the move So you are here as well Izzy. I think we can expect CRA to become a major miner in the coming years once it gets the income flow from the copper mines. Surplus funds I expect will be used in part to move forward the Gold interest. The management have a large interest and it appears they know what they are doing.

izzy bear 03 Apr 2018

Re: We are on the move Hi Bowood, I was in two minds whether to jump back into Amedeo today, made quite a bit on N4 Pharma , and any news, which is due any time will boost the shares further,This looks another exciting prospect, with copper at a premium at present, so fingers crossed, but surprised the rise today didn't reflect on PRS's share price.Good luck

BOWOOD 03 Apr 2018

Re: We are on the move A positive and upbeat RNS. Tremendous potential for the copper mine to earn substantial profits in the second half of the current year. Also next year should see the Gold mine brought into production. MC of about £16m seems to unterestimate the potential IMO and once we see some numbers we should be well over the admission price of 10p

izzy bear 03 Apr 2018

We are on the move Exciting news today which should really get this share moving, and the delivery of the new equipment shows they are ready to roll.

BOWOOD 01 Mar 2018

Re: Selling More LN conversion means more selling to come

les paul custom 08 Feb 2018

Re: Selling Yep.. thats what ive been doing.

BOWOOD 08 Feb 2018

Selling Looks as if the Loan Note holders who recently converted could be selling stock. Once they finish we could see a rise back to 10p plus as the asset and earning potential is there with more to come when they open up the Gold Mine. IMO a good buy at sub 10p

BOWOOD 03 Feb 2018

LSE Interesting post on LSE!

BOWOOD 30 Jan 2018

Selling Only small selling but quite a mark down. Will be interesting to see how the sp reacts to any large buying.

BOWOOD 29 Jan 2018

Value For whatever reason Cradle Arc the old Alecto appears to have started off badly as far as the sp is concerned. However I still feel that the asset value together with the copper mine earning potential deserve a better mc than £21m so I will top up tomorrow.