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nest_of_rampers 05 Mar 2019

$51 K payment Challenger Acquisitions Gets Payment From Project Sale; Hires Non-Exec from Alliance News | 5th March 2019 10:24 Challenger Acquisitions Ltd on Tuesday said it has received USD51,875 following the sale of its stake in a wheel in Dallas, Texas, back to the developers. This is the second of six scheduled payments, totalling USD300,000. The stock was trading 82% higher on Tuesday at 0.15 pence a share. In addition the company, which invests in the leisure and entertainment sectors, has appointed former Rudolf Wolff Ltd Director George Lucan as a non-executive director, effective immediately Challenger said Lucan has over thirty years of experience in equity and debt markets. He began his career at Dresdner Kleinwort Benson where he spent ten years, mainly within the structured finance team, and continued in alternative fund management, most recently with Rudolf Wolff Ltd. β€œWe are very excited and keen to welcome George to our board of directors,” said Chief Executive Mark Gustafson. β€œIn addition, the monthly funds we receive from the disposition of the Dallas project continue to improve our balance sheet,” Gustafson added. By Evelina Grecenko; Copyright 2019 Alliance News Limited. All Rights Reserved.

nest_of_rampers 16 Jan 2019

Anyone know what's up? 79% rise ATM

nest_of_rampers 30 Aug 2018

+49% ATM , long may this rise continue! Up 49% ATM long may this rise continue !

quackers1 18 Jan 2018

New Texas Wheel Investment in a new Giant Observation Wheel project in Texas. Bigger than th London Eye Challenger has invested US$300,000 for pre-development costs of the Eye of Texas GOWo Opportunity to invest, at Challenger's option, up to US$1 million in this first trancheChallenger has the opportunity to operate the EOT once the GOW has been constructed !!

uniformtango 25 Sep 2017

Bad times in the past? Hopefully, they are, and all the legal challenges, combined with lack of forethought and gross overspends, are now history. The company, in my view, is behaving sensibly and prudently, and now that staff are in the process of being appointed so as to be in post for next spring, the North harbour development should start to progress logarithmically. The other "wheels" in other countries should demonstrate that better times are on the way.If you look at the fundamentals, use common sense and are prepared to take on board some moderate risk, I truly believe the potential upside to be improving week upon week.Of course, WTFDIK; I've only been doing this for 10 years!Seriously though, despite a turbulent pre natal period, this is starting to look like a screaming buy.Steve

quackers1 20 Sep 2017

Despite the setbacks and turnover in the design team, New York City Councilwoman Debi Rose, who represents the area that includes the wheel, remains confident. She said she’s spoken to the developer and they remain committed to completing the wheel. Current projections estimate it will open in 2018.

thors_hammer 16 Aug 2017

company cln's well i have been digging regarding the CLNs yesterdays cln rns the 5952166 is Magna so we can expect an RNS increasing there holding to 11,462,449. the 23891082 is jarvis and thats the end of there CLN's total cash recieved is £278,408.06 the final 14463349 dates back to 28th april 2017 and is part of a £3,067,200 loan note. £2,217,200 was converted / drawn upon on 20th May 2015 leaving £850,000 and £170,000 yesterday leaving £680,000 this expires 6th May 2018 this could have been drawn on more but i am not going to check every conversion rns since as theres a lot i notice when chal does convert they always use the expiry date as a ref so if someones got time thats teh way to find out .. the 3p cln by mark is fully converted so unless im missing something this is all that is outstanding

nest of rampers 15 Aug 2017

Re: Looking for 2p today!! The Co has been diluted by 33% ? with a placing so I'd say no rise , more likely 25% down IMO.

alltold9 15 Aug 2017

Re: Looking for 2p today!! BIG rise tomorrow!

nest of rampers 15 Aug 2017

Re: Looking for 2p+ today!! As ever seems this PMs news was taken advantage of .Will they be buying back at under 1p ? most likely I'd say .

nest of rampers 14 Aug 2017

Re: Looking for 2p+ today!! Glad I got some on Fri for 1.59 p today

alltold9 14 Aug 2017

Re: Looking for 2p+ today!! Today!

More4us 13 Aug 2017

#Challenger Acquisitions Ltd #CHAL New York Wheel in advanced negotiation with American Bridge Company πŸ”₯ Aug 13 2017 [link] …

prostand 11 Aug 2017

Re: Looking for 2p+ today!! Nice start

alltold9 11 Aug 2017

Looking for 2p+ today!! Fingers crossed!