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11:16 27/03/2015

macd, bbwidth and rsi etc all look good and sp is ready to going upwards to 25p resistance

09:55 26/03/2015

small beer need more larger

12:05 18/03/2015


16:39 04/02/2015

time for a big bounce

10:32 04/02/2015

Any idea where this £100k buy has come from just now?

12:37 08/01/2015


11:42 08/01/2015

90 pt footsie gain driving this - flashin the pan

12:46 05/12/2014

i did warn you - price slipping

11:47 05/12/2014

estimates of 118 are well how can I put this... yoda says month not in the sundays of!!

11:45 05/12/2014

come on guys this is good news but very small beer in the grand scheme of things.