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shovelier 06 Mar 2018

Re: Thank you PM The verbal exhortation is the carrot.What is the stick going to be?


Thank you PM Todays comment's by T.MAY, have lifted house builders, build more she said !!!K.C.M.

Krayl 20 Jan 2018

Re: Bellway plunge I may not have been a holder for so long as you two, but I do recall meeting John T Bell in about 1962, when he allowed us kids to play in his Rolls Royce! So when this share came to my notice about a year ago I was very keen to add it to my income portfolio and I continue to be very pleased with the results. Looks good for a while yet.

Boring Bernie 20 Jan 2018

Re: Bellway plunge I'm still here KCM !The trading update's out in a few weeks, so we'll likely see a rally before that, but I'm not expecting any surprises from it, good or bad.


Re: Bellway plunge Its just taking a breather whilst the market was more focused on the high street retail stocks pre and post Xmas. I think that it will regain its momentum and this year will tick along , good dividend low p/e and we still need more houses !! I have been with Bellway for many years and I always say its the Time in the stock, not timing the stock ,if your a trader good luck, for me a great long term hold, check me back Ive been here nearly as long as Borning Bernie !! Bernie you still here.Maybe we may see £40 later in the year !!!,or maybe not lets see K.C.M.

Krayl 14 Nov 2017

Re: Bellway plunge Seems to me that the price just retraced from the spike, and hopefully will now continue upwards as before. The company is very positive about the outlook and it still looks a buy.

axolotl 14 Nov 2017

mysterious news "Keith Adey, Financial Director, exercised 23,246 shares in the company on the 10th November 2017 at a price of 0.00p"What on earth does this mean? Presumably he had an option to buy the shares for nothing so he bought them!

Boring Bernie 10 Nov 2017

Re: Bellway plunge Dropped on RICS Survey[link]

Koutousov 09 Nov 2017

Bellway plunge Why the sharp fall in the price today? Does anyone have any ideas?


Re: Results, and looking forward Bernie, Numbers look good to me, at todays price , on a P/E OF 9.84,and divi of 3.3% it is very undemanding, and I very much think the prospect of marching ahead to £40 is on the cards. They need to keep the momentum both on increasing the sales and the market should support the stock, and house expected house price growth to £280K , will all help . Well done Bernie, nothing wrong with banking bit of bunce on the way, wont tell you that many years ago, I reduced my holdings at around £15 a share !!!!!, but more than delighted to have held on to a good chunk too . K.C.M.

Boring Bernie 18 Oct 2017

Results, and looking forward So, results were as expected. More importantly, we have some guidance on how the current FY might turn out. Average selling price is expected to rise to 280k,from 260.3k, with volumes expected to rise by >=5%.Assuming similar margins to the FY just reported on, gives an expected rise in profits of ~13%, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the sp above £40 some time in the next six months or so.BB ... mutters something quietly about reducing too early six months a


Barratt - the UK's largest house builder by volume - Bellway (BWY), Crest Nicholson (CRST), Countryside Properties (CSP), Redrow (RDW) and Bovis should also profit, with around 40% of their private sales funded by Help to Buy deposits.

Boring Bernie 11 Oct 2017

Re: HELP TO BUY, is helping boost BWY I'm still holding the remainder of what I had after reducing just below £29 Mike.I think Help to Buy as a policy is deeply flawed, but I'm more than happy to see the sp rise on the back of it !


HELP TO BUY, is helping boost BWY Well last weeks extension of the Help to Buy deposit is certainly helping BWY and other residential prop cos. Bernie you still in ?Knocking on the door of £35 !!! Great long term hold for me, in my 10 year I think. K.C.M.

Boring Bernie 08 Aug 2017

Trading Update So, with revenue up by 13% and margins improving, it looks like eps for the FY will be up by 14 to 15%.Quite remarkable really, and still continuing to do better than I'd expected, with, based on the order book, double digit growth likely to continue into 2017/18.