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freedom-thirty5 31 Jan 2019

Numis target price £19.00 Lastemporer: any BUR people left on Ii? Still here, but this site is still garbage. Charts terrible, discussion separated from research, RNS data limited. II really shot themselves in the foot.

Lastemporer 27 Jan 2019

Numis target price £19.00 New broker note: Liberum Capital BUY 2300 I’m sure we won’t be far off that come March results… any BUR people left on Ii?

Lastemporer 06 Jan 2019

Numis target price £19.00 I recently significantly added to this as I think it’s so undervalued. IMO from the amount of new funding in the past 2 years + the SW funding and expansion in so many new countries we will at least double the business over 3 years. Friday was also big for the Peterson case, this site is dead but there’s a lot of BUR chat of Advfn I feel BUR is relatively low risk but the reward is still so high, can’t wait for March FY results.

peddlar 06 Jan 2019

Numis target price £19.00 yep, fully agree. sit on your hands and wait.not exposed to the suicide pill called brevet and other woes i.e. trump/trade.

peddlar 06 Jan 2019

Numis target price £19.00 that should Brexit

zanshin 19 Dec 2018

New funding I watched closely as the share price plummeted yesterday. I was close to buying as it went sub 1300, but given the dire state of the markets in general, I held off. Kicking myself now as I see a 15+% leap upwards this morning, all prompted by todays announcement of $1.6 billion new litigation investment. From their website: Burford Capital Limited (“Burford” or “the Company”), the leading global finance and investment management firm focused on law, today announces the structuring of new funding arrangements to facilitate its next $1.6 billion in litigation finance investments. The capital for those arrangements will come from three sources: a sovereign wealth fund with which Burford has entered a strategic capital relationship; a new private investment fund; and the Company’s own balance sheet.

Lastemporer 21 Nov 2018

Numis target price £19.00 Yes like many other ex “top” AIM shares this one has fallen off it’s perch. I continue to hold as the business looks to grow so much over the next 3 years. Last week they went through a Capital markets event (Web cast on their site)which I was very impressed with which gives me confidence. I think it’s just got caught up in all the trade wars, trump, brexit etc… which actually doesn’t effect their earnings (only FX as BUR reports in $), if anything it causes problems for people to sue and require funding…good for their biz… There was some talk of Woodford having to sell out of shares due to so much capital bailing out of his funds, but there’s been no holdings RNS. I won’t sell and trying to buy more at these level.s I’ll only check if there’s a RNS otherwise looking forward to 2018 FY earnings in march.

zanshin 20 Nov 2018

Numis target price £19.00 So where has all the enthusiasm for BUR gone? Back in the summer with the share price shooting for the moon there seemed to be nothing to hold it back. Now, with the dark days of winter upon us the gloom has set into the share price, with all the summer gains evaporated. I can’t find a good reason for this, other than the stock was over hyped in June/July, and is settling back to a more sensible market valuation. Holding off buying for now, but if the fall continues much more BUR will be looking cheap, IMHO.

freedom-thirty5 23 Aug 2018

Numis target price £19.00 Price is now 1,981.48p u/missmolly so NUMIS were right. The HY update was very chipper too, so I’m expecting the present trend to continue.

MarkJ 26 Jul 2018

Numis target price £19.00 Numis’s price target has almost been reached (£18.96 this week) following a great set of half year results.

missmolly 06 Jun 2018

Numis target price £19.00 Numis upgrades Burford Capital Numis has upgraded litigation finance provider Burford Capital (BURF) which it expects will continue to deliver the high returns investors have come to expect. Analyst Marcus Barnard upgraded his recommendation from ‘add’ to ‘buy’ with a target price of £19. The shares rose 2.2% to £16.12 yesterday.‘While returns have been volatile, we recognise some patterns,’ he said. ‘Returns have been helped by a few large investments, but the core of the business is a large number of completed investments… as the business matures, we expect the volatility of returns to reduce.’Barnard added that litigation finance was a growing market and ‘Burford’s brand, experience, internal processes, and balance sheet create a considerable advantage to attract and win new business’.‘Success depends on the right investments, understanding and pricing the risk to earn a good return, and collecting the proceeds,’ he said. ‘We believe Burford is ahead of the competition and its size means it can finance cases where there is limited competition.’

missmolly 17 May 2018

Re: BUR....................................T... oldjoe1Hiya,Any chance you could paste on some or all of the write up by Quantum Leap?The free trial is a bit of a rigmarole for QL - I've not heard of it before but I guess you think it's good.Were you short on BUR?mm

oldjoe1 17 May 2018

BUR....................................TIPPED. Gone long on BUR Burford Capital again. Been tipped today by tip sheet Quantum Leap,got a very good write up. Forward P/E of 16.6 to 2019.<img src="[link]

admiralty12 14 May 2018

Re: Where now for the SP? Thanks. I will keep an eye on them. Not sure privates will get a lookin....

Sharpedge7 13 May 2018

Re: Where now for the SP? Agree it's been an amazing share (see graph) but they are in a sweet spot and could go further - I'm betting they will - was first at around 500p - took some profit at 800 and 1300, got stopped out at under 1000 once but got back in after Feb correction. I'm looking at it as a long term hold having taken profit. read the piece in the Times too but will stick with BUR as my exposure to this sector unless wheels start to come off...