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ValueSeeker8 05 Jul 2018

Lates NAV RNS NAV = 57.1 p up 1.2% since May31. NAV _05_07_2018

sage in the hills 12 Dec 2017

Message also applies to Baker Steel miners Electric-Vehicle Boom Is a Boon for Coal King Glencore12/12/2017 5:17pmDow Jones NewsGlencore Plc (USOTC:GLNCY)Intraday Stock ChartToday : Tuesday 12 December 2017Click Here for more Glencore Plc Charts.Scott Patterson LONDON -- Glencore PLC, long known as one of the world's dominant coal traders, in a twist is finding itself the beneficiary of the greening of the global economy.The Swiss mining giant is benefiting from a coming boom in electric-vehicle production, which is driving up the value of copper, cobalt and nickel -- whose demand is expected to surge from production of the vehicles and the lithium-ion batteries that will power their growing fleets."Electric vehicles will be disruptive to the world," Chief Executive Ivan Glasenberg said on an investor call Tuesday, and will boost demand for those three commodities.The shift toward commodities that are likely to benefit from policies meant to curb global warming is a noteworthy shift for a company that once bet its future on coal. Mr. Glasenberg said days after Glencore's 2013 purchase of Xstrata PLC that the deal -- the mining sector's largest ever -- was a "a big play" on coal.But tumbling coal prices in the following years dinged Glencore's earnings, raising concerns that Mr. Glasenberg's bet had gone bust. Coal prices have rallied in the past year along with most other commodities.Now, commodities involved in the production of electric vehicles are becoming a primary earnings driver for Glencore. On Tuesday, the company forecast strong production growth in all three metals over the next few years, primarily due to electric-vehicle demand. It expects copper production to gain 25% by 2020 from 2017, cobalt -- of which it is the world's No. 1 producer -- to more than double and nickel to rise 23%.The company said it has completed an $880 million upgrade of one of its massive copper-mining operations in Congo -- Katanga Mining -- which will help it benefit from rising demand for copper and cobalt.Glencore had suspended production at Katanga in September 2015 so it could refurbish the mine and double annual production of copper to 300,000 metric tons, a goal it expects to reach in 2019. It said Katanga is expected to produce 34,000 tons of cobalt by then, likely making it the most productive cobalt mine in the world.A CRU Group report commissioned by Glencore forecast that by 2020, electric-vehicle related demand -- including grid infrastructure and storage, electricity generation, charging stations and the vehicles themselves -- could require an additional 390,000 tons of copper, 85,000 tons of nickel and 24,000 tons of cobalt.Year-to-date, copper prices have gained 19%, nickel is up 8.5% and cobalt has more than doubled, according to FactSet.Shares of Glencore are up 26% this year and have risen more than fivefold since investors fled the stock in 2015 amid concerns that tumbling commodity prices could strain the miner's debt-laden balance sheet. Since then, Glencore has slashed its net debt to $13.9 billion from nearly $30 billion.Cobalt, a byproduct of copper and nickel mining, is expected to see the biggest increase in demand from electric vehicles. Cobalt demand from electric vehicles could surge to 314,000 tons by 2030, a more than fourfold increase from global supply in 2016, according to the report by CRU, a London-based commodities researcher. Mr. Glasenberg said he doubts there is enough cobalt in the world to meet that demand."Cobalt is basically off the charts," Mr. Glasenberg said. He said metal prices are going to need to increase to provide incentives for miners to start new projects to supply the commodities required for rising electric-vehicle demand "which we believe is sitting around the corner."Analysts say rising demand for cobalt could provide a supply bottleneck for electric vehicles. One concern is over Congo, which supplies about 60% of the world's cobalt -- much of

sage in the hills 03 Oct 2017

Size of EV market needs for these minerals [link]

sage in the hills 25 Sep 2017

An excellent read [link]

sage in the hills 07 Sep 2017

Still good discount to buy into BAKER STEEL RESOURCES TRUST LIMITED(Incorporated in Guernsey with registered number 51576 under the provisions of The Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 as amended) 6 September 201731 August 2017 Unaudited NAV StatementNet Asset ValueBaker Steel Resources Trust Limited (the "Company" announces its unaudited net asset value per share at 31 August 2017:Net asset value per Ordinary Share: 52.7 penceSAGE

sage in the hills 12 Apr 2017

Platinum and Vanadium needs of techs Catalyst needs ..... Red t needs for storing of wind, fuel cell, and solar energy... AFC needs for fuel cell production .......all at critical stages for productionSAGE

Ripley94 31 Jan 2017

Artical on this site. Andrew Pitts 27/01/17.This in opportunities portion along with my BRWM ( link on that one )Also CGT, RCP , RICA .

II Editor 08 Dec 2016

NEW ARTICLE: Made in China: The boom and bust of the commodities 'super-cycle' "Interactive Investor is 21 years old. To celebrate, our top journalists and the great and the good of the City have written a series of articles discussing what the future might hold for investors. Here's Cherry Reynard ..."[link]

sage in the hills 04 Aug 2016

Strong base now to build on from The recovery of this trust is consistent with that of Blackrock World Mining, City Natural Resources, and others in commodities.The USP here is that BSRT has more specialist resource stock holdings where the upside from here on is of greater potential.SAGE

Ru 8746 21 Aug 2015

Re: there is the answer Looks like they're now up to 14%. Surely they've got to be thinking about taking it out?

Ru 8746 14 Aug 2015

Re: there is the answer Yep - but I may not be in the money even if they wind it up and get as close to NAV as they can after costs! Unless I'm brave enough to throw more in at this level...!

sage in the hills 13 Aug 2015

there is the answer or part of it, an instant -12.66% today !!SAGE

sage in the hills 11 Aug 2015

How much lower is possible ? Any ideas ? Could it even be liquidated ?OAM could buy the whole thing dirt cheap at this rate !!!SAGE

Ru 8746 17 Jul 2015

OAM building stake It looks like Overseas Asset Management now hold over 10% of this trust in their European Value fund, which was cUS$230M, with 13.6% cash as at 30th June. To my mind this means they have enough cash to buy enough of a stake to pretty much force something through, if they want, no? They (OAM) seem to have done pretty well over the years, so I guess they must be pretty confident they can get a decent return here...I guess the NAV is a little bit of guesswork on this, though, so they can't be planning to try to force wind-up, as I doubt we'd get the full NAV back after costs?The stake-building announcements are in the News tab here, and OAM's website is here:[link]

spotyplonka1 28 Apr 2015

Re: This was one of worse performing in... .