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bankmuppet 04 Feb 2016

Re: Trading Thanks Smoke.

smoketoomuch 03 Feb 2016

Re: Trading Cash element is due to by paid on 14 Feb according to the corporate notice.

bankmuppet 03 Feb 2016

Re: Trading Thanks Smoke, have you got your cash yet as Halifax saying max of 2 weeks?

smoketoomuch 02 Feb 2016

Re: Trading TDW were up and running mid afternoon so managed to flog a few new GVC at 506p. Good luck all!

bankmuppet 02 Feb 2016

Trading Just had a very long exchange with Halifax Share Dealing as to why my holding in new GVC was not available for me to trade. Told they need to reconcile the shares for every customer whom they hold BWIN shares to ensure they balance! Can't give a timeline, so if price nosedives tomorrow, don't hold your breath on taking any potential losses. Really not good enough.Anybody managed to trade or am I just on a rant?

spareadimebro 29 Jan 2016

Re: BWIN Offer I'm going for max cash, and plan to over time take more money out of equities and put it into p2p lending from which I am getting on average about 10% return. The stock market is so volatile that I am getting weary of it!

bankmuppet 26 Jan 2016

Re: BWIN Offer Thanks nk1999, very helpful.

nk1999 26 Jan 2016

Re: BWIN Offer You have the option of taking 0.231 GVC share or 104.64p cash (in addition to 25p cash in all cases) per BWIN share.So we are effectively getting the extra GVC shares at 453p each. If market price of GVC is more than 453p then taking more GVC shares makes sense. If it is lower then taking cash is better option.With GVC quite close to 453p my preference will be cash that I can invest in GVC (if it falls further) or any other share of my choice.DYOR etc.nk

bankmuppet 26 Jan 2016

BWIN Offer If we still have some holders, any comments on what you have elected to do in terms of above? Accept 25p cash or have some decided to go for more GVC shares? Still haven't made up my own mind yet.

bankmuppet 13 Jan 2016

Re: Offer Cheers LEO for your comments, much appreciated. As you say, value wise very close, but the long term view is harder to assess.

dave297 11 Jan 2016

Re: Offer Very thorough summary Leo, which will help those who did not know.I hold GVC & bought in here at just over 100p when Directors were busy buying .My intention was to end up with more GVX shares on the basis that I hope that when the deal is finally done the SP of GVC will continue rising to reflect the expected synergies & , following todays GVC update, to reflect the ability of GVC management to generate more profits out of Bwin assets than their current mananagement have achieved-all of which depends,of course, on Markets behaving.

LEO1455 10 Jan 2016

Re: Offer I've had a stab at working this out but I cannot be sure my analysis is correct as it's easy to make a mistake. My stockbroker has written to me and given me the following choices:1) Receive 25p and 0.231 GVC shares for each of my BWIN.PARTY shares.2) Receive maximum shares3 Receive maximum cashIf I make no choice option 1 applies.No details of how maximum shares or maximum cash works in practise were provided by my stockbroker in their letter! So a bit of research required.On the BWIN.PARTY website there is a document called the final scheme document, on page 34 (Part II paragraph 4) there is an explanation of the mix and match option.Under the terms of the Offer, Shareholders (other than certain Overseas Shareholders) may elect to vary the proportions of cash consideration and New GVC Shares they receive in respect of their holdings of Shares on the basis of:for every 104.64 pence in cash 0.231 New GVC Shareorfor every 0.231 New GVC Share 104.64 pence in cashSatisfaction of Mix and Match Elections will be subject to the Mix and Match Elections made by other Shareholders. Mix and Match Elections may only be made in respect of whole numbers of Shares. Irrespective of the number of Shareholders who elect for cash consideration or New GVC Shares under the Mix and Match Facility, the total cash consideration to be paid and the total number of New GVC Shares to be issued pursuant to the Offer will not be varied.So if I had 1000 BWIN.PARTY shares I could expect to receive cash = 1000 x0.25 = £250If instead of receiving the cash I have shares I could theoretically have 250/(1.0464/0.231) shares (55). Assuming a current market price of 470p for GVC shares then their value would be 55 x 4.70 = £258.50. Clearly according to this analysis, at the current GVC market price taking the shares is preferable but only by a small amount. RegardsLEO1455

bankmuppet 06 Jan 2016

Offer Can I just get some views comments from others please?Has anyone received an election in terms of what to accept e.g. % of shares to cash?With GVC over 470p now, does that now make it better to take GVC shares rather than cash if you feel long term prospects better? Fully appreciate crystal ball and all that, but feel GVC management better prospects and tempted to take more shares if possible.ThanksBM

elfanddwarf 05 Jan 2016

Re: Holding Finally decided to sell a proportion of the shares I was holding, substantial profit, but still holding on to the majority of my shares.

spareadimebro 23 Dec 2015

Re: Holding Thanks White_Rose. I agree doesn't seem very likely....Anal ists. Are they worth their salary? Answers on a postcard...