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dkok 06 Nov 2019

BPC First Well to be Drilled Q1 2020 Wizard How disingenuous of you! You fail to note that the other half they put to the city was oversubscribed by the city who were happy to pay the 2p a share, and the company raised more money than they were seeking as a result. This is a positive as it introduces more institutional investors into the company, and puts the company in the position of being able to fund the drill along with the CLN investment, one of the two outstanding conditions of which was that BPC raised the other half of the money (now done), and the second being the EA, which is needed for drilling anyway, and which the Bahamas Govt. is hardly likely to refuse, based on thier urgent need for capital.

wizard47 05 Nov 2019

BPC First Well to be Drilled Q1 2020 Less than half the shares taken up by existing holders. Now they have to hike the other half around the City. Confidence draining away,and will this company ever drill a well in the Bahamas?

Uncas 24 Oct 2019

BPC First Well to be Drilled Q1 2020 sp returned to OO price and with Company Management taking up their OO entitlement plus committing to buy 12.5m of any unexercised shares plus the underwriting broker commiting to 50,000,000 shares the OO is looking good to succeed. In which case the well is funded and will be drilled bout April, also farm out post cash raise looking more attractive for a second well

Ripley94 18 Oct 2019

Winifrith BPC… XXXX Winny claims he was aware of placing going on at 1p… He claimed later they could get that away. Seems offer to holders now @ 2p …

wizard47 10 Oct 2019

BPC First Well to be Drilled Q1 2020 So there we have it. The price dives below the offer price and it has fail written all over it. No chance of as farm out as the exclusive deal with a major failed.Why would any other major do a deal? They have come to the last chance saloon. Uncas said 4 days ago they had tried a placing book but pulled it with the prices too low. What makes 2p attractive to investors now? Desperation stakes and investors are running for the exit. What a shambles.

Uncas 06 Oct 2019

BPC First Well to be Drilled Q1 2020 sorry wiz, gotta correct that Finance has been secured comment of mine, itis wrong…as u may know Finance is planned to be secured to drill the well if a farm out of the asset cannot be achieved. A share placing book was built last week but BPC pulled out as the offer prices were too low

Fatal_Charm 02 Oct 2019

BPC First Well to be Drilled Q1 2020 hello, Uncas, only me. Wonder if you are selling or buying. Don’t tell me - I will take a wild guess. Nobody posts here any more as ii completely messed it all up and people sought refuge in your cuddle sessions on facebook. However, you do have the clout to resurrect this board and we can all have a jolly good laugh at your manic enthusiasm. I have been buying on the dips, based on your completely objective enthusiasm of course, but I have been buying on load of dips and will be completely broke soon as this share dives faster than a peregrine falcon.

Uncas 25 Sep 2019

BPC First Well to be Drilled Q1 2020 it was agreed that the Major would not be made public. Finance has been secured

wizard47 12 Sep 2019

BPC First Well to be Drilled Q1 2020 Big presentation banging the drum and looking for a farm in or 2. Why did the Major oil company that had exclusivity for a few months,duck out and walk away? That information has never been disclosed,not even the company name,and could possibly be a problem in securing finance.

Uncas 29 Aug 2019

BPC First Well to be Drilled Q1 2020 So providing all goes to Plan the Well will be drilled and completed b4 nxt hurricane season 2020

jaytee41 02 Mar 2019

Interesting times or just speculation? Yes have done. I think most of what’s on LSE has been copied from it. Good reading though

Uncas 02 Mar 2019

Interesting times or just speculation? Go to BPC Shareholders Group on facebook jaytee, it’s all on there that’s worth knowing Best Uncas

jaytee41 01 Mar 2019

Interesting times or just speculation? Hi. Not sure if anyone else follows this but there has been some major movement this week. All caused by someone in the govt saying something that could possibly indicate that BPC could have a major lurking about. Of course they’ve just recently had their licence renewed for another 2 years. Lots of chat on LSE for more info

Fatal_Charm 12 Nov 2018

Nobody left here hi wiz, nobody here coz this site is so user unfriendly and everyone’s gone to the moon. Massive mistake by ii to change a site that was simple to use and create a monster that people do not want to use any more. So how they got awards recently shows how easy it is to get them. Buy a table at a jolly and get an award. If they see sense and revert to the old site, then I am sure people would return and use the board again. but I am equally sure people have moved their holdings elsewhere and given up on this paltry pile of plop.

wizard47 23 Oct 2018

Nobody left here No posts since August and the SP drifts downward.I wonder who the oil major was who had the exclusive deal. That deal has done for BPC as why would any other be interested other than at a knockdown price?