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Admiral Guns 23 May 2018

Argy seismic lines Acquired 2018[link]

eye_user 15 May 2018

Re: Surprised no posts here as the sp ha... Sold a few yesterday happy to hold the rest... BOR is a dark horse

stayhungry! 15 May 2018

Re: Surprised no posts here as the sp has ga... hi Emerald. . .  me too. . . but the share movement here has more or less mirrored RKH share price recently . . . if stuff starts happening around FI then BOR will be part of the action. . . good luck all

Emerald Carrots 14 May 2018

Surprised no posts here as the sp has gained a lot in the last few days. Have to say the chances of a placing are IMHO high as I believe they are down to their last $8 million or so. Worth bearing in mind if you intend to buy here I think. Probably safer to invest with RKH, or PMO.All IMHO.

Marv77 24 Mar 2018

Any info Hello, does anyone have any info on what’s the plan over the next 6/12 months for this company?

Suresh786 28 Feb 2018

Re: Here be treasure - X marks the spot ... can be bigger than sealion when appraised?

aces and eights 28 Feb 2018

Re: Here be treasure - X marks the spot ! Back to 30p????

DeusExMachina1 28 Feb 2018

Here be treasure - X marks the spot ! Just in case anyone missed the BOR RNS this morning ...Borders & Southern Petroleum plc("Borders & Southern" or "the Company"Darwin Independent EvaluationBorders & Southern (AIM: BOR), the London based independent oil and gas exploration company with assets offshore the Falkland Islands, announces the results of an independent evaluation of the Darwin East discovery and the adjacent Darwin West untested fault block.Highlights· Substantial increase in estimated resource. Un-risked Best Estimate total recoverable liquids (condensate and LPG) for Darwin East and West is 462 MMbbl.· The geological chance of success of finding hydrocarbons in a well located on Darwin West is assessed to be 0.81.Borders & Southern asked Gaffney, Cline & Associates (GCA) to perform an independent evaluation of the Darwin East gas condensate discovery along with the adjacent, technically similar fault block, Darwin West. GCA was given access to the Company's extensive 3D seismic and well data, including technical studies, interpretations and dynamic models of the reservoir. etc etc[link]

eye_user 08 Feb 2018

Re: Buy before the stampede i stupidly bought at 4.73 but a very small amount——-BOR tends to spike to 5p a couple of times per year, look at the chart 5p and down.

Suresh786 07 Feb 2018

Re: Buy before the stampede i stupidly bought at 4.73 but a very small amount

Momentum09 05 Feb 2018

Re: Buy before the stampede I took profits today after a fantastic run that netted me a gain of more than 150%. I continue to believe that BOR represents an exciting long-term opportunity but RKH now offers much better relative value. Therefore, I rotated my gains into RKH, which I believe, all other things being equal (such as the oil price holding steady), has a good chance to be 100p by December this year. I was right about BOR when many doubted me, let's see if my prediction about RKH proves correct. As always DYOR first.

Suresh786 01 Feb 2018

Dipped my toe Let us see

Suresh786 01 Feb 2018

Re: Buy before the stampede you were right though i kept putting more eggs in rkh as a falklands play

Momentum09 01 Feb 2018

Re: Buy before the stampede I called this as a buy in September 17 at sub 2p. All of what I said still valid. Still looks cheap, wonder if farm in news imminent??Sept 17 post:Buy Borders before the stampede begins! The oil price is recovering as supply and demand return gradually to balance. Large oil companies, having cut back drastically on exploration spend, will find themselves scrambling for new projects to secure growth.Against this backdrop, interest is stirring once again in the Falklands. RKH has bounced strongly from recent lows as the odds shorten of Sealion being sanctioned in 2018.However, Borders is still trading near all-time lows and now may be a great time to build a position before the herd moves in. Here's why:1) Borders already has a high-quality find in its portfolio. Darwin contains 360m barrels of condensate and is potentially commercial at $40. Further, Borders has substantial exploration potential and many lookalike prospects including Sullivan, which has an AVO response very similar to Darwin and has the potential to contain 5.6tcf of gas in place with 473m barrels of recoverable condensate, according to management.2) If Sealion is part-funded through UK export finance, it puts Borders in a good position to avail the same source of funding to appraise and develop Darwin, in conjunction with a farm-in partner.3) Development of Sealion opens up the opportunity for a farm-in partner to share some of the infrastructure costs with PMO/RKH. Yes, it's a different basin but there would still be significant synergies allowing costs to be reduced and improving the marketability of the SFB. 4) Sealion sanction and development, particularly one supported by UK government funding, would allay any fears of perceived political risk. Suddenly, many potential farm-in partners, formerly put off by the political risk, would stand up and take notice. 5) Borders is very, very cheap. Trading at near cash-value, Darwin and the vast exploration potential are not priced in. At an option price of almost zero, this is a very high leverage play. A trebling of the market cap would still leave it worth less than £30m.I recall that it was suggested previously by Borders' management (at an AGM, perhaps?) that they had been close to securing a farm-in partner but the deal fell through, not on commercial grounds, but because the potential partner took fright due to the threats emanating from Argentina at the time.Sealion sanction (and the increasing likelihood of it) has the potential to be a game changer for Borders and the SFB, making it a very attractive proposition for a farm-in or even takeover.As always DYOR.

arborman 01 Feb 2018

Re: >100% rise in a month probably still time to jump onboard Suresh, a long way to go from here IMHO