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brightonboyaswell 14 Dec 2017

iii Article [link]

younginvestor95 14 Dec 2017

hit the bottom Good to see some improvements today, and I was pretty certain we were near the end of a drift downward. Looks like people have realised the potential profit with blackfriday/christmas sales around the corner. Wont be long to wait now until those results are out and hopefully good news for boohoo once againBest Wishes,YI

sage in the hills 13 Dec 2017

.... it IS that time of the year , ...but .... ........"come on Cinderella !! "SAGE

sage in the hills 11 Dec 2017

Morgan Stanley says ..... In the same note, Morgan Stanley initiated coverage of at 'equalweight', saying it appears well placed to deliver strong growth near-term but against demanding expectations and with scaling risks mid-term.It said Boohoo has so far shown that it can sell cheaper product whilst generating a higher gross profit margin through clever sourcing."It has also shown that its creative advertising offline and on social media can deliver a high return for the brand. Whilst some of the margin concerns we have for ASOS are shared by Boohoo, its much smaller scale and newer brands ramping up should translate into best-in-class growth rates, in turn helping it leverage its fixed cost base."At 1105 GMT, ASOS shares were down 1.5% to 5,933p and Boohoo was up 3.9% to 173.75p.SAGE

sage in the hills 11 Dec 2017

Great buying opportunity .....bought some more at 170 p......SAGE

sage in the hills 11 Dec 2017

HL broker forecasts..... ......strong buy .....(consensus) .....SAGE

sage in the hills 09 Dec 2017

Re: Snippet ........... .......nice spot RAC !!....i did observe and point out this Kourtney Kardashian advertising linkarising from my London trip in November ......nice to get confirmation of the significance of this.SAGE

RAConnell 09 Dec 2017

Snippet ........... ............... from today's Telegraph market report:"Boohoo jumped 7p to 174.25p with Deutsche arguing that its PrettyLittleThing brand will benefit from its recent collaboration with Kourtney Kardashian."Hope it's not a "bum" report.Cheers, RAC

Toran 08 Dec 2017

Re: director dealings I believe RAC's comment to be reality as opposed the rampant euphoria and conspiracy theories that often appear on the board.

sage in the hills 08 Dec 2017

Re: director dealings RAConnell....hey !! ......RAC .......youve got to have them in the first place !!! sell that many !!!Come on .....these guys are trying to amass such a size of holding !!! ....give 'em a chance !!(NB ....they have bought at approx 50p lower than she sold.....a timely deal it should be said)SAGE

RAConnell 08 Dec 2017

Re: director dealings Small beer compared to Kane's 4.6M sell.Cheers, RAC

sage in the hills 08 Dec 2017

Re: director dealings Yes indeed dimm... .... and, I bought at a better price today than both Neil Catto and Ian McDonald !!....SAGE

dimm 08 Dec 2017

director dealings Hopefully a positive indicator?

PIE-EATER 08 Dec 2017

Re: PIE-EATER why...? DJ Precisely, the point being that even as someone who voted remain it was even more obvious that Europe has a lot to lose and if the £ remains low then LONDON in particular will benefit from increased tourism if my conversations are anything to go by.

sage in the hills 08 Dec 2017

Re: PIE-EATER why...? DJ 1st Phase of Brexit deal now done, £ likely to rise ....Uncertainty phase one removed, so better for markets ....How about those Brugges visitor numbers now then Pie ?......btw Bought some at 172p this morning.SAGE