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Ripley94 15 Nov 2018

Afren enters administration Nigel Sommervile posted this was a buy on 12th November 2018

Ian_Vesta 29 Aug 2018

Isn't it quiet? Not a lot happening?

Simonhare999 22 Aug 2018

Is it me or have the postings dried up Stoater1 - I couldn’t agree more, this used to be my go-to bulletin board, now I don’t visit at all. Hundreds of posts/replies in the two months prior to “upgrade(lol)” and a grand total of three posts in the months since - this is truly a f00k up of epic proportions. I note the guy responsible is now leaving the company, hopefully someone else will sort out the sh!t-show he’s left behind.

Why_nicknames 16 Aug 2018

Is it me or have the postings dried up I have given up with ii as it is now officially cr4p!! I am only visiting it today to firstly see if they have improved it and secondly to try and see why the big fall today!!! The answer is apparently No… to both points!!

AlBrad 01 Aug 2018

Is it me or have the postings dried up Please report directly to ii. Tell them that they should ‘upgrade’ the site back to how it was previously.

Stoater1 01 Aug 2018

Is it me or have the postings dried up The bulletin boards have been decimated since rolling out the new format, despite all the warnings prior to going live. The IT ‘experts’ and management have got this spectacularly wrong and have destroyed what was one a thriving and lively discussion forum. I would describe it as ii’s Ratner moment…so sad

handoverfist 30 Jul 2018

Is it me or have the postings dried up This was quite a lively discussion board but since the new portfolio was started the discussions seem to have dried up. Is there somewhere I am not looking? Is the party somewhere else?

CTC123 27 Jul 2018

Drill progress On marine traffic it looks like COC have hired themselves a pleasure craft in order to hang out at the drill site for early updates. seacor cheetah is always busy back and forth, rig and mainland.

warbaby43 08 Jun 2018

New Age's FLNG progress With a hat tip to 1msn over at ADVFN, it would seem that New Age have quietly been making progress on the FLNG project:[link] have a subscription?Meanwhile, for background to the FLNG project, a further hat tip to Oilretire who posted this on ADVFN back in December:[link]

CTC123 07 Jun 2018

Re: geopolitics Oh I get it now, he's giving me financial advice and psychological counselling.

Nervousrex 07 Jun 2018

Re: geopolitics CTC123I suggest you read Inda's post again , I think you are missing the main point he was making .

CTC123 07 Jun 2018

Re: geopolitics IntheknowYou raise a number of valid points.However, I said we are not as vulnerable as vog who operate onshore, although our offices and supply points are onshore. Meaning vulnerable to civil unrest. The country is strife torn at present, socially, politically, and fiscally. The Govt. cannot pay for energy and have run out of money. They have historical divisions which are now coming to a head. When I first invested in 2013 the country was a much more stable place. I still think blvn are in a good position and am hopeful the appraisal programme will succeed. I’m not about to sell out now, and now believe the new management are sincere in their intention to work for all investors. Note the DRC have just put up taxes on mining companies despite vigorous objections. In some cases they have nationalised industries. A change of political leadership after the elections could change everything. I'm only trying to point out what I think are relevant issues that could negatively impact on an otherwise potentially profitable investment.

indaknow 07 Jun 2018

Re: geopolitics CTCNot really sure why you think appraisal drilling now will be impacted by social unrest on shore. Elections aren't going to change that Cameroon needs to monetise its resources to fund its country. However, if you're worried, maybe you should consider selling now and avoid the stresses of owning shares in a company that operates in Africa (and has since inception)? You'll get more now than you would have received 2 or 3 years ago. Selling would also mitigate your concerns about Newage and Lukoil not announcing anything. You'll probably also be able to sell prior to the drill results - bound to be a pump and dump at some point before the results are known.

CTC123 07 Jun 2018

geopolitics another concern that I have here is the local situation is not too good. A lot of social unrest at the moment and elections coming up. villages getting burned and police being shot. It must be good that we are off shore and not as with vog onshore. I am hopeful of a very positive outcome after five years waiting.

Bison722 30 May 2018

Re: drill progress/outcome yup........its just par for the course.......usual spiteful and infantile comments from jac only when the SP is down and throw a few lies in there just for the h3ll of it......SP had been over his 35p sell and COC initial buys and their involvement SP for some considerable time of late, but now oil is down, markets are down so goes BLVN, no surprises there IMO.......look at the share prices of ENQ and PMO and RKH etc etc no real shareholder cares about daily or even weekly fluctuations - drill results are the only game in town now...........its guna be just over 100 days (I think?) til we know them, reckon SP should be 45p+ before the results, they come in good its the 50-60p range before a sale............based on POO and reserve numbers could be over 70p.........maybe even 80p.........its not impossible........?