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Ripley94 17 Jan 2019

Afren enters administration BLVN… XXXX Must of gone ex sp div today ( confusion spread on lse that its tomorrow ?? ) Down 43 % 18p …but not to ex -div equivalent i read of 15p . Someone posted value @ 11/12

mark_t 09 Jan 2019

RNS re Dividend The way I see it - most of us don’t know how much value to place on Etinde so the current share price is largely driven by the value of the cash the company has on it’s books and in guaranteed payouts. Declaring that 15p of that cash will go back to shareholders doesn’t help resolve the value of Etinde so essentially I think that most of the 15p will disappear from the share price after ExDiv. It was trading around 27p before the announcement so I suspect it will drift down to around 12p after ExDiv. Anything more than that is a bonus but is based on sentiment rather than news. Until the development of Etinde becomes more concrete and the value it will bring becomes clearer I don’t see much catalyst for a price increase.

The_Marin 08 Jan 2019

RNS re Dividend Looks like they are selling up and cashing-in. Hopefully they will get a good price for Etinde and distribute through a dividend, along with any other cash. Just a bit suspicious why the share price has not gone up similar to the proposed dividend and how it will react closer to EX divi.

mark_tapley 08 Jan 2019

RNS re Dividend There has been so little news and discussion on BLVN recently that I figured everyone had given up (probably as a result of the poor upgrade on ii). Having been a long-term investor in BLVN since back in 2008 I have lived through the agonies of the share price ups and downs and through the transformation from genuine exploration company to it’s current incarnation as a holding company waiting for it’s one asset to either get developed, sold or bought out. I admit to taking selling out of some of my holding today as I am not convinced todays announcement will result in a long term increase in share price. Like most people I suspect I have held on to my shares in the hope that the value of Etinde will prove to be substantially more than the current share price. However, the drilling programme over the summer was not particularly positive and todays announcement implies that the development is still a long way off. I don’t see the catalyst for a share price hike - even if it is nice that some of the cash is going back to shareholders after all this time. What are the other views out there?

onemanandhisdog 07 Jan 2019

RNS re Dividend RNS Number : 3431M Bowleven plc 07 January 2019 7th January 2019 Bowleven PLC (“Bowleven” or the “Company”) Proposed Special Dividend Bowleven, the Africa focussed oil and gas company traded on AIM, is pleased to announce that its board of directors has approved a special dividend of approximately £50 million, or 15 pence per ordinary share. As at 30 November 2018, the Company held in cash and financial instruments equivalent to $80m and expects to receive a further $25 million at Final Investment Decision on Etinde. This decision follows the completion of the two well drilling campaign in October 2018, and therefore the Directors of Bowleven have resolved to distribute a significant portion of its surplus cash resources to shareholders. The level of the Special Dividend takes into account: The Group’s Etinde expenditure programme for 2019 The Boards commitment to return surplus funds to shareholders The Company’s strong balance sheet allowing for the return of cash to shareholders The Board’s expectation of reaching FID on Etinde in the short to medium term, triggering a payment of $25 million from JV partners The upcoming Etinde work programme and budget has now been agreed amongst the upstream joint venture partners for 2019. The detailed effort will contribute towards the interpretation of the data and the development options for the block with a view to its commercialisation. The Company intends to pay the dividend on 8th February 2019 to those shareholders on the register on 18th January 2019. Eli Chahin, Bowleven CEO, commented: “The Company is pleased to be able to propose this special dividend, creating a significant liquidity event for our shareholders. With the 2019 budget agreed, the Board is comfortable that the Company’s resulting cash position will allow it to reach FID, with our JV partners, creating a further significant value accretive event for shareholders and immediately allowing for the payment of $25 million under the terms of the Etinde farm-out agreement.”

Ripley94 15 Nov 2018

Afren enters administration Nigel Sommervile posted this was a buy on 12th November 2018

Ian_Vesta 29 Aug 2018

Isn't it quiet? Not a lot happening?

Simonhare999 22 Aug 2018

Is it me or have the postings dried up Stoater1 - I couldn’t agree more, this used to be my go-to bulletin board, now I don’t visit at all. Hundreds of posts/replies in the two months prior to “upgrade(lol)” and a grand total of three posts in the months since - this is truly a f00k up of epic proportions. I note the guy responsible is now leaving the company, hopefully someone else will sort out the sh!t-show he’s left behind.

Why_nicknames 16 Aug 2018

Is it me or have the postings dried up I have given up with ii as it is now officially cr4p!! I am only visiting it today to firstly see if they have improved it and secondly to try and see why the big fall today!!! The answer is apparently No… to both points!!

AlBrad 01 Aug 2018

Is it me or have the postings dried up Please report directly to ii. Tell them that they should ‘upgrade’ the site back to how it was previously.

Stoater1 01 Aug 2018

Is it me or have the postings dried up The bulletin boards have been decimated since rolling out the new format, despite all the warnings prior to going live. The IT ‘experts’ and management have got this spectacularly wrong and have destroyed what was one a thriving and lively discussion forum. I would describe it as ii’s Ratner moment…so sad

handoverfist 30 Jul 2018

Is it me or have the postings dried up This was quite a lively discussion board but since the new portfolio was started the discussions seem to have dried up. Is there somewhere I am not looking? Is the party somewhere else?

CTC123 27 Jul 2018

Drill progress On marine traffic it looks like COC have hired themselves a pleasure craft in order to hang out at the drill site for early updates. seacor cheetah is always busy back and forth, rig and mainland.

warbaby43 08 Jun 2018

New Age's FLNG progress With a hat tip to 1msn over at ADVFN, it would seem that New Age have quietly been making progress on the FLNG project:[link] have a subscription?Meanwhile, for background to the FLNG project, a further hat tip to Oilretire who posted this on ADVFN back in December:[link]

CTC123 07 Jun 2018

Re: geopolitics Oh I get it now, he's giving me financial advice and psychological counselling.