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Bison722 13 Feb 2018

Re: This dog still whimpers Jac the last line of that post had me lol’in so much ......The irony of you saying that is simply staggering Again the question I asked you is dodged and just twisted slightly into another question so you can avoid looking even more of a f00lFirst point is KH was incompetent that’s the biggest difference!!!!But the main point was that you and winnet and eagle have dribbled on for ages about COC selling out low and all shareholders being stitched up (when COC have near 30% of outstanding stock it shows how st00pid that comment really is) and also stated that the CEO is a COC man so this is bad for the please explain the logic behind a COC man accepting a 45p as a trigger for his options if the price you sold at was the epitome of being “clued up”P.s. did you see what happened to oil today and all other oil stocks......if you had half, no even a quarter of a functioning brain it would be obvious why BLVN is down but your bitterness from losses here won’t let you see that, so it’s the usual de-ramping drivel againAnd again, that last line of your post.......comedy gold

jacarandauk 13 Feb 2018

Re: This dog still whimpers Another stunning SP day for Dogleven..To answer your questions ....Kevin Hart had similarly high performance targets, I don't recall you holding that up as a guaranteed indicator of future SP success??Some people shouldn't be allowed money to invest!

Bison722 13 Feb 2018

Re: This dog still whimpers jac, yet more cerebrally challenged nonsense you got out of this "dog" at a massive loss, and thats you being "clued up" is it? it hasnt tanked in anyway shape or form since you sold so the self congratulatory pat on the back is unwarranted fact is you were buying and holding it through to the fall from triple digits to 18p, since then and with COC in charge 90% of the time the SP has been between 28-33p......and with nothing happening on etinde for a while the SP in a holding pattern is obvious and attaching the label "dog" is complete driveli asked you before and i will ask you again, the CEO's 10mil options trigger at minimum of 45p.............why are they that high if the SP is never going to get above your genius sell price?

jacarandauk 10 Feb 2018

Re: This dog still whimpers Perhaps but I had enough of a clue to get out of this dog... where as you still blindly hang in there hoping all will be well and promising your wife/husband/sexrobot that they'll get the holiday of a year!

jacarandauk 09 Feb 2018

This dog still whimpers I've made yet more money elsewhere since selling out of this dog at 36p.... Those of you hanging on for god knows what (??) really need to have a good hard think......

warbaby43 03 Feb 2018

Re: Info - DrillingRig Contract NewAge Came... Some more detail on Topaz Driller:[link] A relatively modern, benign waters vessel, built in Singapore and a guess would be that it is routing from far East via its home yard for maintenance and probably to take on supplies and equipment to minimize any necessary contact with the bureaucracy and corruption of Douala. A long voyage though to Cameroon - 9,400 miles (8,200 nautical miles.)[link]

Freddie The Fence 02 Feb 2018

Re: Bowlevan/VOG Cameroon deal GrampsavAnd if you access it today the date there will state 02 Feb 2018.The date of the article is given below the picture of K Hart and above the Linkedin/Twitter buttons.The clue regarding the date of the article is that it still has a picture of Hart.The article relates to the deal Bowleven struck with VOG (detailed in the 06 Mar 2017 RNS) shortly before he was ousted.[link]

GRAMPSAV 01 Feb 2018

Re: Bowlevan/VOG Cameroon deal The paper heading is dated 1st February 2018.I have never seen this article before rubber stamping this agreement have you FTF?Was this progressed this far in March 2017?

Freddie The Fence 01 Feb 2018

Re: Bowlevan/VOG Cameroon deal GrampsavLink is to an article dated 09 March 2017

GRAMPSAV 01 Feb 2018

Bowlevan/VOG Cameroon deal In Cameroon Twitter Feed today. [link]

PetGeo 31 Jan 2018

Info - DrillingRig Contract NewAge Cameroon [link]

Nervousrex 25 Jan 2018

Re: Woof! Woof! I remember a time when he/she was posting doom and gloom on this board and we all thought it was b--ls--t . How wrong we were !

Nervousrex 25 Jan 2018

Re: CFD's Inda You might be right , time will tell . Put the money into PANR , I'll be back here if my timing works out .

Bison722 24 Jan 2018

Re: Woof! Woof! Elena do you even know what your graph shows?Do you remember back in early 2014 when you were buying GKP with, and I quote, “no fear” that was at £1 in old money, that’s a break even on those shares now of £100.00 per share..........what do the say about a f00l and their money?Speaking of f00ls, you might want to take heed of Mark Twain’s infamous quote “it’s better to remain silent and be thought a f00l than open your mouth and remove all doubt”..........

Bison722 24 Jan 2018

Re: CFD's Nowt wrong with wanting to trade this at all......take 10% here and there fair playThose who aren’t playing a short term game should by now know the most likely scenario is a full company sale in the not too distant future Crown aren’t in this for the long haul, they are a hedge fund after all, fact is CEO is a COC man and he has 10mil options that he can only benefit from if SP gets above 45p at some point ...that’s your bare minimum sale price, that’s just over 45% return from anyone buying around todays level The SP probably won’t get as high with COC as it would have with a competent team with experience in the oil industry taking Etinde to its full potential, but fact is the former BOD were incompetent and the CEO just a bean counter who has failed in corporate governance, fiduciary responsibility and failed miserably operationally and in creating shareholder between the choice of a sale of about 55-60p (if POO continues higher this will only increase sale price) in 2018 or year after year of a greedy CEO misleading the market and going through shareholder cash like it’s Monopoly money......the more sane of us voted for the formerLet’s hope the KH drop (200p to 18p) allowed a lot to average down enough that 55p sees minimal losses or a half decent profit and that winnets consistent misleading and lying doesn’t stop anyone benefiting here