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Dragons teeth 21 May 2018

Re: Share Split Yeah this was announced a few weeks ago together with rationale, had to be confirmed at AGM. The premium does seem large but as they’ve delivered hugely over the years I’ll hold for a while yet.

marktime1231 17 May 2018

Re: Share Split Well done strapuk, bet it will still catch a few of us out.The spread on BGS has been off-putting at times, if it works like EAT the gap should narrow but I haven't noticed much difference in trading volumes.Time for a word with BGS management about taking steam out of the premium on NAV, they need to issue new shares on a more significant basis, and if the charges get trimmed a whisker that would be welcome. It was the premium running up over 8% which had me hovering over my investment decision for so long, as much as the spread.

strapuk 17 May 2018

Share Split Just been informed by HL that BGS are splitting their shares in a 5 for 1 move to presumably make the shares "more marketable", along the lines of EAT recently. This is being effected at close of business tomorrow. I'm sure there will be a few us opening our II portfolios on Monday and gasping at the SP!!Apologies if this has been already posted.

marktime1231 18 Apr 2018

At last took the opportunity today of a first stake in BGS at 940p. A bit more than my target price but I'm hoping it proves to be fair value, good to be on board after so long faffing about. Apparently the IMF says we are set for record global growth and if BGS does not capture some of that I will be surprised.

II Editor 09 Mar 2018

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II Editor 07 Feb 2018

NEW ARTICLE: Buy, hold, sell: See who's selling Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon, and why "FUND:UJ91:Unicorn Mastertrust is one of the few funds that buys investment trusts. It is "all about capital growth," says fund manager Peter Walls; "we're not trying to generate income particularly". Instead, the fund focuses on value investing, ..."[link]

strapuk 23 Jan 2018

Re: Re: Felt the same 9 months ago but decided to drip in a couple of k a month - already up 28%. Not a recommendation, just saying what I did!Been waiting for SMT and Fundsmith to dip to do the same - but so far have missed those particular rides!22% in cash though as I cannot see this bull galloping much further.

marktime1231 23 Jan 2018

Re: Re: Wowee ... despite regular big new issues the sp has surged to a near 12% premium today, it might take three months for NAV to catch up. Hovering over this for some time but too frightened to jump on a ride going so fast. And missing out.

PIE-EATER 23 Jan 2018

Re: Re: It must have been a different article as don't normally follow citywide, but do think the new manager has real potential.However after todays performance I suspect I am coming back to the question I often ask myself with BGS...why do I look elsewhere?Thanks for thoughtsPE

strapuk 19 Jan 2018

Re: Yes, I saw the piece in CityWire (Cowie? not sure). I can see logic, but BGS is a more consistent performer, and I suppose it rests really on whether you agree that the new(ish) woman at the helm of AJG can replicate her past performance in open ended funds (IIRC?).Personally sticking with the devil I know for the time being.

PIE-EATER 19 Jan 2018

AJG is being tipped.....anyon got any thoughts v this (which have held for a long time)Only thing I can see is closing of discount on AJG v consistent premium (and performance, given it is smaller companies) with this?Thanks in advancePE

II Editor 02 Jan 2018

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II Editor 08 Sep 2017

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II Editor 07 Jul 2017

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sage in the hills 07 Sep 2016

Re: Why the big drop But also, if Nintendo was in there, there may have been big profit taking after a spike due to pokemon........... hence the fall back .......SAGE