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II Editor 19 Jan 2018

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II Editor 10 Nov 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Japan: Land of the rising returns "Figures from the Investment Association (IA) show that investors turned positive towards Japan in October. The sector was among the largest in terms of net retail sales and the second-best performer last month.It continues an impressive ..."[link]

72_fastback 06 Oct 2017

Re: manager retires It's a bit of a setback, isn't it?Sarah has done an outstanding job and whilst she has earned a good retirement it still leaves us with a problem!The new manager, Matthew Brett, runs the open ended Japan fund for BG and has materially underperformed BGFD (although I don't know if the investment mandates differ). The assistant manager, Praveen Kumar, runs BG Shin Nippon which has performed very well but carries the extra risk of 'smaller companies'.I will hold for the moment and see how the new manager gets on next year - presumably Sarah had a team that will remain and hopefully the new chap won't change a winning formula.I will also look into Shin Nippon in more detail.

jsan22 02 Oct 2017

manager retires hi all, heard that Sarah Whiteley , manager of this fund, is retiring over the next few months. Any opinions on hold or fold?As it was her investment record that got me into the fund, I guess logically I should now pull the trigger.Trouble is, nothing much touches this for track record, except for Legg Mason which I already invest in.This is also sitting on a big old premium (over 6%) so hard to see who is buying in at this point.Anyway, opinions welcome.

II Editor 11 Aug 2017

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II Editor 28 Jun 2017

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holland44 10 Apr 2017

BGFD overvalued? BGFD is currently on a 5.7% premium, and Trustnet is showing that over the last 6 months, the SP has gone up by 11.1% but the NAV by only 1.1%.A contributor to a Trustnet article today suggests that investors might do better to buy the open-ended version of BGFD (Baillie Gifford Japanese) now, and wait for the premium on the closed-end fund to drop back to par or a discount.I'm a long-term holder of BGFD; the charts at show that the premium is reaching levels it has only achieved a few times over the last 10 years. So now would indeed seem a good time to swap from the closed-end to the open-ended fund: 5.7% more bang for your buck, less dealing charges, and if there is a showdown in Japan, the investment trust SP is likely to drop back faster than the open-ended version because it is inflated.Of course the investment trust could outperform the unit trust/OEIC over the coming months, but I can't see a clear pattern here: the open-ended version is ahead over one year, behind over three years. It also offers a small yield.Any thoughts from anyone else out there?

II Editor 03 Jun 2016

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II Editor 12 Jan 2016

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holland44 20 Mar 2015

Re: bit of a bubble forming? Are you saying it's central bank buying of shares? The accounts I've read said that due to central bank QE, Japanese individuals and pension institutions are starting to abandon bonds and looking for income from shares based on real assets, hence the surge in buying.

ChrisJSlip 20 Mar 2015

bit of a bubble forming? surge in japanese share prices. due to central bank buying.artificial long can it go on for?time to take some profits i think.CJS

Dragons teeth 05 Mar 2015

More Shares issued, RNS Price doing well of late and a 3% move today on the back of latest RNS :RNS Number: 6989G Baillie Gifford Japan Trust PLC 05 March 2015 The Baillie Gifford Japan Trust PLC Owing to demand in the market, the Company announces the allotment of 200,000 new Ordinary Shares of 5p each fully paid on 5 March 2015. Following the allotment there are 69,781,750 Ordinary Shares in issue. These shares were issued for cash on 5 March 2...

Dragons teeth 18 Nov 2014

Brewin Dolphin ... bought close to 1 million shares, now hold 6 % , nice.