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pove1 29 Jun 2018

Big order from OZ navy Difficult to understand how much it will directly contribute to BAE. I presume the tech transfer of the frigate design and hopefully plenty of sub-systems and electronic systems work? Does anyone have any idea on this?

Fat_Paul 28 Jun 2018

Big order from OZ navy Big order for frigates (built in oz though)

Lupo di mare 05 May 2018

Seventh fleet From the beeb."The US Navy has said it will re-establish its Second Fleet, as Russia becomes more assertive. Chief of Naval Operations Adm John Richardson said the fleet, disbanded in 2011, would oversee forces on the US East Coast and North Atlantic. He said the National Defense Strategy, published earlier this year, made it clear that the era of great power competition had returned. The strategy makes countering Russia and China a priority.The fleet, which was disbanded for cost-saving and structural reasons, will be based in its previous home - Norfolk, Virginia."Our National Defense Strategy makes clear that we're back in an era of great power competition as the security environment continues to grow more challenging and complex," Adm Richardson said. "That's why today, we're standing up Second Fleet to address these changes, particularly in the north Atlantic."Norfolk has also been proposed as a host for the new Nato Joint Force Command for the Atlantic.Nato officials say Russia has increased naval patrols in the Baltic Sea, the North Atlantic and the Arctic, and its submarine activity is at its highest level since the Cold War."Won't do BAE's ops in Norfolk any harm. Btw, was anchored off Norfolk once, awaiting our turn to load coal for Japan. Who cares.

Footsie Explorer 19 Apr 2018

III Fundamentals Very frustrating that III seem to have all but given up keeping their fundamentals pages up to date. It was always handy all in one place rather than having to go to individual company pages but I assume today's drop is BAE going ex-div.....?!

Lupo di mare 14 Mar 2018

BA misses out on $3.9bn Oz contract LONDON (Alliance News) - German arms company Rheinmetall Landsysteme has beaten BAE Systems PLC to a USD3.9 billion contract to supply vehicles to the Australian armed forces, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday.BAE would have supplied more than 200 combat reconnaissance vehicles to Australia as part of a AUD200 billion upgrade to the country's military hardware.[link] AUD5 billion contract will be delivered by Rheinmetall Defence Australia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rheinmetall AG, which is based in Dusseldorf, dpa reported.The deal is the largest single purchase ever made for the Australian Army, the country's prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, said.He added: "This is about lethality and survivability. This is about capability and protection and the Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle bridges that all together."The Boxer CRV armoured vehicle was described as a "Swiss army knife" by Rheinmetall's Head of Vehicle Systems."Can't win them all, but that's a blow. Is the Boxer a better product, or more suitable, or was it price? Doubt we'll ever know, really.

Lupo di mare 10 Mar 2018

Re: GKN "Did catch a word the other day that some job cuts were happening - fact, btw."Should have added that they were unconnected with the Typhoon and Hawk headcount reductions announced earlier. BA. had, of course, announced a streamlining of the biz before the MRO/GKN affair, but it can only have helped.

Lupo di mare 09 Mar 2018

GKN Wonder if the MRO bid for GKN, and GKN's subsequent ki ck up the pa nts, has awoken BA. to the merits of streamlining their ops for the benefit of us poor shareholders.Did catch a word the other day that some job cuts were happening - fact, btw.

Lupo di mare 09 Mar 2018

Re: order for 48 fighter jets to be confirme... More..."Saudi Arabia has moved closer to a deal to buy 48 Typhoon fighter jets, UK aerospace giant BAE Systems has said.A memorandum of intent on the deal was signed after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson.BAE said the signing was "a positive step towards agreeing a contract for our valued partner".Downing Street said a target of £65bn worth of trade and investment had been agreed during the Prince's UK visit.

peddlar 09 Mar 2018

order for 48 fighter jets to be confirmed today,Time to buy time to buy.will be confirmed tonight....

II Editor 11 Dec 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Brexit and the bitcoin boom "Sterling's performance since Theresa May pulled off a surprise deal with EU negotiators has been lacklustre at best. That it sank below $1.34 tells you what the market thinks.At best, this is just the end of the beginning for Britain's extraction ..."[link]

Lupo di mare 10 Dec 2017

Re: Breaking News - Quatar Signs Yes, nice. I guess that that's the one announced in September.

Andy46 10 Dec 2017

Breaking News - Quatar Signs £5billion Deal. [link]

RapidlyRunningOutOfNicknames 01 Dec 2017

Re: Dividend I got mine yesterday. I'm with Hargreaves Lansdown. They're not cheap. but I never have any issues with payments...

Heorot 01 Dec 2017

Re: Dividend I'm with The Share Centre. I got my divi yesterday. Always very prompt and paying on the due date.

OwDo 01 Dec 2017

Re: Dividend No I have not got mine, it is usually about 4 days late with 3i's.