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Ripley94 05 Oct 2018

Interesting ASOS… October 29th 2014 price around 2656 . January this year 7434 approx +180% Today it has dropped to 5596 Hope you did not short it Crazy . Id say the answer to your question was Yes.

J_Westlock 18 Sep 2018

5% down today Anyone know reason for 5% SP fall this morning?

Ripley94 16 Aug 2018

Interesting ASOS… XXXXX Just had a lovely chat to an old friend 85 years young . He was telling me how he bought this in 2008 after reading the times one Saturday morning . And has just tucked it away and held . Simple no regard for charts , brokers ect . Comforting for me he also would never have a stop loss “hes done very well over the years” Think ill give up picking and follow lol.

sage in the hills 22 May 2018

M and S Marks and Spencer announced in Nov 17 it is to close 60 stores it increased that figure to 100 stores ...SAGE

sage in the hills 30 Apr 2018

....from ADVFN news feed .... Given Amazon's challenges in Europe's apparel market, some think it could try to repeat its success of buying scale and a site with a fashion focus through a deal in Europe. Amazon declined to comment on potential deals.Euromonitor's Ms. Le Rolland said she thought a purchase was a possibility. Amazon is cash-rich, and an acquisition would be "quite a big shortcut as opposed to building something out," she said.Write to Jeannette Neumann at and Laura Stevens at (END) Dow Jones NewswiresApril 30, 2018 05:44 ET (09:44 GMT)Copyright (c) 2018 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.SAGE

sage in the hills 11 Apr 2018

Results ..... RNS Just like Boohoo in September, results out, which on the face of it sound reasonable at first....... then big share price drop....What are the issues in this set of data and comments ? SAGE

sage in the hills 29 Mar 2018

Portfoilo managers view on P/E ..... This is a portfolio managers view on Tencent......" The company's sheer size has prompted caution among some investors. Eric Moffett, a portfolio manager for T. Rowe Price in Hong Kong, said his fund has owned shares since he started managing it in 2014.But the fund has underweighted Tencent for the past six months due to valuation concerns, he said. He said shares, trading at 40 times projected earnings, look "priced for perfection" -- which can prompt sharp pullbacks, like that seen last week. "...if you take this forward to ASOS P/E ........ what then ? ......SAGE

emisbod 16 Mar 2018

CFO leaves Does anyone think this will impact the share price in the medium term?

II Editor 15 Mar 2018

NEW ARTICLE: Trends and Targets for 16/03/2018 " FTSE FOR FRIDAY (FTSE:UKX) A bunch of folk requested we add the Nasdaq to our daily index analysis. This seemingly simple request was to prove a bit awkward in filling, due to disparity amongst various feeds. Finally though, we're happy at ..."[link]

II Editor 30 Dec 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Stockwatch: Five ideas for 2018 " Chief lessons from my review a year ago are, the best performers in the Stockwatch universe have continued to do so in 2017, but either peaked in the second half or consolidated, in need of fresh stimulus.Momentum has given way to caution, which ..."[link]

II Editor 20 Dec 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Trends and Targets for 21/12/2017 " FTSE FOR FRIDAY (ish) (FTSE:UKX) Past experience has taught, doing a "FTSE for..." when the day is Xmas eve will be an exercise in futility. Normally, the holiday morning spends the session doing nothing until the final few minutes, then the ..."[link]

II Editor 14 Dec 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Four funds your family will love this Christmas "With Christmas less than two weeks away, we've had a bit of fun and picked a single high-quality fund for every member of the family to own in 2018 and beyond.They're all exciting funds run by highly experienced managers, but which have yet to ..."[link]

II Editor 06 Dec 2017

NEW ARTICLE: How to invest in companies with staying power "The credit crunch wasn't the only development in late 2007 that was to change the shape of an industry forever.It was in October 10 years ago that the initial concept for Airbnb was created, soon to have a profound effect on the hospitality and ..."[link]

II Editor 04 Aug 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Three 'ugly duckling' shares I am buying "Contrarian investors refuse to the follow the crowd, and instead focus their sights on unfashionable companies that they believe are for whatever reason being unjustly mispriced by the market.The idea behind so-called value investing is that a ..."[link]

II Editor 18 Jul 2017

NEW ARTICLE: The Oil Man: Falcon Oil & Gas, Ascent Resources "WTI $46.02 -52c, Brent $48.42 -49c, Diff -$2.40 +3c, NG $3.02 +4cA bit of slippage from oil yesterday, but it has rallied again this morning on the weak dollar and various pieces of news. Clearly, the Chinese refinery demand number is the main ..."[link]