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SaraRacano 20 Dec 2018

Armagoodun! Yes, I agree. Buying gold is in reality a short against the US$. But you have to ask yourself how solvent are many of these banks? I think LR you will not regret buying physical gold. Why % rates are rising? I believe the U.S. is playing terrorist (the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims) against emerging markets). It´s all U.S. nationalitic right wing think tanks, ideology. It´s collapsing the oil price, even Trump, acknowledges this, “that it´s down to him”. This is nothing new. How long before another Russian/emerging bond crisis (98)? Dangerous games are being played. Stock with gold. Get cash out of the machines, why pay for holding your own money. Be prepeared for the worse, then all other outcomes will be much less servere,. Good luck!

Gamesinvestor1 20 Dec 2018

Armagoodun! Got some of that but it’s performance is going to be muted “if” interest rates keep rising. Games

SaraRacano 20 Dec 2018

Armagoodun! It just goes to show how you take these accounts at face value!!! They some times can be 6 months out of date. The shares were just grossly over-valued, too much growth written into them a classic case of the irrational market, not surprising when you get p/e´s of 50+. Look at my Weir, I knew these things would crash. These markets are a shorters paradise. But more importantly the Ponzi, looks over. The Fed refuses to pump gross amounts of liquidity each month. It´s only the central banks around the world keeping markets afloat. BUY PHYSICAL GOLD

Gamesinvestor1 20 Dec 2018

Armagoodun! It’s hard to imagine the trashing of a company like this overnight. The once darling of the AIM market is like mud under the feet in a matter of days. From 7722 to 2259 inside12 months - almost a 71% fall from grace. I wonder if the Amazon model is equally as vulnerable, if you stripped out the profitable cloud business? Games - Not an Amazon investor

Gamesinvestor1 19 Dec 2018

Directors buy Won’t be following anytime soon, if at all - it seems there is something more radically wrong here than is now being reported – another 12.2% drop today seems to be quite severe after the 37% drop the day before. The US has just taken another hammering today - the bear market is in full swing it seems. Games

SaraRacano 19 Dec 2018

Directors buy Good luck if you follow their advice, Games!!! I have always found director buys a false flag. If you want I will play you 50p a point with this one if you´re that confident!!! Basically they are trying to raise confidence for their own purposes but to all intense & purposes they are providing liquidity for others to exit.

Gamesinvestor1 18 Dec 2018

Directors buy LONDON (Alliance News) - ASOS PLC said Tuesday its chair and chief executive officer acquired shares in the online clothing retailer worth a combined GBP200,000 after its share price collapsed on Monday following a weak trading outlook. Newly-appointed Chairman Adam Crozier bought 3,750 shares at 2,671 pence each, worth GBP100,163. The purchase by Crozier - a former boss of ITV PLC and Royal Mail Group PLC - represents his entire shareholding in the AIM-listed firm after he joined ASOS as chair at the end of November. CEO Nick Beighton purchased 3,645 shares at 2,735 each, worth GBP99,691. After the transaction Beighton - in charge since 2015 - holds 167,534 shares in the firm, about a 0.2% stake. Shares in ASOS were 5.0% higher at 2,744.00 pence on Tuesday. On Monday, shares in ASOS dropped 36% after the company cut its annual outlook due to a deterioration in the crucial sales month of November in the run-up to Christmas. This was after what Beighton described as a “significant deterioration” in November trading. The CEO cited “unprecedented” level of discounting and promotional activity across the retail sector, leading ASOS to increase its own special offers, hitting profit margins. The firm now expects margins of 2%, down from 4% previously. Games

SaraRacano 17 Dec 2018

A major warning size When you profit margins sink from 4% to 2%. Time to exit the ship. All these retailers are chronically geared up. Not forgetting the chronic lease-hold payments. I wonder what margins would be like if they actually owned the freehold?

Gamesinvestor1 17 Dec 2018

P/E of what? Looking around the 20 mark at the moment. Is it a good buy, or a good bye bye? Games

Gamesinvestor1 17 Dec 2018

Oohps Trading Update Smashed to 2795 [link] Although we delivered solid growth in sales of 14%, we experienced a significant deterioration in the important trading month of November and conditions remain challenging Margins falling from 4% to 2% Games

Gamesinvestor1 11 Dec 2018

P/E of what? Falling from 77XX back in March, to 4183, the P/E is still at 42+ I guess it’s a salutory lesson for entries on P/E’s of 73 that the vulnerability up at that level is massive. The question now is what is an appropriate price level for a company that, finger in the air, is forecast to grow 18%? Is it 20, 25, 30? Or lower even? Games - great company though and one that definitely I was too dumb to buy at the outset - as I was with Amazon - oh well, it’s only money innit?

Ripley94 05 Oct 2018

Interesting ASOS… October 29th 2014 price around 2656 . January this year 7434 approx +180% Today it has dropped to 5596 Hope you did not short it Crazy . Id say the answer to your question was Yes.

J_Westlock 18 Sep 2018

5% down today Anyone know reason for 5% SP fall this morning?

Ripley94 16 Aug 2018

Interesting ASOS… XXXXX Just had a lovely chat to an old friend 85 years young . He was telling me how he bought this in 2008 after reading the times one Saturday morning . And has just tucked it away and held . Simple no regard for charts , brokers ect . Comforting for me he also would never have a stop loss “hes done very well over the years” Think ill give up picking and follow lol.

sage in the hills 22 May 2018

M and S Marks and Spencer announced in Nov 17 it is to close 60 stores it increased that figure to 100 stores ...SAGE