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Damp Seaweed 19 Feb 2018

Re: ANTO trades Just under 900p and Cu stabilising looks very tempting for a long..IMHO

soi 29 Jan 2018

Re: Where is everybody - Soi? Good Morning Casa.Hope all well with you. My apologies for delay in reply.The problems I have had would make for a long list, have posted quite some complaining posts on iii LLOY.First day of new platform, was unable to log in at all, all day.Many phone calls, many failed promises.Worked afterwards but hardly a day goes by where the platform does not fail at some point in the day.Also, if I place a limit sell order on a stock line then deice I want to sell manually live, I`m unable to do so without first cancelling the limit order, slows me down.Trade history also cumbersome and slow, sometimes takes until the next day for a transaction to be confirmed.The spreads seem to have widened.I could go on......ATBsoi

casabanker 16 Jan 2018

Re: Where is everybody - Soi? Hello soi,I hope you are well and the New Year has been good so far. I was interested to read that you were not pleased with the new ii platform. I have put my feelings down to my low IQ on information technology. I don't seem to be able to switch from the trading platform to the bb's like I could before. The information on the trading side has been reduced. The chart on each stock is limited to three months. The stocks I hold sometimes show movements that are totally inaccurate and the initial purchase price is no longer shown. But maybe it's me. Perhaps all this info is there but I haven't found it yet. Recently, I could not log in to the trading account even though I had put the correct password in. I found something on the site allowing me to state my problem. They promised me an e-mail which I received promptly recommending that I LOG IN and communicate via the secure message system. ARGHH! I tried later and was successfully logged in. I am getting used to the system but I don't feel that it is a big improvement. I cannot see the point of two passwords. If you have an account, that password should be sufficient to allow access to the bb's imo.What are you issues please?Casa.

rhino666 05 Jan 2018

Re: Where is everybody - Soi? Hi SoiAll the best to you too and may 2018 be another prosperous year. My Anto profit currently touch and go, hovering around break even.Apologies for losing enthusiasm - energy required elsewhere at the moment. Will catch up with you soon.

soi 05 Jan 2018

Re: Where is everybody - Soi? Hi rhinoSorry for delay in response and will take the opportunity to wish you a Happy and Prosperous NY.Still trading ANTO and it is still proving to be as tricky as usual.Glad you are in profit.Halted posted here for various reasons, sometimes ii very slow and have been posting trades on another forum, intending to cross post here but sometimes simply too busy.Also this ii board very quiet.Also annoyed at the ii investment/trading platform change.It has caused me many problems.ATB & GLsoi

rhino666 02 Jan 2018

Where is everybody - Soi? Finally back into tiny profit on ANTO after a badly timed purchase some months ago.Copper seriously high at the moment - who can really call metal prices over the last couple of years.No posts for over a month - I hope you are all making money somewhere else

soi 28 Nov 2017

Re: ANTO trades 933.9 & 935.4 longs...............................former closed @ 935.1soi

soi 28 Nov 2017

Re: ANTO trades 930.9 long..........................936.1 limit filled + 5.2soi

soi 28 Nov 2017

Re: ANTO trades 930.9 longsoi

soi 28 Nov 2017

Re: ANTO trades 933.9 & 935.4 longssoi

soi 27 Nov 2017

Re: ANTO trades 950.4 long.Planning to close this todaysoi

soi 27 Nov 2017

Re: ANTO trades 957.5 longATBsoi

soi 27 Nov 2017

Re: ANTO trades 984 short.This closed Friday @ 983 just + 1, wanted to reduce exposure over week end.Shame in a way as now 11pts lower.Never mind.ATBsoi

soi 27 Nov 2017

Re: ANTO trades 981 short....................971 closed + 10ATBsoi

II Editor 24 Nov 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Contrarian investor: An unloved sector worth a punt "Which @GB:UKX:FTSE 100 sector has been the best performer over the 12 months to end September 2017? The mining sector must be right up there, with Chilean copper miner LSE:ANTO:Antofagasta gaining 81% and Glencore 61%.The FTSE 100 was up 7%. ..."[link]