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Eric The master 14 Sep 2017

Support & Resistance Hi Elena, can you recommend a book I can start to learn about Support & resistance ?

Elena Saratov 14 Sep 2017

Outlook Support was found around 4p and the share appears to be back in an upward trend.Support 3.75pResistance 5.75pFor those trading buy at support and sell at resistance.

Andy Pany 13 Sep 2017

Re: Another company falling foul of gov ...the operative word here is HOPE.We are like many companies guests in their country.

grukker 12 Sep 2017

Re: Another company falling foul of gov Well lets hope the Government has got it right for the Oil/Gas sector ? [link]

Ecologist 12 Sep 2017

Re: Another company falling foul of gov And we should be concerned. First copper and gold (Acacia), now diamonds (Petra), next?I have been invested in Petra for several years and know that several vital steps in the sales process are controlled by Government officials. So, either collusion or, more likely, a backdoor nationalisation.

Seagull2 11 Sep 2017

Another company falling foul of gov [link]

forwardloop 09 Sep 2017

info [link]

Jay053 06 Sep 2017

Audio: Neil Ritson SOLO upgrade Ntorya Field [link]

Elena Saratov 05 Sep 2017

Todays retrace was profit taking In my opinion todays 5% fall was profit taking.Looking at the chart the last time the 26 SMA moved beyond the 200 SMA it stayed there.Support 3.75pResistance 5.75pShould the retrace continue it will be a buying opportunity.Todays volume was markedly lower.[link]

Jay053 05 Sep 2017

Re: Video : Malcy's Oil Bucket List 2017 Sorry about 11 min into the video.

Jay053 05 Sep 2017

Video : Malcy's Oil Bucket List 2017 [link]

Trouble_Two 05 Sep 2017

Re: computer glitch ??? Interesting.I saw that yesterday as well. If my memory is correct Some people bought at 9p.TT

El Gibbo 05 Sep 2017

computer glitch ??? At 14:57hrs a trade showed at 4p - anyone know if that was just a computer glitch, or a real trade ?? Any explanation? Thanks.

walrog 05 Sep 2017

Re: Proactive Video - Aminex announces m... Talk about a big smile all over his face, he was practically beaming.Looking positive ATBWR

Jay053 05 Sep 2017

Malcy's Blog [link] today from AEX tells us that at Ntorya there has been a further ‘material resource upgrade’ as the unrisked resource estimates have increased from 466 BCF Pmean GIIP to 1.3 TCF of Pmean GIIP and this is for the Ntorya area only. The company is still preparing the gas commercialisation plan which with the Ntorya FDP will be submitted to the TPDC ‘in early September’. Aminex has a significant find here and like a number of other stocks in the sector is seriously undervalued, I am however sure that Jay has plans to monetise his exploration success here and in the adjacent exploration acreage.