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Jay053 19 Feb 2018

Re: CPR outcome - great news Can only imagine its the down to the licence.

El Gibbo 19 Feb 2018

Re: CPR outcome - great news Any suggestions as to why we are back to the pre-CPR range. I am trying to understand why the market would not attach significant value to this massive increase in hydrocarbon resources.

Jay053 12 Feb 2018

3p - BUY Surprised to see this back at 3p.

El Gibbo 07 Feb 2018

Re: Aminex Advanced Chart Would be great if it repeated the cycle from Feb - Mar last year, when it popped up to 7p. In my humble opinion the company is in much better shape now, than it was a year ago, so no reason the SP should not be on that level, or much higher given the CPR outcome, all IMHO !!!

ybhere 07 Feb 2018

Aminex Advanced Chart The Advanced Chart above, shows a strong break above the moving averages. Hopefully to be continued, onwards and upwards.YB

Jay053 05 Feb 2018

Video - Solo Oil welcomes major upgrade to Ntorya gas resources Neil Ritson, chief executive of Solo Oil PLC (LON:SOLO), discusses with Proactive the findings from the recently completed CPR which reveals a major upgrade to the gas resources at the Ntorya project in Tanzania.It follows the Ntorya-2 appraisal well success and an assessment of well testing.Ntorya’s contingent gas resource has now risen to 762.8bn cubic feet of gas, comprising 80.6bn cubic feet of gas that’s described as pending development – to be addressed by the planned initial three well operation.Two of the three wells have so far been drilled, and the third is due later this year. The gas would be connected to a gas plant located some 33 kilometres away.Solo Oil holds a 25% interest in the project.[link]

Jimla 05 Feb 2018

N3 Spud Date [link] committed to drill Ntorya-3 with forecasted spud 2H 2018".

Jay053 05 Feb 2018

Video - Aminex delighted with significant resource upgrade across Tanzania assets Jay Bhattacherjee, chief executive at Aminex plc (LON:AEX), discusses with Proactive the findings from the latest CPR on their asset base in Tanzania.[link]

Jay053 05 Feb 2018

Buy Just had some more

El Gibbo 05 Feb 2018

CPR outcome - great news AEX should re-rate today, IMHO.Principal Results• Ntorya Pmean GIIP: increased to 1.87 TCF, 44% over previously reported management estimates of 1.3 TCF and a 12-fold increase over the 2015 CPR• Ntorya 2C gross Contingent Resources: increased to 762.8 BCF after the results of the Ntorya-2 well (approximately 11 times increase from 2015 CPR). This comprises 80.6 BCF of Contingent Resources “Development Pending” from a three well development and 682.2 BCF of Contingent Resources “Development Unclarified” (see Appendix for full range of Contingent Resources)• Ntorya Development: io’s report indicates, based on reasonable assumptions, that a gas development project at Ntorya could be viable with three wells, two of which have already been drilled and a third (Ntorya-3) is scheduled for drilling this year, producing into a raw-gas pipeline to the Madimba gas plant, approximately 33 km away• Kiliwani North-1: The Kiliwani North structure has Pmean GIIP of 30.8 BCF according to RPS. Approximately 6.4 BCF has been produced from the Kiliwani North-1 well. RPS estimates 2P Reserves ascribed to the well, after compression is installed, to be 1.94 BCF (see Appendix for full range of Reserves)• Kiliwani South: new lead identified, ascribed 57 BCF Pmean GIIP (management estimate)

Jay053 24 Jan 2018

Value The Markets Take a punt on Aminex and show the market that this energy firm is not just full of hot air (AEX)by • January 23, 20ValueTheMarkets 18Tanzania-focused energy firm Aminex (LSE:AEX) is profitable, completely debt free, and sitting on top of a 1.3Tcf (trillion cubic feet) natural gas reserve. So why are AIM investors giving it the cold shoulder?Shares slipped from around 5p last August to languish at around 3p over recent weeks, despite a steady stream of news flow portraying a financially robust business on the verge of processing a vast resource. With Aminex’s Ntorya discovery offering great upside potential and Tanzania providing a stable, developing resource-rich backdrop, concerns over liquidity and fears associated with operating in Africa might seem overcooked. At just 3p a share, Aminex could offer a great value opportunity. Be quick though, with a couple of potentially big developments on the horizon, investors may find that the business does not remain this cheap for long.Cooking with gasListed on both the London and Irish stock exchanges, Aminex is a low cost producer and developer of oil and gas assets, primarily based in Tanzania. The company is currently operator and 75pc owner of a production sharing agreement in the Ruvuma hydrocarbon basin in Southern Tanzania, and 57.5pc owner and operator of the producing Kiliwani North field in the country. Last year was a busy one for Aminex. The business is yet to post its full year results, but H1 2017 saw it pay off a corporate loan, become completely debt free and generate a profit of $1m, up from a loss of $2.5m in H1 2016. Profits for the period were generated at the firm’s Kiliwani North site, which produced an average of 15MMCFD (million cubic feet of gas per day), but the company’s true value going forward lies in its assets in Ruvuma.The Ruvuma Basin is estimated to contain a whopping 160Tcf of gas, and Aminex’s joint venture production sharing agreement with Solo Oil (which owns a 25pc stake) covers a decent 6,079km2 chunk of the area. The agreement includes Aminex’s Ntorya discovery, which is estimated to include more that 1.3Tcf of gas, and this figure looks set to continue to rise as more drilling takes place. For context, Kiliwani North is expected to have produced just 3.6bcf of gas in 2017. As chief executive Jay Bhattacherjee put it to last week: ‘1.3Tcf really is a lot of gas.’ The Ntorya discovery is currently made up of two wells – Ntorya-1 and Ntorya-2 – with a third well (Ntorya-3, naturally) due to be drilled this year, once Aminex has found a suitable rig. In an update earlier this month, Aminex told the market that progress at Ntorya-3 was well on its way, with the company actively engaging with Tanzanian authorities and engineering firms on well planning and drilling management.National treasureAlthough Aminex remains focused on its Kiliwani North site – it is currently in the process of installing compression facilities to maximise production there – Ntorya and the Ruvuma Basin are where the firm’s true future prospects lie. A big gas field in North America typically has gas reserves of around 1-10Bcf, while a particularly large field will contain between 500bcf and 1Tcf. Anything over 1Tcf begins to be globally recognised as a significant field. With its reserves coming in at 1.3Tcf, Bhattacherjee described Aminex’s Ntorya discovery as ‘an asset of national importance’, which has the power to change the country’s rate of industrialisation for the better. This fact sweetens the Ntorya discovery even more for Aminex. Because of the Ruvuma Basin’s national importance, Tanzania’s government has built the infrastructure needed to get gas out of the ground for the firm, greatly cutting costs. This is true across all of Tanzania as well, with Aminex also enjoying this government support at Kiliwani. In H1 2017, total cost of sales came in at just $1.5m against revenues of $4.6m. Production costs came in at a ve

Jay053 22 Jan 2018

Neil Ritson Solo talks about NT3 Neil Ritson Solo talks about NT3, CPR and 25 yr dev license.@ 3:50 min [link]

Jay053 22 Jan 2018

Neil Ritson Solo talks about NT3 Neil Ritson Solo talks about NT3, CPR and 25 yr dev license.@ 3:50 min [link]

Seagull2 11 Jan 2018

Re: 3p holding If they get the licence share will be back over 7p in a heart beat imho, they were meant to be delaying N3 until that was resolved so, surprised they are pushing ahead to be honest.

Jay053 10 Jan 2018

3p holding Well I've been waiting for sub 3p for a top up, its holding firm at 3p so I've put half in and if it does manage to get under I will add the rest.I think if it gets under 3p it could go to 2.5pAll depends on news flow.