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15:53 20/04/2016

88E will have to issue 428,888,842 million shares (representing 13.50% of existing issued share capital of 3,178,064,656 billion.) to raise the maximum capital of £8.14 million. Great days ahead.

15:32 20/04/2016

Today RNS: Proposed Capital Raising (88 Energy Limited (88E)) Further to the Company's announcement earlier today regarding the trading halt and proposed capital raising, the Company confirms that it is currently seeking to obtain subscriptions for new ordinary shares at a price of 3.5 cents per share (£0.019 per share), to raise between AUS$10 million (c.£5.43 million) and AUS$15 million (c.£8.14 million). It is currently intended that any such capital raising will utilise the Company's existing authorities and will not be subject to shareholder approval. The Company confirms that the terms outlined above are indicative only and there can be no guarantee that a capital raising will be completed on these terms or at all.

14:14 22/02/2016

What sort of news are we expecting? Im new to all this

10:50 15/02/2016

JLP moving back up. news very soon (this week?) and have largest platinum mine in the world worth 3bn, mcap only 30m at the moment. will rerate ala 88e soon

12:23 12/02/2016

is this site doesnt take lse stream anymore?

14:37 30/12/2015

@riddler_smitb @TopTradersADVFN APC WOW Canada contracts [link] … … [link] … … [link] … ….

13:29 30/12/2015

Rigger: For the uneducated does that mean they want shares as news could be soon?

12:08 30/12/2015

9 shares either bought or sold, thats a strange amount

10:52 29/12/2015


09:41 29/12/2015

1trader, tradermick once a con man hatey always a con man [link]