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11.52 as at 09:52

Bid - Ask:11.50 - 13.00
Change:-0.74 (-6.00%)
Day:11.52 - 11.52
Prev Close:12.25
Year:8.50 - 13.50

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29 Jul

Re: Moving up? Hi Krayl,This is one of my long term holds. I currently stand in at over 100% profit and expect this to continue out-performing the market. The business had some wobbles and the funders got jittery, however, their funding is now certain albeit that they are slowly swapping out some old funders with new funders - the good news is that there are now lots of lenders who are willing to lend more in the near prime space (which is where these guys play).When you look at the sector, it is highly positive unless your name is Wonga. This share has plenty more to go IMHO. At this price the SP is only at 62% of shareholders funds so at some point this ugly duckling will get a nice little further uplift. If they get a major new funding deal then this will blast off to heights not seen for years.Regards,Round

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